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This was actually two workshops that were held a week apart. We attempted to understand the import of St. Columba's (Columcille's) remark,

"Christ is my Druid."

Celtic Workshop #29 - "Christ is My Druid/Part 1"


We attempted to find a common thread among the religions and Magicks of the Western Tradition. The apparently easy conversion of Druids to early Christianity was our starting point. In seeking out the underlying principles of Christian Magick, I hoped to uncover the techniques we require to perform Draíocht!


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O'Dubhain: These are the words of one of the most revered Saints in Celtic history. They are the words of St. Columba of the clan Ui Neil who established the Celtic Church in Scotland. These words inspired me to attempt tonight's Workshop. Before we begin, Hear the words of the Filidh! Hear the words of the royal house of Ui Neil! Hear the words of Columba of Iona, Saint of God!


From the book of Druidry by Ross Nichols, (Former Ard Druid of the OBOD):


"It is clear that Columcille identified the highest he knew as the Druidic, identifying it with Christ whilst repudiating superstitions:

'There is no "streod" that can tell our fate nor bird upon the bough nor trunk of gnarled oak.. I adore not the voices of birds nor Chance, nor the love of son or wife - my Druid is Christ, the Son of God.'

O'Dubhain: . The words used are 'mo drui, mac Dé' - 'my Druid, son of God' - which does not sound as though he were contrasting the two but identifying them." My point here is that the Druids actually looked forward to the coming of Christianity as it SHOULD HAVE BEEN. A little background on St. Columba.... Columba was born into the family of the O'Neils, the Kings of Ireland. He was the nephew and the uncle of a king and educated by a Druid. He embraced the new God with many of his Druid and Filidh brothers AND sisters. During the battle of Cuidremne (in Sligo) he sided against Diarmud, the pagan Ard Righ of Ireland. As a result of the battle he was exiled to the Scottish Isle of Iona. This island was a mixture of Druids, Culdean monks and priests. Iona built this monastery (and former Druid grove) into a base for Christianizing Western Scotland. This was done after proving his might in battle with still more Druids (he dispelled their winds and brought light into a Magical Darkness). Columba returned to Ireland on only one occasion, to render a verdict at Drimceatt when Aedh, the new Ard Righ, attempted to outlaw the Druid remnant or Filidh (the Druidic Poets). Columba's stature was such that his arguments for the poets saved their status and class from extinction.


O'Dubhain: Columba was trained by a Druid and was not above using Druid magicks to further his interests. In fact, he used them in overcoming the magicians of the Pictish king, Brude. The early Christian saints engaged in many magical battles with Magicians and Druids. St. Patrick had many battles with the Druids of the Irish king .


O'Dubhain: Many of the Irish Druids converted to Christianity easily because Christian beliefs and teachings of the Celtic church were very similar to those that they espoused themselves. In fact, the birth of Christ was an often repeated saga in Celtic tradition. This is usually referred to as the Mabon/Modron cycle. There are many similarities between the life of Christ, Finn, and Cuchulainn. Each of these men has a mystical beginning. His mother is impregnated by a "God" As a child he is hunted by those in authority. He is also very precocious. There are many miracles and superhuman feats associated with each of these men. Cuchulainn and Finn chose the path of the Warrior while Christ chooses the path of the Priest. Each of these men is Druidic in his knowledge and his ability to be surrounded by light when working magic.


O'Dubhain: Speaking of magic, is this a modern idea? What did the Celts of Old think about Christ and his Magicks?


I call on Taliesin, greatest of Bards! Come to my aid! Speak the Truth that is Eternal! Bear witness to the Magicks of Mabon:


Primary chief poet Am I to Elfin. And my native country Is the place of the Summer Stars.

John the Divine called me Merlin, but all future kings Shall call me Taliesin.

I was nine full months in the womb of the hag Ceridwen. Before that I was Gwion, but now I am Taliesin.

I was with my king In the heavens when Lucifer fell into the deepest hell.

I carried the banner Before Alexander.

I know the names of the stars from the North to the South.

