The Claddaugh Ring is our cyber handfasting (wedding) site. It is located at the edge of the great plain ... next to the Southern Forest. It's a lovely site for a handfasting. The Ring is surrounded by continuously blossoming apple trees, honeysuckle, roses, and orange blossoms (not to mention the well placed Rosemary bush or two <G>) and there is never a possibility that it will rain on any handfasting day at our site! In the meadow, a maypole with ribbons gently fluttering in the breeze stands ready for your wedding dance. In the Claddaugh Ring's Library are copies of other's wedding vow, programs, descriptions and many helpful ideas for planning your own special handfasting. We offer online simulcast of your handfasting so that your cyber friends can also attend your wedding service. Your Bruighaidh is Empress.