The March 1997 StarDial

March 6:
The Moon is found 5 degrees north of Jupiter, 9 am, EST.

March 8:
New Moon at 8:15 pm, EST, Total Solar Eclipse viewable in the region of Mongolia.

March 10:
Moon passes 1.4 degrees north of Saturn at 4 am, EST.

March 20:
Spring Equinox, at 8:55 AM, EDT.
Mars is as close to Earth as it will be for approximately the next two years -- 99 million kilometers.

March 22:
Comet Hale-Bopp pases as close to Earth as it will get -- 197 million kilometers.
Hale-Bopp should be visible in the north-northwest skies in the evening after dark during this month.

March 23: Full Moon, 11:45 pm, EST. Partial lunar eclipse over much of North America.
Moon passes 4 degrees south of Mars at 9 am, EST.

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