Our Contributors' Sites

These are the wonderful people whose artwork and programming skills have added to our own to make The Summerlands the wonderful 'world' that we come home to every day.  Our acknowledgement and heartfelt thanks go out to the following folks.  Please visit their sites and employ their hard work in an honorable manner.

Also, if you see something up on our boards that is not credited or that you created and didn't give permission for us to use, please let me know.  We try really hard to be very careful and accurate in giving credit where credit is due, but sometimes we do make mistakes.  Let us know and we will gladly rectify the situation.   Thanks.

Our Graphic Artists

Courtney Davis

Courtney was gracious enough to allow us to use his Greenman for the entrance to An Daire Draiochta. 
Courtney's Website:
Courtney's email:  courtney@celtic-art.com
Erik Ehoff
Ambient Illusions
The beautiful entrance arch, inner archway, Summerlands Map and Tower room were all created by Erik Ehoff and his company Ambient Illusions. 
Erik's email is:  WE CANT FIND ERIK!!!  Erik if you're reading this, please get in touch and give us your new url and email addy!!!
Rowan Fairgrove
Conjure Works

Rowan is known far and wide for her great Celtic Graphics.   Many of the buttons and bars that you see on Summerlands, as well as the original anthromorphic graphics we used were hers.
Conjure Works: http://www.conjure.com/Icon/icons.html
Rowan's email: RowanF@CONJURE.COM
Cari Buziak
Aon Celtic Art Illustration

Cari's company Aon Celtic Art & Illusion is a marvelous place to go if you need custom celtic artwork (at great prices!)  She also does exquisite Celtic jewelry, artwork for teeshirts and is working with us on several different projects for the Hilmaine Marketplace.  Cari is responsible for the execution of our new Summerlands Stone Logo (isn't it gorgeous?) and the cover of Searles' book on Ogham.
Aon Celtic Art & Illusion:  http://www.aon-celtic.com
Cari's email: cari@aon-celtic.com

Our Programmers

Searles O'Dubhain The primary programmer for this whole web of sites and sections is Searles.  Without his love and dedication to this project we'd have never gotten it off the ground, nor kept improving it daily.  If you ever need an excellent web programmer... Searles gets my vote! <G>
Searles' email: searles@summerlands.com
Selena Sol Our beautiful calendar cgi is from Selena Sol's collection.   We think it's great.
Selena's website:  http://www.extropia.com
Selena's email:  selena@eff.org
Mike Bagneski This is some of the best message board software that we've ever seen.  And it's so darned reasonably priced that I don't know why everybody isn't using it!  The product's name is e_Board v3.0.
Mike's website: http://eboard.base.org
Mike's email:  e_chat@wipd.com
Vince Creazzo File Upload Software for our Libraries is File Uploader Pro © v3.0 and is sold by SPAds and Vince Creazzo.
Vince's website: http://www.spads.com
©SPAds Vince's contact form (with phone number):  ©SPAds Contact Form
The Folks at JPilot The Java Applet we use for IRC chats is purchased from Jpilot.
JPilot website: http://www.jpilot.com/

The Background and Button Folk

Borders by Silverhair Celtic Sets Index has some beautiful background and button sets.   They are the ones who provided the artwork for Aonach Ceilteach and Airmid's Apron
Silverhair's url is:  http://www.toolcity.net/~tshaw/main.htm
Comprehensive Background Texture Archives This is where we got that gorgeous roses background for the Women's Lodge and the dark green foliage for Airmid's Apron, and the adorable kittens in the Familiars section .... and Goddess alone knows what else we'll find there as time goes by <G>
CBTA's url is: http://www.grsites.com/textures/