I was in Caer Bedion Tetragammaton.

I accompanied Heon to the vale of Hebron.

I was in the canon when Absalom was slain.

I was in Llys Don before the birth of Gwydion.

I was patriarch to Elijah and Enoch.

I was there at the crucifixion of the merciful Mabon.

I was the foreman at the construction of Nimrod's Tower.

I was three times In the prison of Arianrhod.

I was in the ark With Noah and Alpha.

I witnessed the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra.

I was in Africa Before the building of Rome.

I came here To the remnant of Troy.

I was with the Lord In the manger of the ass.

I upheld Moses Through the water of Jordan.

I was in the sky (or, possibly, at the Cross) with Mary Magdalene.

I received the muse From Ceridwen's Cauldron.

I was a harping bard To Deon of Lochlin. I have gone hungry From the Maiden's Mabon.

I was at the White Mount in the court of Cynfelyn. In stocks and fetters for a year and a day.

I was in the larder in the land of the Trinity.

And no one knows whether my body Is flesh or fish.

I was instructor to the whole universe.

I shall be until the judgment On the face of the earth.

I have sat in the perilous seat above Caer Sidi.

I shall continue to revolve between the three elements.

There is not a marvel in the world which I cannot reveal.



O'Dubhain: This is the Translation of the "Hanes Taliesin" from "Taliesin and the Bardic Mysteries" by John Matthews. These are the words of a 5th Century Druidic Bard. This work is not fake. This is Truth. These are the words of a powerful spirit! This is no ordinary Bard or Poet. This is Taliesin the greatest of all Bards. This is he who can see all of time. This is he who knows the Greatest of Mysteries! The greatest of Bards has acknowledged the Magicks of Mabon, of the Christed One, of the One that is Always and Forever!


O'Dubhain: It is my point that Christ was considered to be a Deity on a par with other Celtic Deities. The Druids considered Him to be their Druid.

"The Basis of Christian Magick"

O'Dubhain: What are we to make of this revelation? Let me first quote from the works of the greatest Magician of this age:


  • "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law."
  • "Love is the law, love under will"
  • "Every man and woman is a star."


This is the basis of Magick as we currently know it. This Magick works and is alive. Let us see what the laws of Christian Magick are:

·        "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and spirit."

·        "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

·        "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

·        "Faith can move mountains."


Can anyone here see how these two different approaches are actually talking about the same things?


Nancy : Why OD, yes, I can see that. Simply approaching it from a different perspective.


O'Dubhain: Nancy> follow-up?


Nancy : Yes, simply that there are some quotes that you might also find interesting that illustrate the feminine ...I'm looking 'em up.. I'll beep you.


Boddhi : Love is attraction toward something mysterious, unknown. faith: belief (attraction) for things unseen?


O'Dubhain: I believe that faith in a magical sense is belief in "the Will".


O'Dubhain: It is the certainty of the Will and the projection of one's Will that causes Magick to happen. Boddhi... follow-up?


Boddhi : I agree. Focus of Will is important for me too.


Shadow Walker: Love is the foundation the force that joins that which has been seperated i.e. man & woman Human & God .


O'Dubhain: I'd like to add that Love and the dropping of barriers is what allows us as humans to more fully embrace our TRUE WILL. The True Will was called the Holy Guardian Angel by the early Thelemites.


Skylark: God & Shekinnah.


O'Dubhain: It is the conversation with one's True Will or Holy Guardian Angel that is the most important stage in becoming a Magician. This can be likened to opening up to the love of God/dess. Shadow Walker... followup?

Shadow Walker: I agree


Dave : OD, what qualifies you to lead this forum?


Shadow Walker: that the finding of ones calling or will is the most important aspect of a magicians work to is the purpose of being!


O'Dubhain: Well, Dave, The management of the forum asked me to lead this workshop about a year ago.... that's my job around here... do you have a question?


Dave : Just questioning.


O'Dubhain: Shadow Walker> Agreed! Dave> No problem.


Laura : It is very difficult to discover one's True Will.


