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Brighid Herself stands with arms open within our flame.  Her Fire is for your healing and help.   Her Book of Needs is for your succor.  Please let us know your needs so that we may be of service. Only that which has been asked may answered and only that which has been given may be returned. Let the flame of Brighid enter your heart as the Ways are opened to you. Fire is within the center of us all.  It is the center of life.  Within that center, you will find Brighid.


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Created by Searles and Deborah O'Dubhain.
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Date: 07 Oct 1997
Time: 00:55:02
Remote User: Deborah


I ask for healing of cancer (most specifically in the lungs), rhumatoid arthritis (all over but worse in the back and knees) and cataracts (both eyes, she's legally blind right now) for my mother Belle Eloise Collins Cleveland.

She is 76 years old, 5'6", 190 lbs. short white hair, brown eyes. She lives in Gulfport Mississippi.

Also, please pray for my father that his good health will continue and that he will have the strength to get through this time of health crisis in our family.

Thank you,


Date: 18 Oct 1997
Time: 17:46:29
Remote User: Iuna


Please share some energy with my mom-in-law, Eloise, in northern Florida. She is 80 and
in good health, but she is worn out from taking care of her younger sister, Phyllis, who had
a stroke ten months ago. Phyllis has been very depressed and is currently hospitalized for
having taken an overdose of one of her 'scrips. Phyllis is a much-loved "maiden aunt" and a
retired nurse and military officer. Her extended family is worried about her, about Eloise,
and about what to do to help them both and could use some help with clarity. Everyone but
Phyllis has requested this.

Phyllis and Eloise visited us about a month ago. Phyllis has always been a leader and helper
for everyone else, and she is deeply sad at the changes she has experienced. Although she
has lost much weight, mostly from not wanting to eat, the biggest change was loss of her
peripheral vision so that she can no longer drive. Her mind is sharp; she can speak and
move well. When we talked, she did express that she wanted to get to their Winter home
in Florida because she craved sunshine.

Especially in need: Eloise, David, Janet, Judy, Patty, Larry.

Date: 19 Oct 1997
Time: 22:58:10
Remote User: temp


I hope for Wisdom, in time of great need. I hope for Love to be present in the teeth of the storm.
I ask for the Ancestors' advice, and I hope for the Gods' and Goddess's blessings upon a difficult
road. May those I love be strengthened, and may I be strengthened to protect and provide.

An Cli'un

Date: 20 Oct 1997
Time: 10:27:26
Remote User: Abby


Hi, all. I hope you will remember my family at the circle...I will try to be there. Things are getting very tight around here...I lost my job in July, and have still not found another one. I am trying to start a home business doing freelance writing, copywriting, and so on, but it has not taken off yet. We aren't starving or anything, but it's getting very hard to make ends meet. I'd really appreciate any energy you could send our way. Abby

Date: 02 Nov 1997
Time: 00:03:06
Remote User: Evergreen


I ask for the healing of my body. Whatever may be wrong with it.

Thank you

Date: 02 Nov 1997
Time: 01:17:16
Remote User: Deborah


This is an updated request for healing for my mother, Belle Eloise Collins Cleveland.
Mom had her cataract surgury, and her cardiac catherization. All went well with both.
She's been tested for brain, throat, liver and kidney cancer and all is clear. Her lung
cancer surgury has been scheduled. She goes into the hospital at 6AM central time
on November 10th (Monday). They will operate on her sometime later that day.

When they go in the first thing they will do is check the lymph system. If there is
cancer there, they will not proceed to do the surgury, but will just close her up and
hope for the best with radiation and chemotherapy. If the lymph system is clear they
will proceed and remove the cancer from the upper lobe of the right lung. This will
probably involve removing the entire upper right lobe.

So far all the tests have come back wonderfully clear and the cancer has not metastized.
We're working on containment and complete removal and a return to good health.

