Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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L ( ehl ) ............................................ v luis

lád - watercourse

Laighean - Leinster

laochas - valour, pride, heroism, boastfulness, bravado

láthair - 1) site, loction; 2) presence (of person, ), present place and/or time

láthar - strength, vigour

leabhar (-air) - 1) book (a Latin loan-word); 2) a collection&127 of seanchais, among the most important of which include: Leabhar Buí Leacáin, L. Laighneach, L. Leasca Mhóir, and L. na hUidhre

leac - (esp. door, flat or horizontal) stone

leacht - 1) grave; 2) cairn

leannán - 1) lover (human, but specific term for of Sídhe); 2) chronic affliction, failing (character weakness)

leapaidh lánlaidhí - lit. "harbourage of complete attentions"; (esp. secure or powerful) mind-set (to do bríocht or in meditation)

léargas - insight, non- (or very light) trance vision, psychic sight

léaspáin - dancing coloured lights (mealladh, cf méarnáil)

leathdhraíocht - "half-a-druidism" with some genuine, but many foreign elements

Lebor Gabála, an - "The Book of Invasions", seanchas (not an actual "leabhar" of the invasions of Ireland; the first three invasions (i.e. Cesair, Partholón, Nemed) of which are interpolations added by later christian scribes to bring it in line with church and Classical references

leid - hint, clue, pointer

leigheas - healing

léim thar - v ling thar

léine - long shirt, tunic, vest

léirmheas (eannna) - review (of books), critical complete assement

lia - 1) standing stone; 2) physician

Lia Fáil - stone that sang when the true king stood on it (definitely not the one so-called now)

liag - (esp. ornamented standing) stone

liathlus - mugwort

ling thar tine cnámh - leap over the bonfire, to be "cooked", i.e. reaffirm social membership (cf níghe)

líonadh - 1) flood tide; 2) waxing moon

lionn iomhais - drink granting magical insight

lios - 1) enclosed space); 2) cnoc Sídhe; 3) halo around moon

líth (líotha) - good omen indicating the day upon which it occurs is beneficial (cf caoilíth)

loachmhír - hero's portion at a feast

Lochcrú and Lucetmael - draoithe ríogaí Teamhrach at the coming of Pádraig, the first Pádraig, the latter lost a magical battle to him by being ineptly inable to perform feats which other druids handled with ease.&127

locht - flaw, limiting defect, slip-up (cf éalang, fabht)

lodairne - badly spun yarn, scraggy weaving (poorly composed bríocht)

Lúachrán (also Lúachair) - pagan capital of Munster, exact location unknown, somewhere in Co. Kerry or s.w. Co. Limertick

lúan láith - halo-like radiance around head of person in ríastrad

Lucetmail - v Lochrú

Lugbrann - 6th century (i.e. christian times) druid

Lughnasa - quarter day beginning sunset 31 July

luibh (-eanna) - herb

luibhlia - herbalist

luis - the magical name of Rowan, the fiodh for letter L, associated with, among other things, protection, investiture, and rejuvination; most important tree of (human) druids; (the American mountain-ash does not qualify as a true Rowan, which must have a hairy bud-head)

lus (-anna) - herb

lusca - man-made cave, crypt