The Story of the Birth of the Sacred Fire into Cyberspace

This is the rough data.  We still need to clean it up and format it ALOT. <G>

Online Full Moon Ritual for May 23, 1994

A need for a place of healing, purification and inspiration was identified by several members of Section 15. To meet this need, we decided to call forth a Sacred Flame similar to those in many Holy Temples of the Past and the Present. This flame was to be raised in Conference Room 9 , Earth Religions, of the New Age Forum on Compuserve. It was to remain as a site for workings of the Spirit and of Aid for future users of the room. It was to be maintained through the Love and Duty of those that would seek its Majesty and experience its Touch within them. Many were in attendance this night to do this Work. Many Magicks from may Paths converged within the flames. Some of these pathways led to other realms and other times. The Magick of the evening is still here in the pages of transcript that follow. The Flame that was raised still burns! The Circle lives in its people. It is the Spirit of our combined Will!

Many of us had discussed that we felt a need to have a focal point for healing and purification here. There's always something or someone that needs it. So we discussed creating a sacred fire similar to those that were in many temples and Sacred locations in the past. Tonight we'll try to do that here in CyberSpace. Using the Power of the Lord and the Lady and working together we just may be able to do it.  I'd like to start now.

Welcome to the Online Full Moon Ritual for May.  Tonight I hope we can all get together and work some Magick. I plan to invoke a flame here within our CyberSpace. Many cultures have had such flames in the past. These were sacred to many different Gods and Goddesses. Apollo, Bel, Sul, Diana and Brigid to name only a few. These Sacred Fires served a common purpose in their societies. I hope that the flame we kindle tonight can serve a similar purpose for our CyberSpace.

Tonight I will call upon the Deities of Fire and I urge you to join me in calling upon your own Fire Deities. Let us together set a flame to burning that will serve a threefold purpose for the Good of  All:
To Purify Us and our Surroundings.
To Heal Us and our Spirits.
To Inspire our Minds and our Work.
No props are necessary tonight.
All that is required is you, your mind
and your Magick.
Come with me!
Come within!
Come to the Magick!

Come pass the barriers of the mundane!
Come and part the veil of the ordinary!
Come to our Circle of Drai'ocht!
I invite you to join me in CyberSpace
as we work our Magick to Great Purpose!
Shall I tell you of the Moon Goddess?

Tonight is a night that is a part
of the endless night of Eternity.
We gather this night as our ancestors
have gathered since before time began.
We gather within this space as our Spirits
have gathered even before the void was not.
We join ourselves together tonight to witness a miracle!

She rises from the Waters!
She sails the pathways of Air!
She is the light of the ONE!
Oh Luminous One, Oh Moon,shine upon us!!

Show us the moonpaths of the Mother!
Paint their ways upon the Land by Your Magick!
There is none before You!
Beyond you is there Nothing!
Your name is Many!

Oh nameless One of many names!!
Bless us in this work!!
Give us Your aid!
How can we not speak of the God?

This is the day that begins in the Night!
This is the time of the begining!
This is the space between the Lovers!

We are creatures of Fire, Oh Sun!!
Our flames burn threefold within us!
We are Spirit, Mind and Passion!
Oh Shining One, source of Great Power!
Your Light of Love sails the skies!
We bask in the Reflection of Your Love!
Our footsteps are silver droplets of Fire!
The mists rise as we approach the Circle!
We are the Children of the Stars!

Oh Shining One of many skills!!
Aid us in this work!!
Give us Your Blessings!

Shall I speak now of the Work?
<I walk to the center of the Ways>

Who are we? What are we?
Please join with me in calling forth your Power!
We are Star children!
We are Earth people!
We are creatures of Magick!
<reaching up with both arms above my head I cry out:>
"Let the Power of Perfect Love shine upon us!"
<I pull the radiance of the Moon into my Mind from above.>
"Let my body be the connection!
Let the Light of the Lovers be manifested within me!
As You shine upon the Mother, so may You shine within me!"
<Drawing down the Light and the Power as I lower my hands to my sides, I let It flow about me and into me from Above. It surrounds me and goes through me into the Earth beneath my feet.>

