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This is one of the greatest sites on the internet.  With the click of a button, you can literally put 1/4 of a cup of food in a starving person's hand.  I've looked into it extensively and it's for real.  Check it out for yourself. It only takes a second and you're literally saving someone's life.  Go there and make the click.  Add it to your favorites and make it your first stop when you log onto the internet daily.  A+++ site.

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To the Celts, family was the center of their entire society ... from the nuclear to the extended.   They knew how important it was and so do we... and much to our delight, so does a website called  They are an affiliate of and will provide you a 75 meg website for free, just so you can pull your family together for closer communication and interaction.  You get a message board, calendar, place for family photos, documents, stories, recipes and you can even upload your family tree so that everybody can work on it together.  It has an address book along with a place for interests and 'wish' lists.  And the calendar automatically sends out birthday, anniversary and special event reminders in plenty of time to get the card in the old snailmail or make the phone call.  This is one of the greatest tools I've ever found for strengthening the ties of your family.  Definitely Check it out.  A+++ site.


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6 Billion Human Beings

There are now 6 BILLION people on this planet of ours ... and it's getting more crowded by the second.   Overpopulation is one of the greatest problems facing us in this next century and one we must get a handle on if we ever hope to save the planet.

Along with Negative and Zero Population Growth sites, we highly recommend taking a tour through this interesting, informative site and learn about how the reproductive choices that everybody makes effects the quality of life on this planet for us all.

Zero Population Growth Negative Population Growth
Planned Parenthood National Organization of Women


Sierra Club Nature Conservancy
Earth First (website under construction) Green Peace
Sea Shepherd Society Earthship Global Housing Project


Amnesty International The Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders