Foclóir Draíochta - Dictionary of Druidism

2nd Edition
le Seán ó Tuathail
copyright 1993 John Kellnhauser / Cainteanna na Luise
Plurals follow nouns in ()s
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T ( tay ) ............................................ v tinne

tagairtí - references

taibhreamh - dream (esp. clairoyant; cf ailsing)

taibhse - ghost

Tailltiú - hill n.e. of Teamhair site of last decisive battle between mortals and Tuatha Dé Danann

táin (tána) - cattle raid; a major type of seanchas

tairbhe - 1) benefit, profit, usefulness, concern; 2) place, activity, or object that is condictive to gaining bua or developing brí, may or may not be individually specific

tairbhfeis - divination to choose new king

taircheadal - (esp. verbal) prophesy

tairngire - 1) prophet (person); 2) promise (thing) 3) precocious child

tairngreacht - prophecy

taise - 1) wraith, spirit-double; 2) relic; 3) ruins (esp. of sacred place); 4) sudden swoon, faint

taispeánadh - 1) apparition (person or thing); 2) demonstration, revelation (esp. as a major iúl) cf caoilíth

talamh - v Farraige

Tálcheann - "Adze-head", a druid epithet for Saint Patrick

támas - indistinct trance viion

támhnéal - trance in general

taoiseach - 1) petty (cattle) lord, much lower than tiarna; 2) modern usage for the Prime Minister of Ireland

tarbh - bull

teachtaire - herald, messenger

téagar - 1) substance, solidness, robustness, stoutness; 2) shelter, warmth, comfort, beloved

teagasc (-a) - 1) instruction; 2) doctrine, texts; 3) rote bríocht [only last use is derogatory]

Teamhair (Teamhair Mhór, T. na Rí, T. Bhreac, 7r; gen

Teamhrach) - "Tara", most important socio-political sacred site of pagan Ireland under both mortals and the Tuatha Dé Danann, n.e

of Dublin

Teamhair Lúachra - v Lúachrán

teanga - 1) tongue; 2) language

teannáil - beacon fire

teannfhocal - emphatic statement, assertion (esp. of disputed matter)

tearmann - 1) sanctuary; 2) protection (of one person over another)

teine - v tine

teinm laída - divination by chewing on raw meat

teir (-eanna) - bad omen

Thríbhís Mhór, an - The Great Triscele (Sea, Earth, and Sky), whose binding (which is indivisble and may never be broken down to three separate parts) insures the integrity of the cosmos; as an individual binding it ensures slán, and as the penalty for breaking of a geis acts as a whole (the sea rise to drown you, the earth open to swallow you, the sky fall to crush you - v tríbhás)

Tí na n-óg - v Saol Eile

tiarna (-í) - lord (esp. a major neach Sídhe; generally inappropriate for a mortal, execpt perhaps Amhairghin)

timpán - v tiompan

tine - fire (v ling thar tine cnámh)

tine chnámh - bonfire

tinne - holly, fiodh for the letter T, associated with, among other things, conjolery, trickery, brazenness

tiompán - 1) modern term: drum; 2) ársa: stringed instrument like lyre or harp; 3) tambourine

tiontú - 1) turning (of tide, sid, ); 2) annulment (of law, ); 3) (re-)conversion (in religion, politics, ); 4) translation (of words)

Tír Ildáthach - "Many-Coloured Land", an Saol Eile

Tír na Marbh - Land of the Dead

Tlachtga - hill n.w. of Teamhair, site of the bruane Samhna

tobar - well (water)

toghairm (-í) - summoning invocation

togharmach - conjurer, spiritist

toil - will, consent, intent, mental preference (cf aigne )

toinéal - trance (esp. immobile without outside originating visions)

toit - smoke

toitriú - 1) fumigation; 2) using enpowered smoke-mixtures

Tongu fona déibh (Tuingim fom dhéibh, Toingim dom déibh, ) - "I swear by (the/my) gods"

tonn - wave

tonnchaint - communicating with (esp sea) waves (usually from shore)

torann - a sudden loud noise (such as thunder, )

torc - 1) neck ring open over throat (cf iodh); 2) wild boar

toríocht - pursuit, hunt; a major type of senachas

tórramh - 1) funeral wake; 2) harvest-home, crop-gathering

trághadh - 1) ebb tide; 2) waning moon

tré (-anna) - triad, three-fold (except of persons)

treá - trident, threefold bunchur

tréadhacht - threefold sárlán

tréadhanas - threefold of days

tréan - "thrice richness", 1) champion(ship); 2) strength, intensity; 3) ability; 4) plenty, abundance

trí - three, number of binding

tríbhás - triple death, death by three simultaneous means

tríbhís - triscele

tríchos - triscele

tríchur - "three times (by three times)"

trífháth - three causes why something happens (v tríbhás), or reasons to do something

triúr - threefold of persons

Troid ar an bhFarraige, an - The Battle Against The Sea, symbolic that magnificent failure is perferable to prosaic success, and that the means take priority over the end

trom - common name of ruis

troscadh - fasting, not as austerity but as protest

trú - person fated to die soon

tuar (-tha) - omen, good or bad

tuath - 1) tribe; 2) countryside

Tuatha Dé Danann - the "gods" (actually elder magical race) of Ireland; the name probably does NOT refer to Danu but to dán

tuathal - 1) pagan (the native Irish term, several other Latin loan words are in modern usage); 2) counter-clockwise, to bind, return to sourse, secure, close, invoke inward (cf deiseal); modernly under christianity the word means "wrong way"

túis - incense

túras (-a) - precognitive or clairoyant intuition (cf poc, síúlacht, iomas)

turas - pilgramage