"I am a Pillar of Light!"
<Holding out my right hand and facing North, I project the Light of Blessing  upon the surrounding CyberSpace as I turn to my left. >
"Let this space be purified for our Work!"
<As I turn three times tuathal (widdershins), the Power grows in Spirals and the blue Light shines even more brightly! Stopping as I
return the third time to the North, I let the Power burst from me in an explosion of Light!>
Shall we unite our Power in Perfect Love?
Shall we Link our Power in Creation?
Shall we gather to do the Work?
<All who desire to do this work should come forth now and state their name, the location of their node and the Quarter they choose to Empower!>

Rhianna: I am Rhianna, in South Bend, Indiana. I would empower the North!
Freepowder: Freepowder, Las Vegas NV, the West is my quarter
O'Dubhain: I am Searles in Virginia Beach VA I will stand for Center!
b'astarte: i am b'astarte in columbus ohio i will call the east
Darkwing: I am Darkwing of the Land of Conch, and I will call the burning might of Fire.
chance: i am chance, in new york city. I would empower the eas
Amethyst: Amethyst, in Bedford NY, East is my place
Iuna: Iuna, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, I choose West
Marion/Jeremy: I am Jeremy, in Daytona Beach, FL. I choose west
Unicorn: Unicorn..Michigan,I'll be in the Magick of the north
Marion/Jeremy: I am Marion, in Daytona I choose South
Nancy: Nancy, Fairfax, Va. I would help empower the East!
Nan: (what if we don't know which direction?)
MARY: mary, St Louis MO, I choose south
O'Dubhain: Stand in the Center with me Nan! We will all eventually join in the Center!:)
Nan: (thanks <s>) I am Nan, Lansing Michigan and I will stand at the center
caioneach: Caioneach in Winston-Salem NC. I stand in the South
Arianna |  I am in Pittsburgh and I will call north
O'Dubhain: Any one else wish to join us before we start
Rose: I'll stand for the West also...Monterey California
O'Dubhain: I call upon B'astarte of the Temple to call the east Quarter

b'astarte: i will call east!
we call upon the
guardians of the east
the moment of birth
the awakening of spirit
the rising of the sun
of consciousness
illumination of mother
shining forth
and bringing life

seeds implant and
reach toward sister sky
join us now in perfect love
and walk the beauty way!
we call upon the
element of air !
the first breath of life
connecting spirit to mother earth

we join our sacred family
one breath
one life
one home
one mother
mighty wind come
cleanse our sacred home
and fan the flames of purification
healing and love
join us now in perfect
love and walk the
beauty way!

Darkwing: We call upon the powers of the SOUTH
I lift my arms to the sky, and the fire flashes from
the Sun, pillar of fire, rending all in it's way
Keepers of FIRE, I call to you,
I reach forth and pluck you from the Sun...

Come, noonday heat, come fire of the burning place
come searing desert and lava bright...
I call to you, COME, oh COME, join us
as we work to do our Lady's Rite!
So Mote it Be!

Freepowder: I stand in the West! I call on the powers of the Waters
Waters of life
From the cauldron of the Sea
Giver of life, giver of plenty
I call on Manannan!
On The thunder beings!
On The Sacred Buffalo of the West!
Give us your aid!
Guard our Circle!
come aid us inour work!
be with us now
let your cleansing waters wash this space
free of negativity
free from all harm
Come to us now!
aid us in our work!

Arianna: We call the Guardians of the North
The Guardians of the idigo midnight
The quiet of Winter
Silence and unspoken rest
our guiding light
HELP US through the Darkness
of the Mystery
Help us chart
our true course
on the sea of life
We call upon
To give us stable footing in the
world of form
your beauty delights us
and inspires our hearts
Come join us now in perfect love

O'Dubhain: I call upon the Unity of Spirit!
Guardians of the Center,
Ancestors of our beings!!
Come to us and aid our Working!
Bind us together in common will and purpose!
Unite us as One Will and One Purpose!
Stand with me my fathers and mothers!
I call upon my line:
Mile, Heremon, Odhbha, Irialfaidh,
Ethriall, Follach, Tighearnmhas,
Eochaidh Ollamh Fodla, Airgeadmhair,
Finnabhair, Ferdaid, Fochaidh Lamhdearg!
The Four Elements are One with the Spirit!
I call upon the Four Masters:
Esras, Uiscias, Samias, Morfesa!
Tabhair an Saol do Ar' Tuatha!
(Give Life to our Circle!)
Esras, Uiscias, Samias, Morfesa!
Tabhair do muid ag Smaoineamh!
(Inspire us to Action!)

