The Summerlands Gathering 1999
Roan Mt. TN,  March 18-22

Well ... THAT was WONDERFUL!!! <g>

For those who were there, we miss you more than you'll ever know ... It was like greeting family members who you haven't seen in a long time.  For those who couldn't be there, we hope you can join us next year ... it was great!

Several of us are busy tweaking all the pictures from the digital cameras that found their way to Roan Mountain this past weekend (the music of "Dueling Banjos" should accompany this mental image ... only it was 'Dueling Digicams' <G>) ... we'll have a link on this page shortly to a series of thumbnails and narratives so that you can see where we stayed, where we went, and who all our 'happy campers' were.  If you check out the Toweroom message board, you can read about some of the happenings from people who were there.

We will definitely be doing this again next year for our Summerlands members and their families.  We'll post more of the 'technical/information' later in the year, but as of now, the next Gathering is scheduled for the Thursday - Sunday following the Spring Equinox 2000. (It falls on a Tuesday next year.)  We're going to see if we can rent the entire 10 cabins of the new section so that we have the place to ourselves, plus the new community center and amphitheater so that we can hold classes/workshops and have a common eating place big enough to hold many more than we had this year... and have a proper Ceilidh on Friday night <GGG>

It truly is a wonderful place ... complete with the three does who greeted many of us on our arrival, the birdsongs that woke us up and both the beautiful sun that shown on us most all weekend and the 'fine soft rain' that saw us on our way on Sunday when most of us had to leave (perhaps the mountain gods were crying that we were leaving?  I know I was. <G>)  They'll smile again when we return ... as will we all.

Searles and I spent the Monday following the Gathering driving all over that area .. even going over into the North Carolina side of the mountain, getting a feel for it, and scoping out possible sites for a land-based community.  Nothing concrete yet, but several places that definitely had either a pull or a push.  We can't wait to get back up there throughout the year and see if the Goddess makes her preference known to us then.

Well .... enjoy the pictures and captions when they arrive on the page ... as well as the messages on the board from those of us who were there and care to share ... and make plans now to be there next year.  We're looking at having between 40-60 there next time, so make sure your place is reserved before we run out of beds <G>.

Much love to you all,
Deborah and Searles