At the beginning of the game, you will be confronted with a wooden triangle with 15 blue pegs in it. The idea of the game is to jump the pegs over one another until you can jump no more. The best you can do is get down to 1 remaining peg. (A small text box at the bottom of the screen will tell you exactly what to do.) First, you must remove the first peg. You can choose to remove any peg you like. Click on 'Start Game,' then click on the peg you wish to remove. This is when the game really starts. In order to jump a peg, you must first click on the peg to jump with. If there are any possible jumps that can be made with that peg, the hole(s) that you can jump to will be highlighted with a red arrow. Then, simply click on (one of) the highlighted hole(s) to complete the jump. Continue jumping until you cannot jump anymore, and try to get down to one peg.

This game only works in Netscape 3.0+

Begin Triumph