Esras, Uiscias, Samias, Morfesa!
Tiontai'm an Roth go Deo!
(Turn the Wheel of Eternity!)
Esras, Uiscias, Samias, Morfesa!
Tabhair do ag an Fhi'rinne!
(Bring us to the Truth!)
This Circle is cast!!
It surrounds us and shields us!
We are united in Perfect Love!
We are a Sphere of Power and Might!
Our Circle is Perfect in all respects!
Let none enter that are not
of the Spirit and the Will and
The Purpose of All!!
I do seal this Circle with the
sign of the Five Powers!!!

<I trace the sign of the Pentagram in the Air in blue flames. It grows   to surround us...its points meet in endless circles!>
This Circle surrounds us
in Perfect Balance and Harmony,
In Perfect Unity with all Circles,
beyond Time and Space, in the
Center of the Beginning,
where life and death, love and despair,
Darkness and Light exist as One!

<I turn to face the South where stands the Guardian of the Element of Fire!   I extend my right hand and point to a spot in the center of our Circle. A fire pit surrounded by stones Magically appears.>

Oh Goddess of Power and Beauty!!
Oh Infinite Majesty of Light!!
Oh Sacred Fire of Purity!!
I call upon You now!!
Smile upon our Need!!
Grant us your Magick!!
Oh God of the Skies and Heavens!!
Oh Mighty Power of Flame!!
Oh Shining One of Summer!!

Come to us!!
Appear to us!!
Manifest before us!!
Give us flames of Purification!
Give us flames of Healing!
Give us flames of Inspiration!
Create before us a Sacred Flame
that will burn forever in this spot!

I cast the first flame into the pit!
Here is the Power of the Red Hand!
Here is the fire of courage!
Here is the strength of truth!

I give of it freely for the Good of ALL!
<A Red Flame comes from my hand to ignite a small flame in the center of the Circle.>
Let those who will, come forth now to aid this Work!
Let us join our Powers in a Mighty
Work of many colors!
Let us make a Sacred Flame that is for the Good of All!
<Each who wishes to aid should state their Will and send forth their Power now!>
So Mote It Be!

Freepowder: I would send forth the power of lightning to cleanse this space! So Mote It BE!

<The flames burn higher!>

Rhianna: I, Rhianna, will this flame to burn brightly for eternity, for the good of all and according to the free will of all! So Mote It Be!
b'astarte: i offer the healing crystals of atlantis to focus the flames of our intention and desire. So mote it be!
O'Dubhain: So Mote It Be!
Nancy: Here is the Power of the Empath! Here is the Power of Color. I would our perceptions be as clear as though when we were children...and as helpful. So mote it be!
Amethyst: I offer up amethyst of pure beauty, and second Nancy's offering of Empathy!so mote it be!
Rhianna: So Mote It Be!
Nan: I offer the unexpected sparkle of the lightingbug, may all be reminded of the delight of the unexpected and the joy of laughter so mote it be
caioneach: I will the flame of the Furnace, The power of creativity.  Molten Bronze

<The Fires Roar higher!!> They Burn!!

Darkwing: I offer the laughter in a Pisces eyes. So  mote it be
O'Dubhain: They Heal!
caioneach: So mote it be.
Rose: I will the Light of Truth, that all intentions be purified in this space.
O'Dubhain: They are the White and the Gold! So Mote It Be!
Arianna: I add the fire of purificaton
O'Dubhain: <The flames are Pure!>
Marion/Jeremy: (J) I will the wind that rushes by the eagle in flight, Let it sweep open the doors to our spirits and awaken our thoughts.
Rose: So mote it Be!
Nancy: SO mote it be!
O'Dubhain: So Mote It BE!!
Arianna: Hot heat to melt down the impurities!
Amethyst: so mote it be!
Nan: I, Wigmunke Wanblee Winan, add to the flames the well-tended, long burning flames of friendship
Rose: So mote it Be!
Nan: they shall burn forever.  so mote it be
Nancy: And the Color ---White hot!!! White Blue!!!!  and Sacred.