Also, please remember my dad O.B. Cleveland. He and mom have been married
for 54 years and he is worried sick about her. Please help him to stay positive and
to have strength and peace in this most difficult time for our family.

Date: 13 Nov 1997
Time: 21:22:39
Remote User: temp


larry to love jamie
gabe to love autumn
to get a picture of a ceremony

Date: 13 Nov 1997
Time: 21:34:56
Remote User: temp


I would like to request the love of Larry towards Jamie, I hope they find love and
happiness with each other. Jamie and Larry have been very close till there lust
messed things up. They were inseperatable and now they are never together.
jamie really cares about larry and would like him to feel the same way she does.

I would also like to request that Gabe would grow up and share his feelings.
He does love Autumn and she loves him, but lately they have had trouble telling
each other that. Autumn has tried everything to get him to change, but he's afraid
of getting hurt. Please help him be brave and take a chance on love. And please
help ease the pain Autumn is feeling until things improve. She loves him with all
her heart, he just needs to realize that.

Please grant these request for Jamie and Larry, and Autumn and Gabe.

Date: 14 Nov 1997
Time: 15:51:56
Remote User: Birdwoman


Oh, Lady Brighid, please grant peace to our home, and to our friend Frisco
who is passing from us. Please be good to him and help him find his way,
and heal his mind so that he can be reborn as a healthy kitten and have a
chance at a happy and healthy life. Help us to handle our sorrow and use it
to grow stronger and more compassionate. Please also help us to find other
cats to sponsor who only need love and care and time to meet the right person,
so that they can pass into happy adoptive homes. Please help Dagny, our little
female cat, to handle her anger and bewilderment at Frisco's behavior, and her
grief over losing her companion of ten and a half years. Help us all to be a
comfort to one another, and remind us that life and death and birth are all
necessary parts of the same Dance. We thank you with all our hearts.

Date: 01 Dec 1997
Time: 22:24:11
Remote User: temp


In a time of great life stress, I'd like to be thankful amidst the storm...

Sad partings have made new beginnings,

Relationships are changed utterly, but sometimes strengthened, not ended.

My blessings are counted by those I love, and by those who love me, freely.

It feels as though I might be learning something, after all.


Date: 24 Dec 1997
Time: 11:12:24
Remote User: temp


Please give me the strength and wisdom to guide my new student correctly.
He's a true seeker after the Old Ways. Blessed Be.

Date: 31 Dec 1997
Time: 19:28:31
Remote User: Brigantia


I am asking help for my father who is dying of cancer but is afraid of the passage.

I ask help for my mother who is going blind as well as dealing with the slow painful
loss of her husband.

I ask help for me to get my life straightened out, be able to help my family.

Also, may Brighid help my musical, creative and healing endeavors.

Many thanks to all


Date:        30 Jan 1998
Time:        21:04:16
Remote User: branfionn


Before my Beloved Brighid and ye here attending her Flame, I place my need 
for a good, stable, well-paying job.  I work in the insurance industry which is 
in great turmoil at this time.  I have been laid off three times in the past four years, 
mostly as their way of saving money - last hired, first fired.  I support a very 
spiritual person who is disabled and who needs my help to get adequate medical 
care for "disability payments" are not adequate for the needs of the disabled.  
So, while I could be quite happy with a simple life, my needs as a caretaker are 
great.  So I place this my need before the Flame, having sent seven arrows 
(resumes) into the air.  I know that my skills are good and my effort is true.

Thank You and May Blessings Come to Ye as Well....

Branfionn MacGregor

Date: 19 Feb 1998
Time: 14:11:18
Remote User: Birdwoman


Most wise and compassionate Lady Brighid, I ask Your blessing and aid for our friend Kay, who has had a recurrence of cancer cells in her back. We would gladly see her well and whole again to dance this cycle of her life; it would be our joy to see her healed to give glad thanks to You. This is a long-running problem, as I’m sure You know in Your Wisdom, and has metastasized from someplace they thought the treatments had won. If it is time for this bright soul to return home and begin anew, please ease any pain and fear, and show her the joy to come... Lady of Fire, don’t let the fire of life and joy and enthusiasm flicker out and die in this vivid being. Our thanks and praise to You.

