Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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A ( aw ) ............................................. v áirne

abhainn - river

ábhar (ábhair) - student, subject, potential quality, fair portion

abú - interjection following proper name, loosely "hail forever"

achar feadha's feadh achair - (untranslatable: "duration/area of distance /duration and/is extent of extent" etc) - premise that 1) "time" is a "field" like space, not a "flow"; 2) distance and duration interact; 3) both time and space are "subjective"

ádh - "good luck" as either good dán or as indicated by líth

adhann - coltsfoot (v sponc)

ádhmharaighe - lit. "lucky injury", paradoxical serendepity, i.e. the wrong thing at the right time, something wherein an error produces a result better than planned,

áer - v aoir

aerach - gay (in both "happy" and "homosexual" senses)

aes dána - poets, harpers, artists as a social previlaged class

ag tosú - at (the) beginning

Agallamh - 1) dialogue; 2) v Acallam na Seanórach, a seanchas

agus araile (written "") - et cetera

aided - death tale, a major type of seanchas (v oidhe)

aigne - nind, basic dispositions, emotional outlook, basic inclinations (cf aireachtail. ciall, cuihmne, dúil, éirim, inchinn, intinn, meabhair, meanma, meon, mothú, smaoineamh, toil)

ail anscuichthe - "immovable (large) stone", validating testimony from a non-plant/animal/person

áilgeis - poet's right of (esp. derogatory or egotistical) demand (which must be granted as the force of geis)

aill - cliff

ailt - cliff bordered ravine

aimhleas - harmful path in life

aíocht - hospitality as a duty

airbhe - an encircling "hedge" which protects those inside and may be crossed but with il-effect on whom does so

aircheadal - set-piece poetry or chant

aireachtail - perception, sense (both physical and 6th), cf aigne

áireán - being nocturnal, night vigil, visiting at night.

airgead - 1) silver; 2) modern word for money

airmert - 1) preparation, equipment; 2) effort; 3) prohibative bríocht (not as strong as geis)

áirne - blackthorn, fiodh for letter A, associated with, among other things, quarrel, vigil

aisling (-í) - dream/trance vision much stronger more lucid than taibhreamh

aiteacht - sensation of thing or place being "not quite right" but not being able to tell why

aiteann - gorse

Aithirne - Ulster druid known for áilgeasa

aithriocht - shape-shifting, actual not mealladh (v athdholb)

aitire - hostage surety

Albu - 1) ársa: all of Britain; 2) modcern [Alba]: Scotland

Almu - dún of the fianna in n. Co. Kildare (cf Dún Aillinne)

altramas - fosterage between generations more important tnan blood-ties

amadán - fool (esp. one with briotais of getting others in trouble)

amhailt - 1) threatening phantom; 2) fomothú, etc., of threat

amhainseacht - paleo-shamanism, seizure trance

Amhairghin Glúingeal - first and greatest mortal poet-druid who challenged the Tuatha Dé Danann and called forth Ireland from behind the mists of invisibility; his name means: "Birth of Song, of the Bright Knees [= Generations]"; variant spellings include Aimhirgin, usually rendered in english as "Amergin" (v Duan Amhairghine)

Amhairghin mac Eicet - Ulster poet-druid

amhlaidh - thus, used as "go raibh amhlaaidh", "so be it", but not as a wish for something to occur but that the requirements have already been met and said conditions should continue as they are now (as mallacht it means "may you be stuck with this forever")

amhra - wonder, marvel, nobility, charm

amhrán - song

amú - 1) wasted, in vain; 2) astrray (as from Sídhe)

anáil - 1) breath; 2) strength; 3) (esp. verbal) influence

anam - soul (probably a loan-word, v bradán, brí)

anamimirce - transmigration of soul

anfa - tempest, storm (used of magic instead of the borrowed "stoirm")

ánradh - 6th (from bottom up) rank poet

ánruth v ánradh

aoir - bríocht satire, usually mallacht

aonarán - hermit, recluse (cf díthreabach)

aor - v aoir

aosán - neach Sídhe of il-intent

árach - 1) bond, security, linkage; 2) opening advantage, favorable opportunity; 3) "offer", solicitation to act a certain way to gain bua, v caoi

ard - high (often prefixed)

ard-draoi - arch-druid (a social position)

ardartha - salute to only extremely high authority, fists to forehead

ardfhile - high-poet, a social position

ardrí - high-king

ardtiarna - high lord, one of the ranking leaders, master adepts, etc., of the Tuatha Dé Danann or any neach Sídhe of equivelent nature (never used for any mortal)

arracht (-aí) - spectre, monster, (loose term, real or illusion)

ársa - ancient, archaic

ársachumadh - deliberate anacharicism or archaicization in seanchais

asarlaí - occultist, ritual magician

asarlaíocht - occultism, hermetics, ritual magic (cf piseogacht)

ascalt - 1) lack of food; 2) lower level of bua than required for a specific working

astaidhbhreacht - "reading" (in the clairoyant sense of an object)

athair thalún - yarrow

athdholb - shape-shifted form

athgabháil - allowable reprisal

athionchollú - reincarnation (not a regular feature of draíocht)

athmhothú - (act of switching) alternative states of consciousness

athshocrú - alternate arrangement (during smhoill, etc.)

audacht - (text) of learned reportage and advice (modern Irish "uacht" is "will, testament")