O'Dubhain: Oh Lady Come to us!
Brigit Goddess of the Forge!!!
We are made anew!
All colors and forever!
All Healing and Forgiving!
Shall we tie our WIlls as One Will?
Shall we Join as ONE?

Nancy: One Will!
O'Dubhain: Yes!
Amethyst: We are ONE
Rhianna: Yes! One Will!
Nan: as one!
O'Dubhain: So Mote It Be!
Arianna: yes, one will, one spirit
Freepowder: One Will!
b'astarte: one breath
Rose: So mote it Be!
Arianna: What we will will be done!
Iuna: United as are our flames to this fire!
b'astarte: one flame of dragon'sbreath

O'Dubhain: <The Fire Roars to the Heavens!>
The Dragon Lives!
Have all come forth that desire to bind the weave?
Let us proceed!
Drai'ocht Lives Tonight!

Iuna: I would add to the flame.
O'Dubhain: May this flame last a thousand years!
May it last forever!
May It serve as a source of healing!
Iuna please contribute!

Arianna: May it light the way for new comers and older c-servers as well!
O'Dubhain: We hold the fires ready! Yes ALL can join!
Iuna: I offer to the flame the fire that burns in our hearts... as we share and feel together!
Rhianna: <Thunder rumbles outside my window>
b'astarte: the dragon awakes !
O'Dubhain: <The LADY Lights the Way>
caioneach: So Mote It Be!
O'Dubhain: YES!  So Mote It Be Forever!
Amethyst: Forever!
Rhianna: YES!
Iuna: So Mote It Be!
Rhianna: It will be Forever!
Freepowder: So Mote It BE!
Nan: So Mote It Be!
Arianna: Spirit is forever, our intent is pure!
O'Dubhain: <The Fire sings to us as we revel!>
Iuna: We are the Fire's Light, illumintated by the Lady!
Nancy: We are the Fire's Colors --- illuminated by the Lady!
Arianna: IN this work we are one
What we Will
Will be DONE
Ollamh Dearg: The Bards will sing the song of the Fire of Light!
O'Dubhain: I see a Lady within the Flames!! She has hair of Gold
caioneach: Shining Forth...Ever Bright
Arianna: What is her name?
O'Dubhain: and upon Her Arms are snakes! Snakes of Power and Wisdom She is White!
b'astarte: the serpent's of flame
O'Dubhain: Yea She is Red !!!
Brigit of the Triple Aspects is Her Mighty Name
But she is known to us by Many Names!
Upon her brow is the Light of Wisdom!
Rhianna: Hail Brigit!
O'Dubhain: And her eyes are the stars of Eternal Night!
b'astarte: the light of ages
O'Dubhain: The Flames dance about Her and Bless Her!
b'astarte: the portals of time
O'Dubhain: Yes She is our Light!
Arianna: We praise you Bridget!
O'Dubhain: Our healing!! Our Inspiration!
Amethyst: our light our love!
Iuna: Forever!
O'Dubhain: <I bow to Your Majesty!>
b'astarte: initiations of water, fire, earth and air tell my tale , bard!
Ollamh Dearg: It Shall be Done Oh Lady!
O'Dubhain: And now we must begin anew!
b'astarte: sing the song of ages!
O'Dubhain: We must maintain this Flame for You! Sing often!
b'astarte: read the book of time
Rhianna: We offer freely our power to our Lady and to  the Sacred Flame!
O'Dubhain: And stand in the Presence!
b'astarte: fan the flame eternal
Amethyst: the eternal flame will never die!
Maire: It breathes as do we in eternal life
b'astarte: let the dragon neversleep
O'Dubhain: I am aflame with the ONEness of ALL!
Rhianna: Yes!!
O'Dubhain: Now let us finish our work!
Nan: all in one and one in all!
b'astarte: so mote it be!
Arianna: so must it be
O'Dubhain: Yes We are ALL and We are in Her and Him!  SO MOTE IT BE!
Rhianna: So Mote It Be!
Nan: so mote it be
O'Dubhain: May this flame last a thousand years!
May it last forever!
May It serve as a source of healing!
