Knud Mariboe Photograph About the Editor
After graduating high school, Knud Mariboe took his four year education as a bookseller, propelling his interest in classical literature. Though he left book selling to pursue art-studies, he never lost his love for literature which eventually led him into the world of mythology. His focus was drawn to the lives of the early Vikings and Normans. Of particular interest were those adventurers who were raging around Brittany and the area now known as the British Isles. These marauders led him a merry chase through history and across the path of the Celts. He suddenly found himself immersed in a fascinating world resplendent with legend, art, and mythology. Viking studies were postponed for serious in-depth research into the origin, history, and traditions of the Celts.

Many years of devoted study resulted in his compiling a selection survey and editing select passages from the many books he had eagerly devoured. He drew on his continually growing personal reference library as well as libraries and museums in the still surviving Celtic areas where the Gaelic languages are still spoken. His research continued for many years and culminated in the Encyclopedia of the Celts which he completed in 1995.

Knud Mariboe has written several novels, painted hundreds of paintings, and shares a close relationship with his good friend, Pia, who is also an accomplished artist. They live in the little town of Helsingoer, Denmark, which Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' made famous as Elsinore. A grown-up daughter and three grandchildren live in the neighboring country of Sweden."

Knud Mariboe was born in 1934 under the sign of Aries in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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