Encyclopedia of the Celts
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Alternate Spelling
Through all the sources consulted in the making of this encyclopedia, there does not seem to be a standard spelling for the names of people, places and events in Celtic myth and history, which, considering time and localities where this information was written down, is not only a perfectly natural function but an inevitability. In this work, however, the editor has tried to list several alternative spellings to frequently used names and terms. Below you will find a collection of some of these names. We must emphasize that the alternate spelling form is by no means less correct than the chosen spelling. Alternate spellings are presented here to clarify some of the confusion caused by varient spellings of people, place, and event names.
Ailill Ailell
Amathaon Amatheon
Amergin Amhairghin
Angus Og Oengus
Ard Macha Armagh
Arianrhod Aranrhod - Arianrod
Beltaine Beltane
Blanaid Blathnat
Blodeuwedd Blodeuedd
Boanna Boyne (the River)
Bran the Blessed Bendigeid Vran
Breunis Saunce Pyt Breuse Sans Pitie
Bricriu Nemthenga Bricriu of the Poison Tongue
Brighid Brigit - Brigid - Bride
Bugs Bug-A-Boos - Boggle-Boos - Bugbears
Cailleach Beare Cailleach Bera - Cailleach Bheur
Cathbad Cathub
Celidon Celidoine - Cellydon - Cat Coin Celidon
Celtchar Celtchair
Children of Lir Children of Llyr
Cluricaune Cluracan
Conall Cernach Conall of the Victories
Conchobar Conchobur
Connla Conlaoch
Craftiny Craiftine
Credne Credn
Crundchu Crun nchu Mac Agnoman
CuChulain Cu Chulain - Cu Chulainn - C Chulaind
Culhwch Kilhwch
Cundrie Kundrie
Dagda Dagdae Dana - Danu
Deirdre Deirdriu - Derdriu
Dermot Mackerval Diarmuid mac Cearbhaill
Dermot of the Love Spot Dermot O'Dyna Diarmuid - Diarmuid Diarmaid
Dindshenchas Dinnsenchus
Dolorous Blow Dolorous Stroke
Donn Cuailgne Donn Quelgny
Dwyn, Saint Donwenna - Dwynwen
Efnissien Evnissyen
Emain Macha Emuin Machae
Endellion, Saint Endelient - Endelienta Endimion
Lyly Eochaid Echu - Eochy
Erin Eire - Eyre - Ireland
Etain tan
Etheldreda, Saint Aethelthryth - Edeltrudis - Audrey
Ethna Ethne
Excalibur Caladfwlch - Caladbolg - Caliburn