O'Dubhain: ok... Nancy sorry Nancy hold a minute


Nancy : <g>


Shadow Walker: another sip here would be nice.


O'Dubhain: Laura> Yes... I agree... that is why becoming fully one's self and i.e. conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel is so important. This experience reunites our manifested being in this reality with our entire being on the higher planes and allows us to consider our purpose and will completely. The small amount of our being which is manifested in this plane cannot completely contemplate the greater realities.


O'Dubhain: I mention this point of similarity between Thelema and Christian Magicks to illustrate one central point that is common to Druids, Christ, Magick, Monks, and history. The point or thread that connects them all is EGYPT! ok... Nancy


Nancy : ok, a few of the woman speaking here.....about the Christian God (and magick) perhaps? My God, because you are so Good, I love You With all my Heart...and for Your Sake, I love my neighbor as myself. ok, OD>...I'm seein' this as a point of focus.....and then also, from Sirach... I will praise thy name continually and sing thy prayer will always be heard....and there, OD, focus. again..... I have more<g> Teasin'.


O'Dubhain: Nancy, I agree that the first step toward learning to work with the Greater Will is learning to reach out beyond one's own self to others.


O'Dubhain: This is the lesson of Love. "Love is the Law, Love Under Will"


Nancy : OD, I agree.


O'Dubhain: I'm sure that the Druids had a better way of saying this but they didn't leave any written messages.


O'Dubhain: ok... Boddhi had a comment... then Shadow Walker had two comments... then Boddhi had a question... whew! Boddhi!


Boddhi : Is there a similarity between the Magi that taught Moses and the Bards, the Old testament Prophets and the bards?


O'Dubhain: Boddhi that is my feeling. In my opinion, since the Celts migrated all through the Mediterranean from about 300 BCE and before, (Hyksos came through Egypt around 13th century BCE....O'D - add-a-note!<G>)


Boddhi : All make beautiful music.


O'Dubhain: They are said to have intermarried with the Hyksos of Egypt about the time of Moses. In fact, I've seen one author suggest that Moses was a "Hyksos" and not a Jew!  He went to live with the Midionites during his exile.


O'Dubhain: It is in the land of the "Sea Peoples" that Moses learns his magic and meets his god. The Celts/Hyksos did not pursue the fleeing Jews from Egypt. In fact, they left and migrated toward Spain at about the time of Ramses the Second.


O'Dubhain: These are the people that the great Druid/Bard Amergin descended from. So I guess you could say that the Egyptian desert Magick is at the basis of Druidic Magick. Boddhi, follow-up?


Shadow Walker: what I see here is love as mechanisim as in the Egyptian asumption of god forms. I love my god/dess I become my god/dess I do the work of my god/dess as s/he would.

O'Dubhain: True! Whether we call this God, "True Will", Goddess, or Magick it's all the same thing. SW.... follow-up?


Laura : Christ said.. Know ye not that ye are sons and daughter of the most high. Translation Every man and woman is a star.


O'Dubhain: Laura> absolutely!


Skylark: Yes, that I was just reading the other day, that Dion Fortune credits Jethro the Midianite (Moses' father in law) and the Midianites w with teaching him magic. If I have the characters straight.


O'Dubhain: Skylark> That may have been where I read about Moses and the Midianites... thanks <G> When the idea that Christ might be someone's Druid first came to my attention, I asked myself this question, "If it took 20 years to be a Druid then that would mean that one could not actually start being a Druid until about the age of 30..." In the bible we are told that Jesus was precocious in the Temple, showing wisdom beyond his years and then he vanishes for 20 years! <G> What DO you suppose he was doing? Where was he studying? What was he learning to do? Perhaps he was learning Magicks and personal development in a fashion similar to that of the Druids


Some people suggest that he studied in India during the "lost years". Others say that he came to England with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea. There is other evidence that he may have been an Essene, a mystical cult of the desert. I personally think he would have gone to study in Alexandria which was the center of learning for the entire ancient world. It is also my opinion that the Druids were no strangers to the Library of Alexandria. They spoke and read Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. and taught that in their schools or "bangors". I'd like to cover additional topics about this subject in the next workshop. In particular: Coptic Magical Practices based on the early Gnostic literature and the Nag Hammadi text.


