The Tower Room

Designed to be a comfortable space to spend a cool evening or misty afternoon by a warm fire, the Tower Room is the heart, mind, and nerve center for The Summerlands. In other words, this is our head office as well as being our living room. This is where the community comes for the general information and news and when they arrive in The Summerlands. Searles and Deborah can usually be found here taking care of business. It is located just to the north of The Hill of Tara in the center of the map.

The Tower Room has many items of benefit to our members ... particularly our new members.  We've laid it out to be the first stop that you should make and where you come from time to time for updated information about Summerlands and her activities and people. 

In this section you will find:

  • The Message Board:  All notices, announcements and general information that is pertinent to the community is placed on this board.  Be sure to check it periodically, or better yet, subscribe to it.  This is one that we recommend ALL Summerlands members subscribe to so that you won't miss anything important that is going on.

  • The New Member Orientation:  This has pretty much all the information you need to understand how The Summerlands is set up, where everything is, how it works, and who to talk to if it doesn't.  This is your 'users manual' for the whole site and we really *highly recommend* this be one of your very first stops.  It will save you a lot of confusion and answer many of the questions you might have.

  • The Members' Directory:  We are currently beta-testing the software for the member directory, so keep in mind that this format will most probably change in the future.   The Member Directory is where you can place a profile of yourself, complete with a picture of you if you so choose, list your interests, and tell us something about yourself so that the other members of the community might get to know you better.  This is strictly voluntary.  It's something that is offered to aid the community not something that is required of the individual.

  • The Member Locator:  This is a tool that works hand in glove with the Member Directory for the same reason... to facilitate communication between members of the community.   This lists the country, state, city for all of our members, so that you can see if you have any members geographically near you.  Upon receiving email permission from the individual members, we also include their nickname, email, ICQ and/or whether they have a member directory profile.  Again, this is voluntary as to the listing of their nickname/email addy/ICQ#.

  • The Birthday and Anniversary Calendar: This calendar is the same software as our main calendar on the Crossroads, but this one lists people's birthdays, anniversaries and/or special events in their lives that they would like to share with us... such as a coming of age party or a croneing/sageing, of bridal/baby shower.  Each person puts their own information up on the calendar.  It's easy to do, just fill in the form and hit the button... and again.... you only share as much information with the community as you choose to do.

  • A Java Chat Room:  This is a Java script that allows you to link to our irc chat room over at StarLink.  We put this up as an 'emergency callbox' type of affair for when you can't get over to the irc via regular means (for whatever reason), or when you're first starting out and are trying to get your software configured right and need help.   This will get you there and then we can help 'pull you through' from the other side (so to speak).

  • Special Events Information:  Throughout the year(s), we will be having special events (both in cyber and terra space).  This is where information for those Gatherings and Events can be found, as well as Scrapbooks and memorabilia after the fact can be viewed.   In other words... The Family Album! <G>
    --  The Spring Gathering 1999 Scrapbook
    --  The Spring Gathering 2000 Information