Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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F ( ehf ) ............................................ v fearn

fabht - (esp. hidden) defect, basic flaw, unsoundness at core (cf éalang, locht)

fach - challenge, declaration of foe-ship

fáidh - 1) divinator; 2) wiseman

fail - ring, bracelet, enclosure (v fál)

fáilte - welcome, happiness

fáinne - (finger) ring, v mionnfháinne

faire (-í) - 1) ward to guard against; 2) funeral wake

faisnéis - eye-witness testimony

fáistine - divination

fáith - prophet

fál - 1) hedge, fence, barrier (of protection, - v airbe); 2) Ireland

farc (-a) - ward to restrain, including to bar entrance

Farraige, talamh, is spéir. - Sea, earth, and sky (variants include "muir" for "farraige" and "neamh" for "spéir", v Thríbhís Mhór)

fásach - 1) maxim, precedent; 2) wilderness

fáthlia - herbal doctor

feá - common name of páigh

fealmas (-a) - slight-of-hand, placebo

fearb - blemish caused by aoir

fearn - alder, fiodh for the letter F, associated with, among other things, shields, hearth, luxury

fearnóg - common name for fearn

fearr fear a chineadh - "a man is better than his birth", maxim that anyone may rise as his skill allows

méarsmeach (-anna) - "finger-flick" used as warding

feart - 1) miracle, wonderous event; 2) (esp passage) tomb

féath fíadha - magical mists of invisibility

feathal - 1) emblem, distinquishing feature; 2) mask

féige - roof-tree, lintel (touched during blessing on all within when entering a dwelling)

feilmhleas - clairoyant charm (general term)

féineas - selfhood

feis - 1) festival; 2) sexual intercourse

feoras - common name of meol

fia - deer

fiach dubh - raven, lit. "dark hunting"

fiadhrádh - (a pun on/for fiodhrádh meaning "esteemed utterance")

fianna (plural) - band of warrior allowable-outlaws sworn to protect society but independent of it

Fiannaíocht - seanchais of Fionn, Oisín, and the Fianna

fidcheall - lit. "wooden sense", 1) ársa: a non-chess non-lots board game; 2) modern: chess

file (filí) - poet. i.e. word-wizard, druid

filideacht - v filíocht

filíocht - poetry, i.e. verbal magic

fine - (often greatly) extended family group

fiodh (-aí) - a single element of the fiodhrádh

fiodhlann (-a) - a fiodh-piece used in casting

fiodhrádh - lit. "wooden utterance", the druidic system of&127 divination by means of tree-letter-names

Fionn Éiceas - druid who taught Fionn mac Cumhaill

Fionn mac Cumhaill (there are variant spellings) - leader of fianna with some druid training

fiontar - adventure, risk, jeopardy, enterprise

fíor - 1) figure, shape, image, symbol; 2) truth, pledge; cf fírinne

fíorainm (-ainmneacha or ársa: -anmann) - "true name", binding name

Fíorcheann - "True-Head", Malen Head, the norther-nmost point of Ireland

fíordhraoi - v draoi allta

fíorú - to symbolize and verify, cf cruthú

fiosaíocht - parapsychics (modern tern)

fiothnais - feat of harmful magic

Fir Bolg - earlier sibling race of Tuatha Dé Danann (qv)

fir fer - combat code requiring, among other things, due notice and equalisation of weapons

fírinne - truth(fulness), more abstract or impersonal than fíor (qv)

fiurt - feat of magic, esp. showy or beneficial

flaith - 1) sovereignty; 2) prince

fleá - feast (cf feis)

flead - v fleá

fleasc - wand (esp. of coll)

focail bána - 1) "white words", words empty of truth and/or bua; 2) Latin

focal (focail) - word, pledge

fochlac - 1) sapling; 2) 1st (lowest) rank poet

foclóir - dictionary

Fódla - Ireland

fógairt (-gartha) - 1) proclamation; 2) ward to compel, esp expell

fogla dílsi - allowable plunder

fóidín mearaí - lit. "little sod of confusion", place where directions are false, deliberate pit-fall, intentional misinformation (may be actual physical place - cf frithbhuachán, or more general)

foirteagal - binding by names or words of power

foladh (folaí) - essence, meaning, wealth, benefit, "claim to fame"

Fomoirí - foreign enemies of Tuatha Dé Danann

forchoiméad - ward (esp. to preserve, maintain, etc.)

formhothú - lit."over-sensation"; extension of (esp. bodily) perception beyond limits of body-skin, with/without iarrairdeall (qv)

fortach - oath or bríocht that overrides or supersedes another

foscéal - 1) minor seanchas, or aside-seanchas within longer&127 one; 2) by extention of above: minor matter or event

frithbheart - imcompatable element, contradiction

frithbhuachán - a place or thing which drains bua or assaults brí, may or may not be individually specific (cf dlaoi fulla)

frithchosúlacht - paradox

fuath - 1) phantom; 2) hatred; 3) shape, form; 4) nightshade

fuinseog - common name of nion