The Summerlands is actually divided into two totally separate areas: The Crossroads and The Summerlands.

THE CROSSROADS: The first area you will encounter is called The Crossroads and it is exactly what its name implies ... the place where your path first encounters (or crosses) ours. This is where non-members/guests go to find information on The Summerlands.

Available for your perusal and enjoyment are:

  • General Information: <waving sign "YOU ARE HERE">  This area tells you how the site is generally laid out and what we're all about as a community.
  • The Sites:  Site description for each of the sections in our Members Only area.  (these are descriptions only ... they will not lead you to the actual sites)
  • Your Hosts:  Pics and bios of the staff so you know who you're talking to.
  • The Main Calendar:  Who's doing what, when, and where.  This is updated constantly, so check it often to see what's new.  All items on the calendar are held at our irc chat room unless otherwise stated.
  • The Public Library:   Please feel free to browse the Public Library and download any file that you find of interest for your own personal use.   Please don't upload these copyrighted files anywhere else without getting permission from the authors.  Enjoy!
  • The Hall of Remembrance Memorial Site: We feel that the information presented in The Hall of Remembrance is too important to keep for the exclusive use of our members.  So we have created a mirror site of the Hall.  This site is vitally important to understanding the History of The Burning Times, but might be too much for people who are highly sensitive to violence and is not suitable for younger children.   Some of the information is difficult to deal with.
  • We, The People:  We started this page as an aid to help keep folks apprised of what 'that bunch in DC' is doing!  Our freedom is a precious thing that will be eroded without constant vigilance on the part of 'we, the people.'  Watch them like a hawk and make plenty of noise if you don't think they're doing it right!!!  And for Gods' sakes GO VOTE!!!
  • EuroCelts:  This section is for the use of all our non-English speaking Celtic cousins 'across the pond and around the world.'  You can find pretty much any of the European/Celtic languages on the board over there, and there's even some translation software for those of us not fluent in 'the old tongues' <G>.
  • The Chat Room:  This is our onsite chat box that links to our irc chat room.  It allows you to talk to us in a live irc room using ActiveX software.   Just go there, and fill in the blanks and hit the button... Voila'  (A quick note:  Check the Main Calendar first... otherwise you might wind up sitting in a room with nobody to talk to)
  • The Bruidhean:  This is our guests' message board where you can join in discussions and get a feel for the way we do things on all of our message boards.
  • The Marketplace:  This is our online shopping center where you can pick up everything from hand-woven cloth to a CD of the last class series that we taught online here at The Summerlands.
  • The Guest Book:  Kinda self explanatory <G>  Please let us know what you think of us.  We aim to please. We really enjoy reading your entries!
  • Class Registration Form:  This is the form you fill out to register for any class or workshop that is being taught at The Summerlands.  It's short and easy (honest <G>)
  • Member Registration:  Here is the form that you fill out when you register to become a member of The Summerlands.  We've made it as painless as possible.  Please be sure to give an email address and let us know what your interests are so we can tailor future offerings of The Summerlands to match the interests of our members.
  • The Members' Entrance:  Members (those who have already registered and received their passwords) can enter through this gateway into the Members Only area.   It will take them to a detailed graphic map (for those enamoured of graphics) and also to a site map (for those who prefer something more streamlined) of all the possible places that they can go inside The Summerlands.  This was developed before the NavBar so it's kinda redundant, but some folks really liked it so we left it in.
  • The Summer Sun:  This is our E-zine/newsletter.  It is published 8 times a year at the Celtic Fire Festivals.   It has articles of interest and personal areas for our members.  You can also review back issues by going to the archives button.

THE SUMMERLANDS: This is our private members' only community. You must register and agree to abide by our terms and conditions prior to entering.  Membership is free but all contributions of time or money are accepted and appreciated.   Running a site this large and complex costs money, so every contribution of time or money helps... plus, we think that everyone in the community should contribute something toward it's upkeep.

We've also found that putting up a firewall and requiring a registration, tends to keep out those who would do "drive by" flamings and hit and run fundie attacks.  So what we have behind the firewall is an oasis of serenity and community in what could otherwise be a less than polite open, general internet community.

Once through the Members Arch, you will discover that there is much to see and do in The Summerlands.  We have approximately 18 sites currently up and another 5 to 10 planned for the future.   These sections have their own message boards where you can enjoy topics of discussion that are relevant to that site.  For instance, discuss the purchase of a loom and how to make soap at The Enchanted Hand Craft Guild, or discuss Ogham Divination with the Druids at An Daire Drai'ochta.  If you just want to hang out and relax with a pint and a pal, head for The Old Seaneachi Pub.

Each section has its own library.   Many of the sections have topic specific encyclopedias.  The Sanctuary and The Well of Slan have Prayer and Healing Requests books where you can post whatever your need is so that the community can assist you.

This should give you a bit of an overview of what to expect once you step through the archway.  If you have any questions about our site, please email us.  We'd love to hear from you.  Orrrrr.... leave your question or comment on the Bruidhean message board so that we can all join in the discussion.

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