The Old Seannachí Pub

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Ahhhh ... you knew where there was a Celt there'd be a pub now, didn't you? <G> The Pub is located just south of the crossroads on The Great Southern Road. It is a proper old Irish community pub where you can go for a pint of Guinness, a game of darts with your mates, or even a bit of conversation on everything from Milton to the playoffs. It is a place where the Seanchaí sits in the corner spinning tales of times and heroes of long ago. Buy him a round and listen as he carries you away on the wings of finely crafted words to the ancient lands of Erie and Alba for a rollicking tale of daring-do and mythical saga or two.

Your hostess is ably assisted by Cybergecko, Rodney the Mouse and Killian the Spider.... not to mention the Brownies in the Kitchen and the Crane in the Closet.