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Her father promised him Perse, but Ector de Maris was in love with her and rescued her from him. # 156


In PERCEFOREST, a spirit who loved Britain greatly. He gave Passaleon to Morgan and was an ancestor of Merlin. # 156 - 198


The name given to Arthur in the Spanish ANALES TOLEDANOS. # 156 - 210


Glastonbury, the heart of legends of chivalry and sanctity dating back far beyond written records, has long exited the interest of scholars and seers. It was, however, not until the advent of aerial photography that its most dramatic secret was revealed. From these photographs, Katharine Maltwood discovered a vast and complex pattern of figures in the contours and landmarks of the area. They form, in fact, a huge land chart of the Zodiac. The explanation as to who made it is that the Cymry of Wales came, according to their traditions, 'from the East in the Age of Ages', (Barddas) bringing the knowledge of the stars from Asia Minor, and laid out this zodiac, which they called in the Welsh tongue CAER SIDI. Dr. L. A. Waddell confirms their tradition in his MAKERS OF CIVILIZATION p 6: 'Detailed proofs are given in my former works for the Sumerian origin of the Cymry with approximate dates for the Sumerian colonizing occupation of parts of the British Isles by several immigrations from the Sargonic period of about 2700 BC onwards. # 420 - 421