Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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G ( gay ) ............................................ v giúis

gá - need, requirement;cf gáu

gabhlairdeall - "forked attention", division of consciousness, esp. during somhoill

gad - marker attached to object as evidence of claim

gaeilge - the Irish language thecorrect english is "Irish"; while "Gaelic" includes Scots and Manx)

gaeilgeoireacht - (act or study of) speaking Irish

gáeth - v gaoth

gall (gaill) - person of foreign affinity

gallán - standing stone

gaol (-ta) - person of kindered affinity

gaoth - 1) wind; 2) estuary; 3) wise

garmheas - convenient judgement, approximate opinion, pragmatic (but not exact) estimation, temperary "make-do" technique (cf cóngar)

garrán - grove

gáu - 1) injustice; 2) falsehood

geal - bright, pure

gealach - moon

geantraí - harp strain to (magically) induce laughter

geasán - mini-geas, esp. self-imposed, to perform only once

geilt (-e) - madman living in wilds, shunning others, with shaman-like magical powers (cf díthreabhach)

geis (geasa) - magically bound injuncture or duty, individual and contextual, having force of dán, explicitedly not a taboo since many geasa required the person bound to perform, not avoid, the required activity

giorria - hare

giúis - pine, fiodh for the letter G, associated with, among other things, social-responsibity, valour

glám díceann - short exhibitionistic (magical) satire

gléas - arrangement, means, facilities, instrument, tool, dress, preparation.&127

gnách - mundane, common

gnáth - customary thing or action

go gcumhdaí is dtreoraí na déithe thú - "May the gods guard and guide you"

goirmín - woad

goltraí - harp strain to (magically) induce weeping

gorm - blue, associated with protection and magic

Greallach Dallaid - Mire of Blindness, hidden sanctuary

gréasán - 1) web, network; 2) tangle, complicatiom; 3) (esp

single) knotwork or spiral motif

grian - sun

grianchloch - "sun-stone" (quartz)

grinnaitint - lit."discerning recognition": 1) recognition of thing's or event's truth nature; 2) directed perception to (attempt to) obtain the first

grinnthoil - lit. "lucid intent"; directed consciousness to influence event, thing, or person, with or without communication of data

gruagach - "hairy-head", magical being in (esp. human) disquise, used sarcastically of would-be wizard

gruaim - despond, dejection, self-pity

gúbreatha - false judgement, v gáu