Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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M ( ehm ) ............................................ v meol

mac fuirmhidh - 2nd (from bottom up) rank poet

macgnímrada - youthful deeds; a major type of seanchas

machnamh - meditation, contemplation

mael - term for possible druid tonsure, contended by some to be shorn ear to ear with tuft in front

Mag Sleacht - the centre of the Cromm Croich (qv) cult

Maigh Tuireadh - 1) First Battle of, Co. Galway between Tuatha Dé Danann and Firbolg; 2) Second Battle of, Co. Sligo between TTD and Fomoire; (Tuatha Dé Danann victorious in both)

mála cruite - harp-bag, for a master harper (only), of 3 lawyers: otter-skin, white-speckled kid-goat-skin, (around only the strings:) white linen

mála éithigh - "bag of false witness", bag from which lots are drawn

mallacht (-aí) - curse

mana - omen

marana - contemplation (esp. verbal)

Marbán - a swineherd who rosero ardfhile of Ireland (qv fearr fear)

Marcaigh Móra Géala - "Great Bright Riders", Slua Sídhe

meá - 1) mead; 2) balance-scales, weight, measure; 3) fishing-ground; (to avoid confusion, v miodh)

meabhair - intellect(ual consciousness), rational sense, memory, conscious awareness of ideas (cf aigne )

mealladh (mealtaí) - glamour, magically-induced illusion

meanma - thought, attention, orientation of thought, morale (cf aigne)

méarnáil - phosphorescent light of (usually lesser) Sídhe

mearú - hallucination, bewilderment, insanity, insane craving

méirín púca - foxglove (one of many names)

meol - spindle, fiodh for the letter M, associated with, among other things, industry, ostentation

meon - temperment, character, whims and fancies (cf aigne )

Mí - v Mídhe

Mídhe - Meath

Míl - first human inhabitants of Ireland (usually fir Mhíle)

millteoracht - magical attack

miodh - mead (older form, v meá)

seinm - playing (music), proclamation

mionaire - lit. fine(small) attention; perception inwhich data are distinct, events staccato, time contracted (cf nascaire)

mionn (-a) - 1) regalia; 2) oath; 3) relic

mionnfháinne - finger-ring as "badge of office", a king's worn on the right thumb; a druid's on either middle-finger

Mogh Ruith - "wild" one-eyed poet-druid (v draoi allta), greatest druid after Amhairghin (qv), who with a few apprentices battled the combined forces of the arch-druid and all the court druids of Ireland and their Sídhe allies, and won

móideacht - voltive offering

molaim thú - "I praise you" given to trees, lesser Sídhe, (i.e. not generally to average humans)

moltaí - praises

mórchúis - false self-importance

mothú - sentience, sensory awareness, self-awareness, consciousness (cf aigne )

mothú amhra méadú meabhraithe - very roughly , "a feeling for marvels is an expansion of awareness"

muir - v farraige

Mumhan - Munster

Mumu - v Mumahn