Summerlands Newsletters and Email Updates

In the past we sent out The Summerlands Newsletter via email to all our members and friends on a monthly basis.  Starting with the Beltaine 98 issue, we have changed the format for our newsletters.

We will send all members and summerlands friends an email notification when the new newsletter is available with an embedded link back to the Summerlands where the newsletter is located.  This will enable us to make a much better product for our people.  The newsletters are scheduled for production 8 times at the Holydays.

There will be the monthly and weekly 'updates' in lieu of the newsletter to keep people apprised of what is happening at The Summerlands.

The Newsletters are located at The Crossroads under link at the bottom of the page.

The Newsletters (this link will take you back to The Crossroads, scroll down and it's in the lowerlink set.)