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The Summerlands Educational Library Complex (SELC) is located on The Old West Trail and is a full service facility. There you can find files that have been submitted by our members, newsletters and magazines which have been scanned and uploaded for your reading pleasure in our Main Library, and books for sale through our Rowan Leaf Bookstore. There is a Hall of Scholars for serious debate, The Bairns' Discovery Center for the young ones, and the Ancient Texts Repository. All this located right here in your neighborhood library.

The main library is the home of the files submitted by our members. The files may be accessed by one of three methods: author, subject, or site. Author and subject you are probably familiar with. However, some sites can also have files uploaded which are peculiar to that particular area of The Summerlands. You access information about the library through the center control console. Aurora is our head librarian. She will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have or files you might need help locating. She is also the person you need to see for file submissions.

The Ancient Texts Repository
Many people do not have access to the ancient texts in the areas in which they live. The Summerlands will be locating copies of the original texts such as The Tain to be scanned and uploaded into the library. We will not be uploading copyrighted translations without the owners of those copyrights' permission, however. It is our hope that this area will be of service to our members in their quest for knowledge. Your Bruighaidh is Jenny Gibbons.

The Hall of the Scholars
The Hall of the Scholars is a room in the library which is reserved for the use of members seeking in-depth discussions of ancient texts and rediscovered information. It is hoped that from such learned discourse will come the unraveling of the mysteries of the universe and the deciphering of the riddles of the old tomes. Any are welcome to join in the discussions ... all it takes is a desire for the truth and a willingness to dig for the answers among the dust laden aeons of antiquity. Your Bruighaidh is Searles O'Dubhain.

The Bairns' Discovery Center is located at the Summerlands Educational Library Complex and is the place where the next generation of young Pagans and their parents can come to play and learn. We will be offering classes in creative writing for children and there will be a licensed, experienced tutor available to assist the children who might require a little bit of extra help with their schoolwork. As this section grows, we plan to offer interactive games for the children, parenting classes, counseling, and (drum roll please) our own accredited homeschooling program. We hope this area will become the nerve center for child development and instruction within The Summerlands and will give the children a love of learning which will serve them their entire lives. School is in session ... and boy (girl <G>) is it going to be fun! Your Bruighaidh in the Discovery Center is Granny Samradh .... a teacher with many, many years experience to her credit. The children are in very good hands indeed.

Located at The Summerlands Educational Library Complex is our bookstore, The Rowan Leaf. We have tailored the offerings in the bookstore to be of interest to members of our community. Currently, we are contracted as an associate bookseller for, the world's largest on-line bookstore. Soon, we hope to be able to inform our members that we have additional titles through multiple channels available for them to enjoy. Come on in and browse our shelves ... we're sure you'll find many titles to your liking. Your Rowan Leaf Bookstore Bruighaidh is Greyfox.

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