May it be an inspiration to us all!
May it's Light shine upon us and Purify us!
b'astarte: who will tend my flame, o bard?
O'Dubhain: May we always remember She who guides us!
May we reflect the Light of He who loves us!
So Mote it Be!
Maire: Aye, and it will be so!
Freepowder: So Mote It BE!
Iuna: A thousand thousand years!
Rose: So mote it Be!
caioneach: So Mote It Be!
Amethyst: for all time!
Marion/Jeremy: so mote it be!
Amethyst: So mote it be!
Nancy: !!
Ollamh Dearg: Let each of us tend this flame
Rhianna: So Mote it Be!
Lisa Ann: So mote it be!
Nan: So Mote It Be
Ollamh Dearg: Let each of us come to the fires with our needs.
Arianna: tend it as we remember to keep ourinternal flames bright as well
Ollamh Dearg: Let each of us carry the sacred fire within ourselves.
b'astarte: yes bard
Rhianna: The fire has grown huge! A pillar of flame!
Maire: Tend the fire, burn it bright, bring us all into the light!
Ollamh Dearg: I shall come here each day to sing to our Lady and our Lord!
Iuna: We burn brightly as well!
b'astarte: the flame burns in each of us
Ollamh Dearg: We shall compose many a song of this night!
This Work!
This Flame!
b'astarte: the breath of your song will feed the flames!
Amethyst: and the flame will dance to our song!
O'Dubhain: I Thank the Goddess for Her Gift!
I thank the God for his Power!
May They be with us forever!
May we walk the Moon Paths in Peace and Love!
Rhianna: Forever!
O'Dubhain: May we follow the Sun and nuture the Fields!
Blessed Be our World!
Blessed Be our Cyber Space!
Blessed Be our Lord and Lady!
Amethyst: Blessed be!!
Nancy: So mote it be!!
Nan: blessed be
b'astarte: blessed be!
Freepowder: Blessed BE!
caioneach: Blessed Be!
Arianna: May the moon Goddess keep us from stumbling in the dark
Marion/Jeremy: Blessed Be!
Lisa Ann: blessed be!
Rhianna: Blessed Be All!
Iuna: Blessed Be Each and ALL!
Arianna: Blessd Be
Maire: Blessed be!
Rose: Blessed Be!
b'astarte: she shines for all to see the lady in the flames ..
Nancy: Blessed be!
O'Dubhain: SHE shines for us!!
We have only to look or to ask!!!
caioneach: Blessed Be!
Rhianna: She loves us!
O'Dubhain: yes!
Love and Healing!!
Nancy: Love and Light!
Amethyst: they are always here
O'Dubhain: Thought and Right Actions!
Amethyst: inside of us
Rhianna: Yes!
O'Dubhain: This is our Life!
Amethyst: outside around
caioneach: Inspiration.
O'Dubhain: This is who we all are!
Arianna: Understanding is our sword
Amethyst: they are eternal! They are ALL
b'astarte: she guides us on the beauty way!
Arianna: Virtue is our shield
O'Dubhain: I thank the Spirits of Our Ancestors!
May they always live within our Love!
I thank the Unity of the Spirit!
May we always know it's Inner Light!
Your help has been essential to us!
Go or stay in Peace and Love!
Blessed Be!
caioneach: Blessed Be!
Amethyst: Blessed be!
Maire: Blessed be!
b'astarte: blessed be!
Nan: Blessed Be
Iuna: Blessed Be!
Rhianna: Blessed Be!!
Nancy: Blessed by
Freepowder: Blessed BE!
Marion/Jeremy: blessed be!!
Rose: Blessed Be!
Arianna: I thank the Guardians of the North!
And the Element of Eath!
You may go nowin Perfect love

b'astarte: i thank the guardians of the east!
and the element of air
go now in perfect love
and walk the beautyway

Freepowder: Powers of the West!
We Thank Thee for aiding us in our work!
For guarding our circle!
For cleansing our spirits!
Go in peace!
Go in love!
Go in harmony!
Our Blessings to you!