Date: 19 Feb 1998
Time: 14:11:43
Remote User: Birdwoman


Most wise and compassionate Lady Brighid, I ask Your blessing and aid for our friend Kay, who has had a recurrence of cancer cells in her back. We would gladly see her well and whole again to dance this cycle of her life; it would be our joy to see her healed to give glad thanks to You. This is a long-running problem, as I’m sure You know in Your Wisdom, and has metastasized from someplace they thought the treatments had won. If it is time for this bright soul to return home and begin anew, please ease any pain and fear, and show her the joy to come... Lady of Fire, don’t let the fire of life and joy and enthusiasm flicker out and die in this vivid being. Our thanks and praise to You.

Date: 01 Apr 1998
Time: 18:33:16
Remote User: Greywolf


Will you Please add my adopted sister Janet to the prayer list. She is having some very serious allergy reactions to something unknown. We were to meet in Illinois in 2 weeks but that may not be possible now due to the problems she is having. Below is a part of the note she sent to me tonight.

I got hit with the worse allergy attack on Monday that blew my face and neck up. Kevin took me to the doctor because I was having trouble breathing and I could hardly open my eyes. My eyes looked like two tennis balls...they were swollen shut. I have had something simular to this...but not this bad...it has happened 5 times since last Thanksgiving. Anyway...they gave me a shot of cortizone and then a 5 day pack to take. Im a bit better now...but have to go to a specialist on Thursday to have a graph done to try and find out what I might have reacted to.

I am worried about my sister, so any prayers you can send to her will be deeply appreciated

Thank You


Date: 03 Apr 1998
Time: 14:21:34
Remote User: Evergreen


Please help to heal my Father's heart.

Much thanks and blessings


Date: 06 Apr 1998
Time: 22:20:45
Remote User: Treva


Hi my name is Treva and I am new to the list. My request is for my youngest son Melvin. Three weeks ago he broke his femur into three pieces about four inches below the hip. The doctors pinned and he is in a body cast. The problem is that there is still no new bone growth around the break. The doctors say that this could lead to serious problems if he doesn't start growing new bone. I would like to request healing energy for my son. Thank you.


Date: 24 Apr 1998
Time: 10:14:54
Remote User: new


Gods and Goddesses please lead my feet back to your heart. Let me feel you healing warmth.

Date: 12 May 1998
Time: 15:57:44
Remote User:


Today I was fired from my Dream Job. It is my wish,and prayer that I find another fulfilling, profitable living, and soon. Blessed be.

Date: 14 May 1998
Time: 16:52:41
Remote User:


I ask the Lady of the Fire for continued inspiration and support as I unravel the knots of misunderstandings and I heal the breach caused by seperations. We are each born of the flame and renewed within the darkness. May the cycle be swift and mercifully natural as it evolves. May wisdom be a gift of healing and may healing be a gift of wisdom.


Date: 19 May 1998
Time: 22:27:29
Remote User:


My dear lady Brighid...help me be strong for the ones who need me. Help me know when enough is enough and when the pain is too much. I need to see clearly through the haze of my wants, beyond, into what must be done.

I do not want to fall apart now. Later maybe.

Go raibh maith agat,


Date: 27 May 1998
Time: 17:22:11
Remote User:


I ask for a speedy resolution to some unexpected health problems.

Date: 29 May 1998
Time: 18:02:12
Remote User:



Date: 01 Jun 1998
Time: 16:17:54
Remote User:


I need help with my life

Date: 01 Jun 1998
Time: 22:41:42
Remote User:


The flame of our friendship has kindled, but it is not out. Brighid please help stir up the ashes and let our friendship be rekindled that the flames may glow bright once again.

