The Gifts of the Gods

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These are the gifts of Uiscias, Esras, Semias and Morfesa to the People of Danu. Each has a unique Power and each is wisely used in the appropriate direction, at the proper time and by the hand and head that have studied and achieved the secret of each.

The Sword of Light

The Sword of Nuada, from which no one ever escaped once it was drawn from its deadly sheath. This hallow was the gift of Uiscias and was brought from the city of Findias. Some say that it is this Sword that separates the day from the night at morning. Its edge is the thin silver line in the East that separates Sky from Sea at the coming of the Dawn each day. As the king's champion, it is Ogma of the Sunface that wields his mighty sword. It is only fitting that the blade that cuts the horizon, can also plough the furrows or carve the Ogham. Words along an edge. Words of Power. Beginnings of Thought!

The Spear of Victory

The Fiery Spear of Lugh. The holder of this spear would always be victorious, since no battle could ever be sustained against it. This spear was sometimes represented as being the Sun's rays at Mid-Summer. As such, noone should look directly at it, as it rules the Southern Sky. It has the same destructive power as the eye of Balor. When Lugh was victorious over his grandfather Balor, the power of the Fiery Spear ceased to destroy. Its power was contained and used to sustain life. Another name for the Spear of Lugh is the grain and corn of the Harvest itself (which also safely harnesses the power of the Sun). The Sun is the source of energy and power, yet it can only be used by those that are many-skilled. When not in use, the Spear of Lugh was kept in a vat of cooling water (just as the Sun was thought to journey through the waters of the Land under the Waves).

The Cauldron of the Dagda

The Cauldron of the Dagda, which satisfied every need. The Cauldron is many things within Celtic traditions. As a Cauldron of plenty it is the mighty Sea which has a bounty that sustains the world. Not only, is there an endless supply of fish, but also there is an endless replenishment of the moisture of the clouds as water is transformed into its fogs and mists. Though they may not have known this, the Sea also contains the phyto-plankton that replenish the world's oxygen supply as well. The Sea is also a Cauldron of Knowledge in the way that its calm surface hides and contains the secrets of its depths. It is no small matter that the House of Donn, the Land of the Blessed Ancestors is within the Sea as are the islands of the Immrama. It is fitting that The Dagda's Cauldron should provide Life from the Lands of the Dead.

The Stone of Destiny

The Stone of Fal, which would cry out beneath every king. Stone endures. Symbols in stone speak to us across many generations. Stone is eternal. The enigmatic brughs and stone circles contain a great secret. Within their structure is contained the secrets of the rising and falling of the Sun and the Moon. Upon the swirls within the rocks are the pathways to the stars themselves. Not only can a stone acknowledge a king, it can also contain the wisdom and the spirits of the Mighty Ones. The Lia Fail was located on the Northern end of the Mound of Tara. A Black Raven upon a Stone of Destiny. Words of a Goddess. Words of Prophecy. Triple Morrigu!


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