Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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S ( ehs ) ............................................ v sail

sáebmhillteacht - illusionary destruction

sagart - (christian or non-druid) priest

saigheán - sudden blast of wind or flash of light

sail - willow, fiodh for the letter S, associated with, among other things, separation, proxy

saileach - common name for sail, willow (as a herb)

sainaicme - demonination, caste, sect

samhail - 1) semblence, likeness, metaphor; 2) model; 3) spectre (esp. mealladh)

Samhain (gen. Samhna) - year turning, extra night-and-day beginning sunset 31 October (the setting of the actual date esp

due to calendar change reflects that this is a psycho-ritual and not an astronomical date

samhlchaiteamh - image-wearing/throwing to solicit response

saoi - sage (person)

saoithoúlacht - 1) wisdom, intellectual accomplishment; 2) humour, mirth; 3) oddness

saol - world, life, existance in time and space, state of affairs, sphere of influence, totality of conditions,

Saol Eile, an - the Otherworld (used loosely in modern Irish to indicate death or Heaven/Hell)

saoltacht - reality, manner of the world

sárlán - "exceeding full", gestalt

sasanaigh - english (people, cf béarla)

sauntraí - harp strain to (magically) induce sleep

scáil - shadow, reflection, darkness, gleam, brillance

scál - 1) phantom; 2) hero, (cf scáil)

scalach - sudden violent gust of wind or chop of waves

scáth - shadow, covering, protection, phanthom

Scáthach - woman warrior-druid living in Albu

sceach - common name of uath

scéal (-ta) - story, not neccessarily seanchas

sciath - shield

sciotán - sudden drastic unexpected change

scorán - "toggle/tally", trigger of a réamhfhuireach

scrothaíocht - limits of ad lib improvisation within a bríocht which cannot be exceeded

seabhac - hawk

seachrán - going astray, error, delusion, distraction

seacht - seven, number of ordered hierachies.&127

séad - 1) journey, pathway; 2) gem, jewel, treasure

seaghdhaí sheanfhocail - the excellence of ancient word

séan (-a) - omen of good luck; 2) good luck charm; 3) treasured person or thing

sean-nós (-anna) - traditional custom, ancient way

seanchaí - teller of seanchais

seanchas (-ais) - ancient lore-tale (only a few of the most important are listed by title in this foclóir)

seandálaíocht - archaeology

seanfhocal - proverb

seanghaeilge - Old Irish

séansaí - double, sending, apparition of person physically elsewhere

serglige - wasting sickness caused by magic

sí - v Sídhe

Sí an Bhrú - v Brú na Bhóinne

siabhradh - being (esp. minorly) effected by the Sídhe

siabhrán - minor delusion or confusion caused by the Sídhe

sián - cnoc Sídhe

sian - whistle, indistinct scream or voice (esp. of the Sídhe)

Sídhe - 1) magical beings (general term as collective plural, v neach); 2) "fairy-hill", place of permanent overlap of worlds

síofa - (esp. minor) neach Sídhe

síofróg - (esp. female minor) neach Sídhe

síofrógacht - magical dealings with (usually the lesser) Sídhe

sióg - neach Sídhe

síogaí - (esp. minor) neach Sídhe

síon - (esp. sudden change to) stormy weather

síor- - prefix: eternal

Sithcheann - one of few smiths to also be a druid

síúlacht - 1) feeling of being magically influenced, not necessarily by bríocht; 2) spontaneously magic insight (esp

given by procceeding (cf iomas, poc, túras); 3) state of being fey

sláinte - health, welfare

slaitín - wand

slán - health, wholeness, security

slat - staff

Sleá Bua - Spear of Victory

slí - way, path in life, passage, journey, road, room to proceed, correct course of action, means, method, manner, appropriateness, direction, space allowed for,

slógad - v slua

Slua Sídhe - hosting (mobile assembly) of Sídhe

smaoineamh - thought, consideration, thinking-about (cf aigne )

snag breac - magpie

sochastacht - "happy intricacy', love of complexity as symbolic of energy, the flux and flow of the worlds intertwined

soeis - turn, transformation, winning

soilsiú - illumination, brightening, enlightment (as in Zen )

soineann - calm fair weather

soiscéal - gospel, gossip, sermon. propaganda

somhoill - suspension of bríocht in stasis to adjust details requiring gabhlairdeall

sonraí - details

spéir - v farraige

sponc - coltsfoot (v adhann)

sruth bhua - current or flow of bua (v iúl)