In times past, families lived and died together. It was not unusual for the family cemetery to be out back somewhere behind the house .... or at the local church yard just down the road. It was a simple matter to go "visit," to leave a gift, light a candle, or just make a remembrance of some kind. Today, we live in a much different world. Many times people live far from their ancestral lands and families. Getting home to mark the passing of another year with flowers and candles on your family's, friends' and animal companion's graves is not always possible. In service to the members of our community, we have created The Garden of Avalon; where those of us who have loved ones on the other side of the veil, can leave their names, dates, and an epitaph on several different types of headstones or memorial markers. Throughout the year, especially at Samhain, members can leave remembrances and messages  when they need to talk to or about their loved ones on The Otherside of the Veil.  The Caretaker for The Garden of Avalon is Topaz Owl.