Date: 16 Jun 1998
Time: 21:18:12
Remote User:


Date: 16 Jun 1998
Time: 21:21:22
Remote User:


Dear Brighid and Cernunnos,

I ask you for help with my friend's friend, Howard. He is gravely ill and she might have to help him cross the veil soon. If he can be healed I ask that he be healed and returned to strong and vigourous life.

If he cannot be healed and if this is truly his time to crossover, please take him quickly and painlessly before she has to help him over.

He depleted his lifeforce aiding her loved one. We ask that he be honored among his people and by his gods and spirit chiefs... and if he chooses, that he be returned to her in this lifetime when he is ready.

Blessed be Howard, magical cat and lifelong companion.

Date: 17 Jun 1998
Time: 00:06:01
Remote User:


Most gracious Lady Brighid, Daughter of the Dagda, Bright Shining Queen of the Flames, help us all to know that no need is too small to bring to you. Your radiant smile and generous arms embrace all your children, but sometimes we forget. Help us raise our faces to your yours, to drink from your healing well. To breathe the winds of your inspiration.

I have come to a crossroads in my life, and I see great sacrifice coupled with great fulfillment. Please grant me the clarity to see my path as it is. Help me to make choices that are right for me, choices that are in harmony with your graces. Lend me the strength to create my own destiny, to blaze my path, to reach my dreams and beyond. Walk with me, O Lady. Shine your living light on the darkness of the days to come, and let me feel the sparks of your smile in my head. Your inspiration illuminates me and guides me along my way...

Thank you, Lady, and Blessed Be!


Date: 20 Jun 1998
Time: 13:30:57
Remote User:


Good Brighid,

I ask for guidance and clarity with the life I lead, and the patience to withstand the pain I feel inside. I beg from all of Spirit nurturance and release of my splintered conscience—my violent thoughts, my impatience, my terrifying rush to disappear from conflict and life itself when the pain is intense. Please sustain me as I work through the trials of my relationship, to find peace and comforting quiet in it. I pray for the little spirit who left my spouse and me, for forgiveness and sympathy. May the healing fires burn through and through the torturous callous surrounding me heart, and fill me with Light and Love. May these difficult times be deemed trivial, inconsequential.

With deep humility,


Date: 21 Jun 1998
Time: 00:46:48
Remote User:


That I may find peace within myself to let go of this goll of hatred and emnity I feel towards one who was a fellow in the ether. Specifically that I may find that peace before the Da/il so that I may be receptive to that which will occur there in knowledge and wisdom.

Date: 23 Jun 1998
Time: 12:51:04
Remote User:


I really, really need a car. I also need a small financial breakthough so that I can take care of some things.


Date: 03 Jul 1998
Time: 09:56:11
Remote User:


Brighid, Lady of Compassion and Healing, Bright Fire of Hope, and Patroness of Poets...

My friend, the esteemed bard, one of Your best, is having a rough time of it, as you probably already know. I would ask that You do something, anything, to ease his illness and delay deterioration for as long as possible. He is a good person and a wise man, a fellow Druid, with many important responsibilities and good ideas, and we would like to have the benefit of his wisdom in this world for a long time to come.

I also ask that you help his family through this troubling time. May we create together and immerse him into the Well of Sla/n.

Thank you,

The Topaz Owl

Date: 09 Jul 1998
Time: 16:46:05
Remote User:


I know that You are here and I know that you watch over me and my sons. Please help me to find a way to keep the negative influence away.

Posted by: Searles at 21:49:55 P.M. on 7/28/98

I ask a blessing upon those in need, healing for those who are ill and wisdom for myself in my choices.