I would also like to get into a connection between the Holy Grail, Druids, and the family of Jesus. Some additional topics I would like to cover in detail next time are the relationships between the Phoenicians, Fomorii, Firbolgs, Canaanites, and other Sea Peoples. It is my belief that these Sea Peoples promoted the spread of knowledge and Magick via their trade routes during this particular period of history. I'd like to wind up this workshop for tonight... any additional questions or comments or otherwise...


O'Dubhain: Just to sum it all up... It's never been very hard for me to think of Moses or Jesus as being the Druid type. Both these men have the wisdom, Magick, and strength of Will/Love to change the world. Such is the case with Druids. In fact, Merlin and Taliesin would probably not mind Charlton Heston portraying them in a movie <GGG>


Boddhi : <vbg>


O'Dubhain: Anyway....back to the book! <GGG> Thanks to everyone for coming... Whoops! Missed the comment by Skylark!


Skylark: Do you think those two (Merlin and Taliesin) will ever be as widely recognized as Moses and Jesus?


O'Dubhain: I think that they will be recognized more fully in the coming age


Boddhi : Thanks for seminar OD and thanks for reference sources in Library..


O'Dubhain: as each of us is individually empowered "to be a star".


Skylark: Thanks for an inspiring workshop!


O'Dubhain: It is the Power of the Individual that the New Age of religions will promote. Céad Míle Faíte!!! "100,000 Welcomes."


O'Dubhain: The Workshop is week same time and place to continue our discussion of Christian/Drudic/Coptic/Gnostic/Thelemic Magick!


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Celtic Workshop #30 - "Christ is My Druid", Part 2



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The Egyptian Connection


I tried to show that Celtic Magick and tradition is very eclectic due to the many travels of the Celts themselves. The Druids studied the techniques of the Coptics as well as the Egyptians. I attempted to show how this could have been so by analyzing genealogies as well as Coptic Magical techniques.


********* 10/24/94 10:01 PM Forum - Workshop/Seminar *********


O'Dubhain: Tonight I thought we could finish up some points from last week.

Last week we discussed many topics in this forum. One of them was the possibility of Jesus being a Druid or at least of him following Druidic teachings.


O'Dubhain: Another topic was on early Christian (Coptic) Magicks and spells. Tonight I wanted to begin with a time line of the traditional history of the Irish.... following the line of the Milesians (the last tribe of Celts to invade Ireland). Here is the genealogy of Mile and Amergin the Druid... We start in Scythia many many years before the Common Era (BCE).


O'Dubhain: Feinus Farsaidh "King of Scythians" in Syria 1700 BCE Niall (Of the Laungages), m. Scota (Daughter of King of the Hyksos), Gadel, Esru, Sru, Eber Scott, Beogaman, Tat, Agnomon, Laimfionn, Eibhear, Gluinfhionn, Adhnon, Fionn, Feibric Glas (Ebric), Neanual, Nuadha Nuagatt (Niagatt), Alldod (Alluid), Earcada, Deagha (Deaghtha,) Bregon (Bratha), "The Son of fire" Bille, Mile, born 1060 BCE (Golamh), Amergin the Bard. The reason I bring this genealogy up is to pinpoint the whereabouts of the Gaels, [according to the Lebor Gabála] around the time of Exodus.


O'Dubhain: Also, I'd like to point out that Scota, the wife of Niall, was the daughter of the Hyksos King of Egypt, and that traditionally Niall "Of the Languages" was in Egypt at Alexandria to teach in the school there He was teaching the sailors of the Hyksos king to speak the languages of the seafaring nations of the Mediterranean. The wife of Mile is also called Scota and she is the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh. The Gaels migrated to Ireland around 1000 BCE. If one looks at this genealogy, a few pertinent facts are observable.


