Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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C ( kay ) ............................................ v coll

caerthann - v caorthann

cailleach - 1) hag (esp. as aithriocht of neach Sídhe); 2) precocious young girl

cáin - offical law, tax to rulers (as opposed to tradition or éiric)

caint (-eanna) - speech, ability to talk, discourse

cáinte - (esp. unjust) satirist

caitheamh - cast(ing) fiodhrádhm coins, etc. (lit. wear, use, consumption, )

cana - 1) cub, 2) 4th (from bottom up) rank poet

caoi - 1) way, path, manner; 2) opportunity; 3) proper condition; 4) thing solicited by árach

caoilíth - omen that what has been said or done is correct (cf líth, iúl, taispeáadh)

caoimneadh - keen, lament for dead

caor (-a) - berry, associated with health

caorthann - common name for luis

caorthann curraigh - valerian

cas - turn, wind, sing, return, reproach, attempt, meet

cath - battle

cathais - vigil

Cathbhadh - ard-draoi of Ulster, responsible for the curse on Emhain Macha, bound when he was lied to by the king

céadfa (-í) - bodily sense (or one of normal 5), normal perception/conception

céalmhaire - omen

cearc - hen

ceard - craft, skill, art

ceart tar críoch (also cert tar crích) - right of poets to cross all political borders with safety

ceas - 1) surfeit, excess; 2) woe, grief, debility, esp

long-lasting or repetititve, esp. as result of mallacht

céile - companion, spouse

céim - 1) step, rank; 2) pass (in mountains), ravine

ceo - 1) fog, mist; 2) anything, nothing

ceobhrán - haze, light mist

ceol - music

Cesair - v Lebor Gabála

ciall - sense. sanity, normal or habitual state of mind, faculty of logic, meaning; (cf aigne )

ciapóg - (magically induced) confusion or delusion

cinnbheart - head-dress, esp. feathered

cinniúint - 1) fate (general term, cf dán); 2) misfortune, tagedy

cinnte - certainly, surely

cion - 1) share, amount; 2) love, esteem; 3) offence, crime, blame

Cithruad - ard-draoi ríogaí of king Cormac who lost to Mogh Roith (qv)

ciúta (-í) - 1) quip; 2) flourish; 3) trick; 4) "extra decoration", stylistic addition in bríocht with no bua itself but used to help make it unique

claenmhíl - family totem

nascmhíl - animal to which a person's life is linked

beirmhíl - personal totem involving taking of name and geis against killing (additional) memebers of species

Claíomh Solais - Sword of Light

cláirseach - large (modern) harp, not a druid harp

clann - children, family, race, followers

clárú - 1) tablulation, listing (of kings, attributes, ); 2) to beat, flatten, ; 3) slang: fuck; 4) modern: to programme a computer

clé - left (hand)

cleachtadh (-aí) - 1) lesson; practice; 2) habitual wont; 3) practical experience

cleas - feat of prowess, "trick" (but not with the idea of skill, not cheating)

cleathainsí (pl.) - paraphernalia, odds and ends, personal belongings, (esp. minor) props and aids to magic

clí - 5th (from bottom up) rank poet

cliatha fis - "wattles of knowledge", wicker (esp. rowan) lattice sleeping-bag used for divination

cloch - stone (general term)

cloch iompaithe - turning stone. used esp. for mallacht

clog - 1) bell; 2) clock; 3) skin-blister

clós - henge, enclosure

clú - honour, fame (informal, cf eineach)

clúmh - feathers, down, body-hair, fur

cnáib - hemp, cannabis

cnó (-nna) - nut, associated with wisdom

cnoc (cnoic) - hill

cnúdánaí - 1) purring cat; 2) wheedler, pleasant hoaxer; 3) wannabe (person who likes druidism superficially but wants easy lessons)

cochall - cowl, cloak with hood, a non-druid cloak

coill - woods, forest

Coire Dagdae - Ever-full cauldron of plenty

coire éirme - cauldron of warming, lowest of 3 coirí filíochta (qv)

coire fhís - cauldron of knowledge, highest of 3 coirí filíochta (qv)

coire goir - cauldron of motion, middle of 3 coirí filíochta (qv)

