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Enjoy a fine song or three on our JukeBox.  Right now the old Jukebox is programmed with some simple midis that I found online.  Soon to come it will hold some good music from such artists as Clandestine, Seven Nations, Ayuna and others ... with links to their websites so you can buy their CDs if you enjoy what you hear here. <G>

Additionally, I have added a second JukeBox (follow the link) for those poor souls that had asked me to carry that more modern stuff (what were they thinking).  In the future, I plan to have the primary JukeBox to hold double or even triple the songs.  Further down the line, I also intend to have full streaming waves (but right now I don't like the load times).

So click on one of the numbered buttons, pull up your barstool, and have a listen.

Modern Music

Your Choices:

1.   Cathleen 6.   Washer at the Ford
2.   The Irish Rover 7.   Patriot Games
3.   The Hag with the Money 8.   Dixie
4.   Scotland the Brave 9.   Cat in the Dryer
5.   Skye Boat