Membership Status and Voting Rights


There are essentially two levels of 'citizenship' within The Summerlands:  those who have registered and paid their memberships and those who have registered and not paid their memberships.

We will be offering regular 'specials' at The Summerlands which can range from discounts on a goods or services, to a prize contest, to a private group or class or FTF regional get togethers.  These will be open only to members in good standing (see definition below).  Our hope is that everyone who enjoys the benefits of The Summerlands will choose to be a paid member in good standing, and this is our way of encouraging that and saying thank you for handling the financial end of things.


From time to time there is going to arise the need for certain things to be voted on by the membership of Summerlands.  Some forseeable items will be date and location for national get-togethers, new sites to be opened, priority of classes to be offered, member representation in council, etc.

Only members in good standing may vote on these things.  The term 'good standing' means that their memberships are paid current and that they have not been acting in a manner which would draw an official censure from the management of Summerlands. (e.g., have no unresolved complaints against them from the other members, have no outstanding monies owed for classes)