Ollamh Dearg: Beannacht libh!

Darkwing: Guardians of the South
Spirits of Fire...
We thank you for your blazing touch that lights our passions, and fires our imagination, and illuminates the path at our feet...
We ask that as you depart, that there always be peace...
peace between you and the Children of the
Lady and the Lord
So Mote it be.

O'Dubhain: SO Mote it Be!
caioneach: So Mote It Be!
Iuna: So Mote It Be!
Maire: So Mote It Be!
Freepowder: So Mote ItBE!
Nan: So Mote It Be
Rhianna: So Mote It Be!
Arianna: so mote it be!
Nancy: !
Marion/Jeremy: So Mote It Be!
b'astarte: so mote it be!
Nancy: so Mot it BE!
Amethyst: so mote it be!

O'Dubhain: <I raise my hands above my head!>
Let the Power of the Pentagram return to the Sky
and to the Earth!!
Flow back within!
<I lower my hands to the ground and kneel>
Let the Earth take this Power from me!
<standing and looking around>
Let this Circle be opened but NEVER Broken!

O'Dubhain: Let the Flame herein be always burning here
| and within you!

Darkwing: So Mote it be!
Amethyst: never broken!
b'astarte: so mote it be!
Freepowder: So Mote It BE!
Maire: So mote it be!
caioneach: So Mote It Be!
O'Dubhain: Let us go now with its Peace, Love and Harmony!
Iuna: So Mote It Be!
Rhianna: So Mote It Be!
Amethyst: so mote it be!
Marion/Jeremy: So Mote It Be!!
O'Dubhain: Merry Meet and Merry Part!!
Nan: So Mote It Be!
O'Dubhain: And Merry Meet again!
caioneach: Blessed Be!
Freepowder: Merry meet again!
Rhianna: And Merry Meet Again!
Maire: Merry Meet once more!
Nancy: Merry Meet again.
Nan: merry meet again ( and again and again <g>)
O'Dubhain: Bennacht De' is mBande' libh!
Rhianna: <more thunder, a flash of lightening, outside>
Marion/Jeremy: Slainte!
Freepowder: whew.
Rhianna: I second that, FP!
Arianna: Pagan Community is LOVE
Nan: ditto
O'Dubhain: I urge everyone to join us for CAKES and WINE
caioneach: How are you doing Darkwing?
Rhianna: Yes, Arianna! That is true!
b'astarte: od , may take me a while to get back to normal
Nancy: cakes and wine?
Rhianna: Does homebrew beer count? <G>
O'Dubhain: Please eat something and "ground" some of this energy!
Nancy: cupcakes you mean. I know you were baking all day.
O'Dubhain: Me too!
b'astarte: cakes and mead!
Maire: Of course! No, drinking on an empty stomach, eh!
Amethyst: water and bread, thanks <s>
O'Dubhain: Brownies!!! I made them myself!
Rose: OD has a great May Wine recipe! Is it too late for that?
Iuna: Mmmmmmm....Mmmmmmmm....
O'Dubhain: <munching a much needed "calming" Brownie!><G>
Maire: <racking up everyone's calorie intakes...> <G>
Rhianna: Brownies!!! Chocolate!!! no fair. I've got tortilla chips!
Amethyst: pass some of them there brownies over here, my king!
O'Dubhain: Maybe we can dance the night away!
Maire: Darnit! Carrot sticks again!
Rhianna: Come on, Maire, everyone knows there are no calories in cyberspace!
O'Dubhain: Thanks be to ALL of you!

So now you know the story of the Sacred Fire and how it came to be out of the hearts of many and ONE and TWO. Within it stands the Lady of the Fiery Snakes. Upon her arms are fate and duty. Choose Her embrace and be chosen. Be true and serve the TRuth, for it serves you truly. Seek and you will surely find and here in the flames are the snakes and the arms that embrace.all.