While I understand that The Summerlands’ Membership median age in the 30-40+  age group, I have reviewed The Summerlands Celtic Pagan Online Community and found the materials presented therein to be acceptable for my minor teenager to become a member.

(At this time, The Summerlands is not set up to handle participation in discussions by children younger than 13. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.) 

Minor’s Name     
Minor’s Age          
Minor’s Birthday  

Please initial the following statements with which you agree.

BASIC MEMBERSHIP. These three items MUST be agreed to prior to the issuance of membership to a minor.

_____ I have read the "Terms and Conditions" of membership as stated on The Summerlands Membership Registration Form which is located on the Crossroads page and I agree to them.

_____ I agree to meet the financial obligations of membership for my minor child. (No membership charges currently exist though donations are appreciated. There are charges for books and classes that can be purchase in our Marketplace and Bookstore)

_____ I agree to hold harmless The Summerlands, Inc, Charles and Deborah DeVane (aka Searles and Deborah O’Dubhain) for any mishap or misadventure arising from my minor child’s involvement with this organization.

CLASSES AND SEMINARS. If neither of these items are checked, the default position of the Summerlands is to deny class participation to minors unless approved by the parents beforehand.

_____ I agree to let my child attend classes or seminars that are held by The Summerlands and agree to be financially responsible for the costs of said classes or seminars.

_____ I do not agree to let my child attend classes or seminars that are held by The Summerlands. He/she may be a member, but may not attend any event that requires additional funds above and beyond basic membership fees.

Please print out, sign and mail this Parental Permission form to:

The Summerlands, Inc.
7015 University Drive NW

PMB 106
Huntsville, Alabama, 35806
, America

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