coirí filíochta (pl) - 3 "cauldrons of poetry" within the poet/person, similar but not identical to kundalini chakras; each has 3 attitudes, giving 9 situational elements (qv naoi) and 7 states of the poet (qv seacht)

cóiriú - arranging (esp. the details), used of tuning a harp or "fiddling" with a bríocht with or without somhoill

coisc - v cosc

coitiantacht - 1) [without qualifying adjective:] the consensus commonality view of the world; 2) [with adjective] (esp, agreed upon or experienced in common) way of life and view of the world

coll - Hazel, fiodh of the letter C (always pronounced as "k"), associated with, among other things, poetry and the wilds; explicited stated as tree most favoured by Tuatha Dé Danann

Colmchille - druid-trained greatest native Irish christian saint

comhaltas - joint fosterage (modern word has many meanings)

comhartha - symbol, signal, gesture, token, sign, symptom

comhartha beann - sign of horns made with hand as protective gesture

comhfhearann - common ownership of land

cómhla (esp. cómhla breac) - gate (esp. to Otherworld)

comhnasc - joint linkage, binding two or more things equally together, with or without sárlán

comhtharlú - coincidence, esp. simultaneous (cf comhtheangmhas)

comhtheaghmas (rud) - conjuncture of things, entities in relationships

comhtheagmhas - coincidence, serial, across time/space (cf comhtharlú)

comóradh - assembly, celebration, accompaniment

cóngar - 1) proximity, vicinity; 2) convenient equipment, means/tools ready to hand (cf garmheas)

Conmaince Réin - mountain in Connacht, arrival site of Tuatha Dé Danann, identity uncertain, possibly Maol Réidh

Connacht - Connacht

contúirt - 1) doubt, danger; 2) place or interval of time (e.g. Samhain) of possible, not fated, danger; 3) a dangerous technique

cor - turn, whirlwind, spinning-in-place, reel, pledge, exhausion, agreement

corr - point, edge, hollow, pit, crane (bird), eel, odd (i.e

not even), curve

corrbolg - "crane bag", magical treasure bag

corrguineacht - "crane magic", bríocht, esp. mallacht, on one foot, one eye closed, one hand in belt

cosc - defence, protection, prevention, restrain

cráin - sow

crainnchaint - communicating with live trees

crann (crainn) - 1) tree ( v bile); the three most important trees are luis, iúr, and coll (qv); 2) pole, shaft, wooden frame, penis, full growth, best part, misfortune, attitude, important person, fate, tune, offer,

crannchur - 1) ársa: casting of lots, not limited to fiodhrádh; 2) modern: lottery, sweepstake

crannóg - artifical island dwelling

cré-umha - bronze

creadair - relic, power object

creideamh - (esp. non-druid) belief, faith

crios (-anna) - 1) (Irish woven) belt; 2) zone around a person, thing, place, under its influence; 3) encircling protective ward

Cromm Croich - god of non-druid pagan religious cult in ancient Ireland

Cromm Dubh - v Cromm Croich

crot - v cruit

Crúachán Aí - pagan socio-political capital of Connacht

Cruachán Aigle - former pagan name of Cruach Pádraig

cruit - the smaller, druidily proper, form of harp (whether the original druid cruit was harp- or lyre-like is disputed, but the basic three-wood body and that Uaithne (qv) is also an old word for "pillar" would argue for a harp-like instrument

cruitire - harper, i.e. a music-wizard, druid

cruitt - v cruitire

cruthú - to create and prove true, cf fíorú

cú - hound

Cú Roí (Cú Rói) - druid-king of Munster (only king of a province to be also a druid) whose totem was a salmon

cuaifeach - whirlwind

cuairt coimhgí - circle of safe-keepings

cúig - five, number of general total, fullness, or completion (cf naoi)

cúige - lit. "fifth", province

cuileann - common name of tinne

cuir - bind, sow, bury, set, put, seek, consider, send, engage, take, give, provide, deprive,

cumang - v cumhacht

cumha - nostalgia, home-sickness, esp. for ideal, what one never knew one had until after one lost it

cumhacht - power, authority, influence,

cur - v cuir

curadmhír - v laochmhír