Posted by: Searles at 1:20:24 A.M. on 9/8/98

I ask healing for Bonnie and strength for her spirit and her family as she fights to remain with them in her battle with pancreatic cancer.
Posted by: Searles at 14:12:41 P.M. on 10/4/98

I convey a need from our local community in Dallas-Ft.Worth: "Everyone please send Caillan House, Chris and Ann's four year old daughter, your energy and light some healing candles per their request. Caillan fell from a two story balcony onto concrete this morning and is presently in route to Children's Medical Center. She was conscious, and seemed aware of what was going on. Help us help this beautiful daughter of our Lady. Spread the healing. Maeven" May Brighid provide love and healing in Three Ways.
Posted by: Karen at 13:21:36 P.M. on 10/14/98

I'm in search of the "right" location for my upcoming wedding. It has been a difficult journey. I need strength and resolution.
Posted by: Jenny Gibbons at 7:17:06 A.M. on 11/5/98

Bright Lady, please send your healing flames to my uncle, David Harvey. I thank You for the speed with which he has recovered from his stroke, and pray that he may win this battle against lung cancer, too. Please give my cousin Dane Harvey the strength to meet whatever may come of this. I pray that his new wife and child will give him the courage to hold fast to life, even if it is his father's time to pass on. Jenny
Posted by: g. at 21:26:24 P.M. on 11/10/98

My life is unraveling before my eyes, and in the midst of the chaos I'm growing and changing in ways I've never been able to before. Please let all this pain be for the best, and let me be wise enough to accept whatever the future holds. I ask your help in praying that the strength and love of the Godess will heal my lover's heart, and my soul, and that the best of what was will be the beginning of what is to come. g.
Posted by: Deborah O'Dubhain at 0:12:12 A.M. on 11/23/98

Dear Brighid, Gracious Goddess, I ask for Your blessings on the surgury that I have performed on me in the morning to heal my anal fistula. Please gift my surgeon, Dr. Britton West, with right knowledge and with swift, agile and accurate hands and skills. I ask You to ease the pain of the operation and the post op. I ask that You ensure that the anestesia works as it is supposed to and that I not feel the surgury and that I awake healthy with a successful surgury. I ask that there be only healthy bowel discovered when the colonoscopy is done and that my bowels be healed of the dis-ease which has troubled them in the past. Please keep me in health. Aid in the repair of what has been injured. And speed my healing after the surgury so that there will be no infection or future problems with the muscle, tissue or nerves down there. I thank You for your aid to me and your blessings of the past, present and future to me and my family. Thank you Brigid. May your fire always light our hearts and minds and warm our souls.
Posted by: Deborah O'Dubhain at 0:17:27 A.M. on 11/23/98

Dear Brighid, I pray for aid with my parents. My mother has been diagnosed with macular degeneration of the eyes and she goes for a second opinion on Monday Nov 23. Please, let the doctors be able to help her to retain or even regain her sight. I also pray for the healing of my father who burned his hands and face while reconditioning a Coleman lantern. Please take away the pain and speed the recovery from the burns and ease any scaring that might occur from this accident. Thank you sweet Brighid. Blessings and praise to You.
Posted by: Caolainn at 23:43:56 P.M. on 11/26/98

Please help me find my way through the confusion surrounding me, and to find the strength to make the painful decisions that are necessary. Please help me to be able to let go if I need to, seeing it not as a failure, but as an opportunity. Thank you, Caolainn
Posted by: . at 16:38:54 P.M. on 11/27/98

Lady of the Flame, and Father of Physicians: You know I hate to ask for myself, but I can't stand this anymore. It's interfering with my life and the tasks I have set out to accomplish. I beg of you, either take this odd sickness from me, or help the doctor find out what is wrong with me so that it can be treated, and so that I can live a normal life and feel healthy and whole again.
Posted by: Ailig at 7:59:37 A.M. on 12/2/98

