Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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O ( oh ) ............................................. v omhna

ócaire (-í) - lowest grade of freeman without major skills, layman

óenach - (esp. quarter year) assembly

ogham - a Latin based rune-like alphabet of foreign origin

Oíche Samhna - Samhain (qv) Night

oidhe - doom, violent death (of an individual)

Oisín - poet, last of fianna

ollamh - master, 7th rank (top) poet

omhna - sessile-Oak (only), fiodh for the letter O, associated with, among other things, law, duty, honesty

ór - gold

ortha (-í) - charm, physical not verbal, or cliché verbal

orthrus (usual form of complete folog n-orthrusa) - sick-maintenance, right of everyone to medical care (the longer term refers more specifically to long-term care)