The Calendar and the Schedule

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The Calendar is located at The Crossroads.  It's very easy to use and we update it regularly, so please check it at least once monthly (if not more) to see what is happening.  It's your best and easiest way of finding out what is going on and when. As the tag on it says, "Resolve the Mysteries of Time and Place" <G>.  It will open to the current month.   We try to have it loaded with events at least two months ahead of current.

To see the events on any given day, simply click on the date and it will open that day's offerings for you.  We also list the Full and New Moons for your convenience.

We are in the process of linking up a Coligni Calendar for those of you who prefer the ancient moon-based calendar rather than the roman based 7 day week one.

The Weekly and Monthly Schedule of Events

The Druid's Assembly - The 6th Day after the New Moon

-  1st:  The Women's Lodge (Women ONLY Please)
-  2nd:  The Archeoastronomy Club Chat
-  3rd:  The Enchanted Hand Craftguild Chat
-  4th:  The Healing Prayer Circle
-  5th:  The Picts

     Classes and Seminars as Scheduled

-  1st:  Avalon Chat (The Beloved Dead, Death, Dying, The Afterlife/Otherworld
-  2nd: The Celtic Roundtable
-  3rd:  Synchronistic Spirituality Symposium (Comparative Religions Chat)
-  4th:  The Celtic Roundtable
-  5th:  The Celtic Roundtable

-  Pub Night
-  New Member Orientation (held same time and then merged once comfortable)

     Bard's Hall

Classes are scheduled on Tuesday nights whenever possible.  Other nights if the instructor has a conflict or Tuesday night is already booked with a previous class.

All scheduled groups, chats and classes are held in our IRC chat room at Starlink-IRC and begin at 9PM eastern USA time unless otherwise specified.