For the family and friends of my dear friend Ray who left us for other lands on yesterday after a long battle with colon cancer
Posted by: Whoever at 5:59:37 A.M. on 12/18/98

failing health, pain and fatigue with accompanying depression, seemingly insurmmountable financial problems relating to not being able to work as I used to, overwhelming sense of no possible solutions (though some of this feeling is due to the constant pain and fatigue), so...Goddess, some ease and healing, sale of house and not at a loss, ease the path of relocating to a more conducive climate and atmosphere, peace for children in the midst of chaos, a way to hang on in the midst of such uncertainty.....
Posted by: Maeven at 23:33:36 P.M. on 1/2/99

Dear Brighid, I ask for complete healing for my friend Bell who has cancer in her bones and her body. She wishes to see her children grow up and is very very sick. They are doing chemotherapy and are trying a bone marrow transplant. I ask for your blessings and your healing for her that she may have a long and healthy life upon this earth and that her children not be deprived of their mother's presence on the earthplane. Thank you Blessed Brighid. Biodh Se!
Posted by: ! at 12:38:56 P.M. on 1/7/99

Goddess, I know that there is reason for everything that happens in our lives. I thank you so very much for the love and joy that You have recently brought to me. If it is now to be taken from me then please I ask you give me the strength to deal with it. And send to me the love that all of this heartache is preparing me for and the love that my heart yearns for. Thank you.
Posted by: Evergreen at 21:25:37 P.M. on 1/10/99

Great Lady. You know what I pray for and why I ask. Please let this time be the time.
Posted by: ! at 16:12:16 P.M. on 1/17/99

Now the heartache has come, just like I saw it coming. Nothing to do now but go on. Dear Goddess, help me to heal and continue on. You know the all of the needs of my life at this time. Help me to heal, and send the love that is for me when I am ready. Not when I say I am ready, but when You know that I am.
Posted by: * at 20:13:15 P.M. on 1/17/99

Fiery One..Light the way of my loved one that he find the clear path and come home.
Posted by: Proins'eaf at 18:56:53 P.M. on 2/1/99

Beloved Brighid, on this the eve of your Holy feast please heal and protect my friend Sandy. Heal her womb and make it so she can bare a child she and her mate Bill so badly want. Be there at there side while she undergoes the precuderus to remove her fibroids, and save her wombe. this I ask of you Midwife to our souls.
Posted by: DEB Godfrey at 10:31:32 A.M. on 2/25/99

I request prayers for myself...and strength for my continuing struggle to find sobriety in my life. I also request prayers for my former father by law, that he may recover from his ills of this past days surgery.
Posted by: Treva at 15:47:21 P.M. on 5/20/99

Dear Sweet Goddess, you know what it is that weighs so heavy on my heart and my soul. I can't go through this again. Please be with momma as she faces this, and give her peace and relief. And help me to be strong to face whatever it is that is waiting for me at the end of this.
Posted by: Proins'eaf at 18:16:03 P.M. on 7/29/99

My Foster Daughter step Mother is very ill. She has pneumonia in one lung and is facing surgery on a very badly infected finger on Monday (she is dietetic so this is very serious) The doc says if her pneumonia is no better by Monday he will admit her to ICU. Beloved Brighid heal her pleases.
Posted by: Evergreen at 21:22:00 P.M. on 9/16/99

Brighid, Please hear me. I am not sure where my life is leading me right now. Please help me to make the right decisions for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.
Posted by: Thomas at 23:43:46 P.M. on 9/20/99

I would like to ask that my Anam Cara and I be remembered and that somehow the current situation of strife in our lives be healed and that we be allowed to live quietly and in peace and thoughfulness for one another. I have not loved anyone more than she.
Posted by: Evergreen at 20:31:28 P.M. on 9/21/99

I love her. I really do. Now she is trying to sever the emotional ties as well. I don't know what to do. I ask for guidence.
Posted by: Evergreen at 15:42:33 P.M. on 9/29/99

It ended this morning. Please send some of your energy this way as I am lost and don't know how to go from here.
Posted by: Evergreen at 21:48:10 P.M. on 10/10/99