The Celts were in Egypt during the time of the Hyksos and therefore Exodus. They migrated from Egypt to Spain via the lands of the Mediterranean and North Africa (sorry we're so slow typing... trying to find out how to spell Mediterranean <G>)


O'Dubhain: In the genealogies that I have, at least two of the names are discernable as Druids during this period. These Druids are Cing, who lives at the time of Liam Fionn and Amergin, who is well known to us as one of the greatest bards of Ireland. Since the Exodus is placed somewhere around the timeframe of 1500 BCE and Moses was a member of the ruling family of Egypt at that time, it is not inconceivable that he would have had contact with the schools at Alexandria and the Celts.


O'Dubhain: As we discussed last week, Egypt is the land of Magick.


Marion&Jeremy: I was wondering then if you were assuming that Moses was an Egyptian rather than an Israelite? Or referring to his upbringing among the "royals."


O'Dubhain: According to the bible, Moses was found by the daughter of pharaoh and raised as her son... I'm assuming that this means that he was of the royal house and afforded all available means of education. There's a lot more to this than just that however, the Hyksos were only temporarily rulers of Egypt. In some histories they were defeated and driven out by the Egyptians. In other histories they were paid a huge ransom and left. As with most histories, it depends on who's writing the book as to what was said to happen <G>. Moses was probably in all likelihood a Jew. Well my mind tends to question everything so I keep asking myself... maybe he was a Hyksos or even a Gael <GGG> I'm still toying with this idea <VBG> The lack of information is maddening I don know that Moses is not only considered to be one of the patriarchs of the tribe of Israel, but he is also considered to be one of the first Quabalists - Cabalists - Kabalists (take your pick)


Marion&Jeremy: Actually, Moses is _not_ one of the Jewish patriarchs, but I am sort of nitpicking here. And I'll not quarrel about the Kabalist bit, although I've not previously heard... Of claims to know where he is buried... His resting place was left obscure on purpose.


The patriarchs are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


The matriarchs are their wives Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel.


O'Dubhain: Your points are well taken. All I was trying to say is that he was considered to be one of the chief leaders in Jewish traditions. And as we all know, the Kabala says that scripture can be interpreted on many levels with many hidden meanings.


As we also know, the Kabala was one of the biggest influences on Magical thought in Western Civilization. Its roots can be traced back to Moses and the period of Exodus. In fact, Moses was one of the few people in the bible who actually practices magick. Significantly, he usually does this while using his staff which can do many Magickal things. The Egyptians were known throughout the ancient world as masters of magick yet Moses outmagicked the Egyptian magicians. A similar thing was said of the Celts. It is my belief that the Druids of the Gaels studied the Egyptian Magicks while they were in Egypt at this time. There were two other Magickal groups in this area of the world that I would like to reference at this time as well.


O'Dubhain: These two groups occur around the beginning of the common era.


O'Dubhain: It is thought by some historians that both Jesus and John the Baptist were both members of the Essene cult. The writings of the Essenes would seem to confirm this. These are known as The Dead Sea Scrolls.


O'Dubhain: I'm no biblical scholar, so I'm not going to get into this area too deeply, but I would like to discuss the Coptic sect. The Coptics existed before Christianity. They embraced a philosophy as Gnosis. This word means "knowing" As with many other groups that became Christianized, they included some of their previous beliefs in their version of Christianity. I'm looking right now at a book called. Ancient Christian Magic - Coptic Texts of Ritual Power by Marvin Meyer and Richard Smith. In this book are many different spells and invocations by ancient Coptics. Some of these date to 100 CE. I'd like to give you a typical example from this book of a Coptic spell. (Looking for a good one here <G>)I found it! It's kind of long... please bear with us This is a spell invoking a "thundering power to perform every wish" This spell invokes the entity "Petbe" whose name means requiter:

Listen to me today, you who listen; listen to my words, you who hear; incline your ear to me, quickly; listen to the words of [my] mouth, since I call to you, quickly, that you may [hurry] to send to me, quickly and immediately, and rouse [Pet]be, who is in the abyss, and raise up for [me] Sachlabari, that he may come and accomplish my heart's wish and fulfill the desire of my soul.


