Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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P ( pay ) ............................................ v páigh

Pádraig - Welsh evangelist

páigh - beech, fiodh for letter P, associated with, among other things, potency, thanksgiving

Partholón - v Lebor Gabála

péist - 1) modern: worm, vermin; 2) ársa: monster, often but not always in the form of an eel (not a snake)

píb uilleann - v bolg is buinní

piseog - witch (in the general sense, but in tradition and association suitable to include followers of Wicca)

piseogacht - general earth (not hermetic) pagan magic, witchcraft (cf asarlaíocht)

poc - 1) fairy stroke, sudden seizure, faint; 2) sudden disquieting intuition (cf síúlacht, túras); 3) buck (deer, goat)

pocmhothú - sudden non-premeditated athmhothú (qv)

púca - neach Sídhe of wildwood (the horse-creature is likely a Norse borrowing/extension)