Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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N ( ehn ) ............................................ v nion

namhaid (naimhde) - enemy

naofa - sacred (adj.)

naoi - nine, number of gestalten, inherent completion and return

naomh - lit. "ninefold-one", sacred (person or thing)

naomhaidhe - ninefold of days, esp. the period afterwhich danger has passed

naonúr - a ninefold of persons

Naoú Tonn, an - The Ninth Wave (of Eternal Return)

nasc - binding (one thing to another), link

nascaire - lit. "link-attention"; state of perception inwhich data are patterned, events flow, time expands (cf mionaire)

nath (-a) - cant-word, (as plural) skill in adages

nathair (nathracha) - snake

neach - being, person, irregardless of sex, used as "neach Sídhe"

néaladóireacht - 1) divination by clouds; 2) furtively spying

néallta fola - "Clouds of Blood", invocation of slaughter

neamh - v farraige

neamhshaolta - "otherworldly", magically intrusive into the mundane, used only as adjective/adverb, generally with or without explicitly intending an Saol Eile

neart - power, strength, both physically and magically

Neart inár lámha, fírinne ar ár dteanga, glaine inár gcroí. - "strength in our arms, truth on our tongue, clarity in our heart", definition of fianna honour (several minor variants exist)

Néide - youth who contested in iomarbhá to claim the supremacy of poet-druids of Ulster (qv Immacallam)

neidín - "little nest", a power-spot of rest or general safety

neimheadh - 1) outdoor sanctuary; 2) more loosely, any person, thing inviolable as sacred

Nemed - v Lebor Gabála

ní hanasa - "Not difficult", a standard beginning to answering a question requiring expert knowledge

ní heisce gan ríga gúasacht báis - maxim that a king (or any political leader) must always occupy the position of greatest danger in any battle inwhich his people take part

níghe - washing, ritually done already regalia'd, not as cleansing, but as "crossing" into ritual space (cf ling thar tine cnámh)

nion - ash-tree, fiodh for the letter N, associated with, among other things, battle, asceticism, prudence

nuáil - (generally acceptable) innovation