IRC - Internet Relay Chat


For person to person chatting and seeing the members that are online and available for contact, we are recommending that Summerlands Members use the following FREE software: Get PAL here

Eventually, we will have our own chat channels onsite and you should not need additional IRC software other than what automatically opens on the page when you go there. However, until that time you will need some form of IRC software. We are recommending either pIRCh or mIRC for the PCs and IRCle for the Macs. Get Pirch here Mirc here Get Ircl here

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For now, we have a permanent chat room onthe StarLink IRC Network at Atlanta.GA.US.StarLink-IRC.ORG:6667. Point your IRC software to that address and come to the room named #summerlands. Persons without IRC Chat software can also visit the #Summerlands Room using our Chat page. It's simple, quick and easy to use.   Just login, point, click, and you're there!  This site allows ActiveX compatible browsers to conduct IRC Chat sessions.  

A complete schedule for Chat and other Summerlands activities can be found on the Summerlands Calendar. We will open the room on additional times and nights as different classes become available or the membership requests it.