Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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I ( ee ) ............................................. v iúr

iallach (-aigh) - bríocht of restraint or compulsion

iarlais - changling

iarrairdeall - lit. "solicitous attention"; blank-mind receptiveness

idircheo - area of overlapping liminality between an Domhan-so and an Saol Eile. (lit. between-mist)

idirchian - far distant time or place (lit. between-length)

idirchrios - transitional area (lit. between-belt)

ilchiallú - pun, doubled entrendre, i.e. in bríocht a "sea-horse" is valid as a "horse"

ildathach - multicoloured, breac

iloireadas - non-concurrentness of geography and time between the worlds

ilsaoltactaíocht - (practice of) multiplicity of realities

imbas - v iombhas

Imbolg - high day that begins sunset 31st January

immram - wonder voyage (late borrowing)

Inbhear Scéine - Kenmare estuary, place of mortal's first arrival in Ireland

inchinn - brain (cf aigne )

intinn - nind, intent, purpose, will, "bent" as basic mental characteristics (cf aigne )

íocluibh - healing herb (general term)

iodh - (esp. neck) ring (not open over throat, cf torc)

iomarbhá - contention (usually used for róe [qv] of poets, )

iomarta - magical influence, not direct bríocht

iomartas (-ais) - magical influence

iomas - poetic intuition or inspiration (cf éicse; poc, síúlacht, túras)

iombhas - poetic knowledge won or attained

iombhas forosna - a much disputed technique of trance using or gaining iombhas with which to prophesize

iompóchur - bríocht to reverse, reflect, "boomerang" ward

iris - 1) credo; 2) journal; 3) tryst; 4) contract; 5) texts

iúl - 1) knowledge, expression; 2) guidance, direction; 3) attention; 4) an (esp. seemingly minor) event that solicits a responce or indicates a course of action (v scruth bhua, cf caoilíth, taispeánadh)

iúr - Yew, fiodh of letter I, associated with, among other things, death and immortality, primordiality, adytum; tree from which all others sprouted