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The Wheel Ogham
of Rogne Roscadach

The Wheel Ogham of Rogne Roscadach is another Ogham mandala and symbol from _The Book of Ballymote_. I consider it to be representative of the Sky and the future, as well as the will of the gods. As with other roscana, it prophecizes the future for us. The upper half flows against the Sun and draws from the Land. The lower half flows with the Sun and towards the Land. Its four swirling spirals represent the quadrants of the heavens and its cross represents the sacred center of being. If ever there was a Loch Lomann of fate, it is the high road and the low road of Roigne. Beyond these words we must seek the wisdom of stones that speak.

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Fionn’s Wheel

Fionn’s Wheel is a cryptic figure that is found within the Book of Ballymote and its treatise on Ogham. Within the structure of Fionn’s Wheel is hidden the Cosmology of the Celts and the Druids. It is a Magical Mandala of Ogham, as well as a symbol of the Mysteries that are Ireland. The Ogham aicme, are shown on Fionn’s Wheel as separate pathways connecting the five circles of existence. Each of these pathways is formed by Ogham symbols that connect the extremes of the Cosmos: the Circle of the Heavens ("Cruinne, Roth") and the sacred Center of Being ("Bile"). The exception to this connection of outer/inner pathways is called the "Forfedha", the fifth set of Ogham, which are arranged around the second ring of the Wheel.

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The Stream Strand
of Ferchertne

This is a picture of the Celtic mandala known as "The Stream Strand of Ferchertne." It is a representation of the journey to the Self that we all make when we look within and into our roots (or past). The symbols on the image are the Ogham, gift of Ogma Sun-Face to the eloquence of Poets. The meaning of these Ogham for this mandala can be best understood from a study of the various Imrama as well as the tale, "The Colloquay of the Two Sages."

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