The Wonderhill of the Dagda

Copyright by Searles O'Dubhain

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In considering how to discuss this famous site, I was forced to consider that it's been the home of at least one Goddess and the abode of at least two of the leaders of the Tuatha De Danann. These are the Dagda and his son Angus Mac n'Og. To tell the story of this famous Brugh, I must also tell their stories as well. In fact, it is their stories that first link the Celts to the works of the Megalithic peoples. In researching these sites and their associated symbols, I was also greatly influenced by the works of the following authors: Martin Brennan has shown me a way to interpret the symbols or symbolic languages that were carved into the stones of the Brugh by the first peoples of Ireland. His book is called "The Stones of Time". It presents many explanations of the derivation as well as the interpretations of the megalithic message. Paul Devereaux has shown me how to walk between the worlds of the mundane and the symbolic in his work, " Symbolic Landscapes". He has shown us that ley lines in symbolic landscapes are shamanic roadmaps written within the dreamtime and upon the surface of the mundane world.