Yea, shake yourself today with your power, Petbe, who is in the abyss; shake yourself today with your power, Thunder, the true name of Petbe, since

I drag you up to ask you, Horasias Phankapres, you whose front part looks [like] a lion, whose read part looks like a bear, whose head is fixed in heaven, whose feet are fixed on the earth, the big toes of whose feet are bound with the 2 rings of the abyss (1,verso). For you are Shouth Mashouth Selouch Malouch, the one with the head of bronze, the one with the teeth of iron.

Yea, for I adjure you, Niabathaba Betha Bethai Both, 7 times.

Yea, for I adjure [you] [by] the first pillar that the father almighty established under the [first] corner that is in heaven, that you may obey the things of my mouth, and pursue the things of my hand, and accomplish for me the wish of my heart and the desire of my soul, immediately, quickly, Horasias Phankapres.

I invoke you who lifts up the two cherubim of light, Marioth, Gabriel, Amuath, the sun of the underworld, that you obey the things of my mouth,a and pursue the things of my hand, to take my case (?) before the presence of the father, who is bound with the white belt at his waist, bound with the scarlet cord on his breast, (2, recto) whose iron wand is in his right hand, who is addressed with the great secret name, Hamouzeth Beth Athanabassetoni, whom the wind and the air and the darkness obey.

Asamuth, I invoke your true name 21 times, day and night, that you come and reveal yourself to me, and accomplish for me the wish of my heart and the desire of my soul. . If you do not obey the things of my mouth and pursue the things of my hand, I shall call upon Salpiax, Pechiel, Sasmiasas, Mesemiasim, and the seventy gods, and Artemis the mother of all the gods, and Apollo and Athena [and]

Kronos and Moira, Pal[las and] Aphrodite, Dawn, Serapis, [Ura]nos: Seize him, bring him before me, to . . . [P]etbe, who is in the abyss, yea, with the power . . . . Go, go, at once!

It is [done].

O'Dubhain: I presented this spell as an example of Coptic magick to demonstrate a number of points. One is that Ceremonial Magick is not a recent invention. It is truly an ancient art. And its forms and sources of power have remained constant over the millennia Another point is that the Coptic Christians used ceremonial magick.


O'Dubhain: I could list many other spells which invoke angels and archangels as well as the elemental powers.... and even God or Christ. This was the magickal environment in Egypt both before and after the time of Jesus. I mention the use of Ceremonial Magick during this period of history in Egypt to support two points that I have made. In a previous workshop I used certain sounds of power or "god names" to invoke Magical power. I'm referring to the "IAO". It was my contention that the Druids used similar sounds and god names in their rituals.


O'Dubhain: I contend that all magicks work in a very similar manner and that the Druids were aware of both the current and previous uses of magick and ceremonial magick.

O'Dubhain: This point is particularly valid when one considers that the Druids most likely studied Magick in Egypt during the travels of the Gaels. My other point was that many of the teaching and magickal works of Jesus were very Druidic in nature. The common factor in all these points is Egyptian Magick. ga Osiris


Osiris: Is it not possible then................ that the "collectors" of Magick..... and users of the same.......... traveled far and wide......nay, even invited and offered assistance to those seeking them............ in their quest to perfect their magick? And is it not also possible............ that today..........there are societies that honor and cherish their positions................ and have taken measures to secure the druidic traditions and memories?


O'Dubhain: Yes. I believe that not only are they societies that do such things in today's world but that there are linked chains of individuals that have passed/carried this type of knowledge down through history. Esoterically speaking, I believe that it is possible for this knowledge to be passed from entity to entity and not just from person to person. It is also possible to pass this knowledge from lifetime to lifetime. I'm referring to the process of reincarnation.


Osiris: | Excellent point!