I am about to take a journey. Please send me what it is that will help me most on this journey. Help me to heal my heart.
Posted by: anna at 21:58:25 P.M. on 2/3/2000

that my daughter gets her head on straight before her baby comes
Posted by: Thomas at 18:10:15 P.M. on 3/1/2106

Goddess; You have opened my eyes as no other source has. I brought before your flame situations that seemed unbearable and in their place you have left hope, and wonder. I thank you. You have placed my feet firmly on the path and blessed my Anam Cara and I with a life that holds promise. May you always guide us, may we teach our children of you and the love you have for those who remember you and the ancient ways. I thank you Thomas
Posted by: * at 13:35:47 P.M. on 5/16/2000

Bright Lady, I ask your blessings for all those I have found and come to love in these last months. Especially I ask that you bring strength and comfort for those who are in pain and enduring loss and light the way home for those who are lost. You know their names and you know their needs, far better than I.
Posted by: Scout at 7:09:04 A.M. on 7/1/2000

My wonderful daughter has taken an overdose and is recovering in hospital. She has had a really rough time; with alcohol and the stress of having 5 children and a husband who does not care anymore. I cannot be with her because I live in England and she lives in the US. But my spirit walks with her and with the help of the Goddess I pray she finds the strength and peace she needs.
Posted by: Ceara at3pm (PST) Sunday July 23

There may be an opportunity for me to move back "home" to San Diego and go back to school, yet I loath to leave my friends in LA despite the constant job hunting. I just need the Guidance of the Gods to know if this is a good choice or am I running from my problems again?
Posted by: Aodhfionn at 22:37:24 P.M. on 9/3/100

This request is for my brother and those who live with him. One of his roomates, a mother of four beautiful children, has abandoned her family, leaving my them and my brother in a desparate position, as there is now no one to watch the children while my brother and the children's father go to work. My request is for prayers and whatever spiritual help may be offered so that these children can be properly cared for while my brother and his remaining roomate work to bring an income to the house. My thanks to all, and to the gods, for their help in this.
Posted by: Laaran Ariel atSaturday, September 16, 2000 / 7:15 am PST

That there be peace, harmony and healing in our family so that we may all live together again in happiness.
Posted by: Aodhfionn at 10:49:23 A.M. on 9/24/100

I come in love, in desparation, to be guided by Brighid, asking that my words and actions are true and right as I try to save a failing marriage, or, should that be impossible, that my children come through it with as much ease as possible.
Posted by: TopazOwl at

Dear Lady Brighid: I have just heard about Jimmy. I would ask that you please help him find healing and comfort beyond this ordeal. Please help him come to the acceptance of his new state of being and instill in him enough self-respect to take good care of himself now. Go raibh maith agat, Leigh
Posted by: Bheara at 6/12/01

Bright Brigid, I ask for guidance and healing as I deal with the aftermath of hurt and betrayal left by my husband of almost 16 years. Please give me the strength to handle all the legal twists he throws at me as I try to make a better life on my own for myself and our 5 year old son. May he realize what exactly it is he has discarded, and may this hole in my heart be healed. May his new love, whom I once held as friend, and himself, be reminded of what they have done and the harm they have done. Help my son and I heal. And may they deal with the Threefold Rule......
Posted by: mrssquitty(: at 23:28:49 P.M. on 6/17/2001

I truly ask your help and mercy on my relationship with my beloved, which has suddenly gotten drastically worse, almost as if drugs or other alien things had become involved. I am open to learning ways to make it better too. Thank you for all your help.
Posted by: mrssquitty at 20:30:27 P.M. on 6/20/2001

all sincere thanks for the extremely positive changes that happened literally overnight after my last late-night miserable request--
Posted by: Evergreen at9:03 pm 21 June, 2001

This is in rememberance of my Grandmother, Esther Oldham who passed away today at the age of 95.