An Introductory FAQ
for the alt.religion.druid Newsgroup

This FAQ is the creation of Elaine Stutt and is being hosted on the Summerlands as a service to all who use the alt.religion.druid newsgroup. It was first posted Oct.7 '98. The website urls were checked as to being operable Jan. 8 - 10, 2000. E.


This is an introductory FAQ for alt.religion.druid.

A.r.d hived off of alt.pagan, alt.religion.wicca, etc. in the Fall of 1995. It is for discussion about: Druids; Druidry/Druidism; Celtic cultures, history, religion and spirituality. Note that some, who are interested in Brehon Law and Druids as leaders of Celtic society, are only faintly interested in Celtic spirituality; for others it's just the opposite.

I'm Elaine and I've followed a.r.d almost since it's inception. Because I wrote this FAQ, it necessarily reflects my interests and biases. However, my aim was neither to give my opinions, nor to give academic definitions but rather to show the range of knowledge and opinion on a.r.d.

Thanks to all those who post on a.r.d for their information, opinions and websites.

 1. Where can I find information?

2. Who are were the Celts?

 3. How do you say ... in Celtic?

4. Who are/were Druids?

5. How can you be interested in Druids when they sacrificed humans!!?

6. Isn't the "Twenty One Lessons of Merlyn" marvelous!

7. Why is Druid group #### so inauthentic?

8. Were there women Druids?

9. How do you become a Druid?

10. Why isn't there more talk around here about actual Druid practices?

11. Isn't Wicca Celtic ?

 12. Are Druids polytheists or pantheists? Monotheists?

 13. Is Nature important to Druids ?

14. Nettiquette - very briefly, please:

  1. Check out: or
  2. Be polite. Be thoughtful. Spirituality and ethnicity are sensitive issues and you know nothing about the person you address.
  3. Don't re-post an entire, long message. Include only the part you are replying to.
  4. Keep your line lengths to 70-80 spaces.
  5. If you enter a thread in mid-stream, check out the beginning on or just be very careful. It can be very difficult to tell who wrote what.
  6. If you must cross-post, limit it to three groups related to the topic.
  7. Post no response to obnoxious, off-topic, multi-cross-posted threads. They can entirely jam a smaller newsgroup. E-mail a reply, if you must.
  8. Newsgroups are public, anyone can read them. Therefore post nothing you wouldn't want your current boss, future boss, etc. to see.

 If you need more information on anything:

 Elaine : )

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