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Created by Searles and Deborah O'Dubhain.
Copyright 1996 by The Summerlands, Inc. All rights reserved.
Revised: 05 Apr 1997 23:41:50 EST.

The Kind Words of Our Visitors:

Posted by: footlight at 23:37:39 P.M. on 9/11/98, http://your_website

Beautiful, TO. Very touching and needed. footlight
Posted by: RavenDancer at 22:10:24 P.M. on 1/25/99
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

How fortunate for me that this cybersite is here today, this season. The season of death. I can accept that from death comes rebirth, from rebirth, a new life cycle. It is a season to watch, to mark the passing of time. Like watching the herb garden bloom, grow, and die.. But oh, the grief, it comes unbidden. The saddness of my Father's death creeps into my thoughts and so I seek a safe place to dwell. This is such a place. *B*B CRD
Posted by: Searles O'Dubhain at 19:21:22 P.M. on 1/26/99,

I've recently lost and uncle and a cousin to the Otherworld, so I seek the comfort of the green circle of life and the cross that is a doorway from time before time. On the entry stones of my ancestors I am comforted as I consider their spirits at rest and play within the fields of light as each sheds the skins of this world and flows like a river of spirit into the potential that is called our future. We are blessed to be here and blessed to have way there and back again. Beannachtaí, Searles
Posted by: Infiniti at 5:02:55 A.M. on 1/30/99,

TopazOwl, you have created a very loving and beautiful place here. Truly inspired. However, I'm sure you will understand when I say I hope to not need you services here anytime soon. I like my friends all on this side.
Posted by: Treva at 12:39:00 P.M. on 1/30/99, http://your_website

TopazOwl, you have created a wonderful place for those who have lost loved ones. When my grandpa passed last week, it was so healing to come here and just browse and to know that there is rebirth. To be able to share memories is also wonderful. Treva
Posted by: Juebel at 15:20:36 P.M. on 11/26/99,

Thank you Leigh for you untiring efforts. :)
Posted by: Raven Morgan LeFay at 13:10:46 P.M. on 4/8/100, http://your_website

I am glad to have such a wonderful place to be able to come to to feel peace and love of the Goddess.