Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
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B ( bay............................................
v beith

badbh - 1) carrion-crow; 2) neach Sídhe of battle

bagair - threathen, beckon toward, chase away, threaten

bail - prosperity, validity

bain - extract, release, agitate, win, evoke, gain, begin, induce, remove, obtain, deprive, interfer with, stay, appease, control, relate

baint - v bain

baisleac - wisewoman, female folk-wizard, woman upthóg

bán - white, associated with emptiness, weakness (cf geal)

Banda - an alternate name for Ireland

bándhraíocht - "white druidism", i.e. fake druidism drained dry of genuine elements, or diluted of difficulty to be popular

bard (baird) -low class [non-druid] songster

bás - death (considered part of dán)

Beag mac Deadh - druid of Diarmaid mac Cearbhaill (qv)

béalaíocht - oral tradition (in general)

béalaithris - oral tradition, oral account

Bealtaine - quarter day beginning sunset 30th April, day of arrival of both mortals and TDD in Ireland

beannacht (-aí) - 1) with ar (beannacht ort): blessing; 2) with do (beannacht duit): greetings; (the word is, based on the double-n, not a Latin loan, but from "beann", "antler")

Beannú na déithe's n'aindhéithe ort - "The blessings of the gods and the non-gods upon you"

béarla - 1) english language (cf sasanaigh); 2) jargon, cant

beathnua - St John's wort

beirbhéine - vervain

beith - birch, fiodh for the letter B, associated with, among other things, beginning, cleansing

beo - person's life, physical incarnation

beo fada is bás in Éirinn - "Long life and may you die in Ireland!"

biáidh - blessing

bile (bilí) - any large, isolated sacred tree

bís - spiral

bliáin is lá - "a year and a day", a full 364-day solar cycle, Samhain, not part of the year proper, being the extra day

bó - cow, asssocaited with prosperity and female beauty

bobcheist - trick question

bochtóg - neach Sídhe associated with sea

bodhrán - 1) deaf person; 2) native Irish tambourine-like drum

bolg gréine - "sun bubble", magical growth on plants conferring insight when eaten

bolg is buinní - "bag and pipes" (píb uilleann, "Uillean pipes" is a modern borrowing, as is the instrument, but this term exists from pre-christian sourses, indicating an earlier form)

bonn (boinn) - sole (of foot), foothold, standing (in rank), foundation, footprint, spoor, coin, token, metal

bradán - 1) salmon (v eo fis); 2) life principle of individual

bran - raven

branán - raven

brandubh - board game, apparently simpler than fidcheall and/or involving lots

brat (brait) - cloak, for a druid always without hood, multi-coloured

breac - speckled, symbolizing magical power (either brí or bua)

breachsholas - twilight, the time of most powerful brí

breachtraíocht - (general term) magic (esp. folk-, herbal

breactradh - (geneal tern) magic, charms,

breitheamh - brehon

breithiúnais - Brehon Laws

brí - inherent/intrensic personal power set by dán (lit essence, vigour, significance), cannot be won or gained, only developed or allowed to atrope; cf bua

briathar - verb, word

bríathar - word, adage

briatharchath - egotistical laochas-like boast-speech before battle

brigh - v brí

bríocht (-aí) - spell, largely or fully verbal (the modern form of the word is spelt, and pronounced, with a short "i", briocht)

briocht - v bríocht

brionglóid - dream (general term)

briotais - inherent talent (in a specific thing)

brosna (-í) - withered branch ordead wood gathered by hand (i.e. not requiring permission of the tree or ritual)

brú - hostel, Sídhe-hill, esp. the latter (cf bruíon)

Brú na Bhóinne - Newgrange

bruane - fire-seed, embers from which other fires are lit

brugh - v brú

bruidhean - v bruíon

bruigh - v brú

bruíon - hostel, Sídhe-hill, esp. the former (cf brú)

brúthaoscadh - to drain pressure, loosen tightenness, psychically

bua - 1) gained or attained personal power, esp. in a given area (cf brí); 2) [usually as plural buatha:] actions which win or maintain bua v tairbhe); (lit. victory, merit, talent)

buachaitheamh - to "flare power", neutral samhlchaitheamh

buachloch - power-object

búad - v bua

buannaíocht - 1) boldness, presumption; 2) having or using briotais

buas - 1) spring (water); 2) wealth (specifically one's "store" of bua, but also of gold, property, etc)

buí - yellow, associated with thanksgiving and praise

bunchur - "let this happen" part of bríocht