O'Dubhain: Reincarnation was a vitally held belief among Druids as well as early Christians. It is one of the fundamental teachings of Gnosticism. The Coptic Christians followed the teachings of Gnosis. Even some Popes supported the belief in reincarnation. This as well as many other early beliefs were removed from the teachings of early Christianity somewhere in the period of 300 CE to 800 CE. One of the other topics that I wanted to discuss this evening was the many different incarnations of Christ.


O'Dubhain: I have an excellent book on the subject called Lives of the Master - The Rest of the Jesus Story... by Glenn Sanderfur.


Osiris: Didn't Casey state that he worked directly with Melchizedek as "his" assistant, in the building of the Pyramid of Cheops?


O'Dubhain: Excellent point. In fact, the incarnation of Jesus as Hermes is the one where Cayce worked with him on building the great pyramid. Cayce's incarnation with him was as the being "Ra-Ta"


Osiris: Ah............yes!


O'Dubhain: This book maintains that both Jesus and John the Baptist were initiated into a brotherhood in the great pyramid.


O'Dubhain: Some notable facts about some of the other incarnations are, Amilius who was the first soul that came through to the earth in spirit form only from God (or "The One")... Of course he identifies Adam as the first "man". There are several others that "never died" such as Enoch and Melchizedek. and one notable incarnation was as Zend who was the father of Zoraster.


Osiris: I have seen reference (don't remember where) that John the Baptist was to Jesus as Merlin was to Arthur.


O'Dubhain: I'd be interested in reading those references. The curse of a well read man …


Osiris: I will look for them.


O'Dubhain: The theme that runs through this book is that there is one great soul that incarnates over and over again throughout human history. The purpose of this soul, which is also identified as "Logos" or the "Nous" or "Mind", is to guide the spirits of humans back to The One. It does this by lighting the path and providing enlightenment. This was another early Christian, as well as Essene doctrine. It is also found in some Druidic teachings.


Trailstalker: There is a saying that "When the student is ready... the teacher will appear".... Would this then hold true for the human race as a whole... that when we are ready to progress and learn as a race/species.... the Master will put in an appearance?


O'Dubhain: <rapidly thumbing through reference materials> In Donald Michael Kraig's "Modern Magick", he states that a truth presented to a student that is unprepared is the greatest of lies. Wisdom is withheld from us until we are ready to receive it. as far as whether or not this Master will incarnate once again, I cannot say. However, I do know that John 14:26 says, "But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you."


Osiris: So Mote It Be!


O'Dubhain: It is an old tradition in Magickal ways that when the student is ready the teacher will come. I find in my own work that this is particularly true. Books have a way of becoming available or appearing on shelves just when I need to read them. <G> I think if we all look at our own works that we would all know that this is true.


Osiris: It's a "Druid" thing isn't it O'D? <G>


O'Dubhain: I've sometimes sensed that I'm being guided, but I'm not making any RASH claims <VBG> It's been my personal experience. And I think that any other magician that one meets would be able to point to Otherworldly/spiritual intervention in their lives. After all, one of the major tasks facing anyone who desires to work magick is getting in touch with one's True Will, Oversoul, Holy Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guide, Higher Self. This is a common thread that is found in most references on magick.


O'Dubhain: At this point, I've pretty much hit all the high points of additional topics that I wished to discuss that were left from the previous workshop. "Christ is My Druid" In this Samhain season, let us all remember the souls that we have touched across the ages... and honor them as the veils between the worlds are parted.


Osiris: So Mote It Be!


O'Dubhain: Biodh Se!


Marion&Jeremy: Nos da, all.


O'Dubhain: next week I would like to discuss the concept of Merlin. See everyone then.


Marion&Jeremy: We must be off.


O'Dubhain: Have a glorious Samhain.


Marion&Jeremy: Next Monday is Halloween.


Osiris: You betcha O'D!


O'Dubhain: Class may be postponed a week.... if the online ritual is Monday night the 31st. I'll post a message.


O'Dubhain: Oiche mhaith dhuit!


Osiris: Fiat Lux!


********** 10/25/94 12:03 AM Forum CO

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