Groups and Clubs

Now that you're a member of The Summerlands, you will find that there are many interesting groups and clubs available to you that are always glad to have new faces show up. Please, feel free to drop in on any of these groups and join them in their particular area of interest or expertise. You'll be more than welcome ... just come on in make yourself at home.  All groups meet at 9PM eastern USA time in our irc room #Summerlands at StarLink-IRC unless otherwise stated.

The Druids' Assembly
Once per month, on the sixth day after the new moon, The Druid's Assembly meets at The Summerlands chat room to discuss all things of interest to Druids and those who would follow and learn the ways of Drai'ochta.  If you're interested in this group, check the calendar to see what day of the month their meeting falls and drop in.  Anyone is welcome to listen in, if you want to join in the more serious elements of discourse, be prepared to be questioned on your knowledge.  If you have questions or need additional information, contact Searles at.

The Celtic Roundtable
The Celtic Roundtable grew out of the old Celtic Workshops that just didnt want to end! <G>  Most of the time they are led by Searles and cover a Celtic theme or topic.  However, sometimes we are blessed with a guest speaker for the evening for such diverse topics as Ancient and Medieval Cooking Techniques to Druid Logic.  You never know exactly what the topic is going to be but whatever it is, it's sure to be interesting.  The Roundtable meets on Wednesday nights at our irc room.  For more information, please contact Searles at

Open Community Chat
All come and dont forget to bring your chatterbox and sense of humor.  This is the time when the community gets together and just hangs out and talks their heads off <G> ... hey... Celts are notoriously longwinded folk <WEG>.  All are welcome.  There's no topic and nothing to study up for.   Just come to enjoy some good company for a couple of hours.  The Community Chat is on Thursday nights at 9PM in our irc room.  For additional information, contact Deborah at

The Tower Room
The Tower Room meets every Tuesday night to chat about things that have happened the past week, catch up on old friendships, and discuss topics of interest/relevance to women and women's issues. If you are a woman (maid, mother or crone) we'd love to have you join your cyber-sisters for some camaraderie and chat over a cup of well brewed coffee.

Along with the catching up and chatting, we are also involved in some serious study.  Topics on the agenda have been and are:   Women's roles in Ancient and Modern Times and the Laws that Affect Them, Moontime Mysteries, Woman as Societal Form Giver.  If you are interested, just show up (we're a very informal bunch) or if you have any questions about Tower Room,  contact Deborah at

The Archeoastronomy Club
The Archeoastronomy Club meets the second Monday of the month (starting in March 98).   It will be led by our resident stargazer Jehana, who is the Brughaidh in charge of the Brugh of the Star River.  The purpose of the club is to learn and share about the connections between the stars and planets and the ancient stone monoliths and brughs.   What is their connection?  How can it affect us living on the planet today?   This promises to be one of the most fun and educational groups going.  So bring your telescope and star charts and dust off your old Archeology books... we're going digging.  If you have questions about the club please contact Jehana at

Teen Chat
If you're a Pagan Teen or a teen who's interested in Paganism but doesn't know where to go or who to talk to about it, boy have we got a chat group for you!  Join Nimyra on the 1st and 3rd Saturday nights of each month for our Pagan Teen Chat.  All you gotta be is a teen and interested in Paganism.  No adults allowed (and nobody will fuss at you to pick up your socks or clean up your room).  Come hang out and discuss everything from your favorite music to how to deal with non Pagan parents or kids at school.  If you have any questions, contact Nimyra at

Celtic Warriors' Circle
Jon Keeyes and The Clann an Fhaoil:Choin will be hosting this ongoing discussion of CELTIC WARRIORSHIP AND HONOR. The CFC is a Celtic Clan who is homebased here in Fort Worth and who we know personally. They have a very good handle on the material they are going to be covering and we highly recommend that we avail ourselves of their knowledge and the opportunity to discuss what it means to be a Celtic Warrior and to hold Honor in not only the ancient societies, but in today's very different and sometimes difficult world.

We look forward to sharing a mug around the fire and some great discussion with you all.    Jon can be reached at

The Bard's Hall
An Ce'ilidh Barda (The Bard's Hall) is for the benefit of our Poets (Filidh) and Bards (all grades and levels) to come and share their works and sharpen their skills in the company of their peers. On Friday nights they meet in our IRC chat room #Summerlands at StarLink-IRC to swap songs, stories, poems, satires, info and techniques ... and enjoy each others company.  If you're not a Bard or Filidh you're still very welcome.  Afterall, they have to try out their new material on somebody <G>

If you have any questions, please contact   Proins'eaf (aka Frinshay) at

The Coffee Klatche
Some of us have been meeting online for a cup of morning coffee and a danish for years... just to say hey and start the day out with some warm and fuzzy friendship (nothing heavy until at least after the 3rd cup! <G>)

We figured we had such a good thing going that we just had to share it with somebody, so on Thursday mornings at 11AM eastern USA time, we all get together over in the IRC chat room and have a good morning wake up session. 

Grab your cuppa whatever is the flavor of that week (check the calendar) and join us.  The pastries are always fresh and the bagels are lightly toasted with just the right amount of creamcheese <G>. 

Service Covens and Groves
As our community grows and develops, we will be fostering The Summerlands C/Gs for the purposes of doing Community and Earth Service.  We plan to eventually stretch out our magical Pagan hands to the real world in a wide variety of projects.  Some of the suggested projects include building Earthship houses for needy people, helping out at women's shelters, doing hospice work with Pagans who are preparing to cross over, reading and being companion/visitors to the elderly, working to find homes for animal shelter residents, reclaiming/regreening damaged ecosystems/land, erecting/consecrating Pagan worship sites around the country,  providing food and clothing to families in Appalachia who need help.    I know we're still too small to be doing most of these as an organization, but this is the kind of community that we want to be when we grow up.  If you are interested or have an idea for a project that we can do now, contact Deborah at