This section started out with big designs and grandiose plans. Heck, we even had a fancy name - Temple of The Familiar Gods ... then the animals took over and it hasn't been the same since! <G> 

What other place can you go to see 'baby pictures' of anything with 4 legs, fur, feathers or fins?   They run amok and twist us around their little dewclaws ... and we love it.

We celebrate their lives, mourn their deaths, swap info about their health and ways to keep them healthy ... and even get around to some conversation about their Spirits and Them as Our Familiars (which was afterall the original reason for starting this section <G>)

If you are owned by a member of the animal kingdom, and want to come swap stories with the rest of us 'walking catfood canopeners', drop by and say howdy.  Put a few pics of your babies too.  We even have links to The Rainbow Bridge, which is an online pet cemetery where you can leave a memorial to your babies who have crossed the veil.

So, push them off the keyboard and out of your deskchair and come join us in The Temple of the Animals.  Your Bruidhaid is DebbieG.