Monthly Membership Fee

In the best of all possible worlds, The Summerlands would be free and we wouldn't have to deal with a monthly membership fee.  However, that's not the case.   This website costs money to operate and the membership fees are necessary for us to keep our doors open.  They pay for the server, the additional software and programs that we enjoy here, and contribute to the Land Fund that we have established in order to purchase Pagan land for the community in the future.

So we need for everyone to pay their fees on time and consistently, please.  And tell your friends about us.  For every new member you refer  who registers and pays at least 6 months membership fee, you'll receive a free month here at Summerlands.  Be sure to let us know who they are at the time they register (have them tell us too) and we'll mark it down on your account.

Membership fees are $5 per month and are payable in 6 month or 1 year installments.  We take check or money order.  Please do NOT send cash.   Non-American members need to get an international money order/checque.  We can also take Visa and MasterCard for our members' convenience.  Contact Deborah via email to make arrangements if you didn't originally leave your credit card info on the registration form.

Please send your membership fee to:

The Summerlands, Inc.
PMB 106
7015 Highway 72, West
Huntsville, AL  35806

If you have any questions about the membership fee, please contact Deborah at

Thank you for taking care of your financial obligations in a timely manner.
Deb and Searles