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Created by Searles and Deborah O'Dubhain.
Copyright © 1997 by The Summerlands, Inc. All rights reserved.


Welcome to the Visitors' Book. We hope that your understanding of the Burning Times has been made more meaningful to you by your visit to our site. And we thank Jenny Gibbons for her amazing research and insight into our past and the intricacies of The Burning Times.

If you've found this sight disturbing, might we suggest a visit to the nearby Sanctuary of the Sacred Fire to ground and center?  The fire that awaits the visitor there is one of comfort and peace.

Many Blessings to you and your people and remember to guard your freedom of religion well, lest you discover ourselves in yet another burning time.

Deborah and Searles

Date: 08 Mar 1997
Time: 15:06:52


I left my thoughts on the message board. This is not light reading, but certainly well worth the time!!

Date: 13 Mar 1997
Time: 21:44:01


This place is well worth visiting, any number of times.

Where we've been often determines where we might go...

An Cli'un

Date: 05 Jun 1997
Time: 11:42:50


Came on Searles' recommendation and glad I did. The lesson, of course, is that it could happen again to others. I hope that projects like this one will help to prevent it.

Ed Smith

Date: 22 May 1998
Time: 12:52:29


Walk in Light. The crimes carried out in the name of 'god' no doubt caused the tortured and dying to curse the 'name' and the church...it is my belief that this curse is passed from family to family...most of the troubled and "haunted" folk I've encountered have links with the roman "church".   If they sincerely and in their hearts deny this foul organisation the curse seems to be discarded.

Jesus of Nasereth was a typical example of this persecution.....

Blessed Be your Journey,
Darryl Hetherington

Date: 15 Jun 1998
Time: 12:46:39


I printed almost every page so I could add it to my library of "stuff"

Please keep up the excellent work. There is far too much "junk" out there, being repeated and copied from one book to another. While it is actually "traditional" to pass one information in this fashion, "book of shadows"-like, it would help a ton if the info was accurate.

Blessed Be, Pentad

Posted by: Searles O'Dubhain at 14:14:14 P.M. on 9/21/98

We hope that you will leave us a message in the new Visitors' Book. Our move from one website to another caused a few problems for some of the scripts that we used and it has taken some time to repair or re-write them. As with any adversity, the work involved in overcoming these challenges has made us more aware and better able to cope with any future problems. This book is here to record your impressions as you experience the documented truth of how people can forget their spirits in a Witch hunt and serve the Devils of their own creation. May it never happen again!
Posted by: David"Corax"Mikhail at 15:29:09 P.M. on 10/5/98

May you rest in peace my brothers and sisters how gave there lives for the what they belived in let uss alla remeber the burning times and see to that it never happens agian
Posted by: Tehanu at 10:16:37 A.M. on 10/5/98

A wonderful page to help us remember those who were before us, may their souls live on forever.
Posted by: Tamara M. Hannah (pagan_mars@yahoo.com) at 17:04:56 P.M. on 10/11/98

Currently, I am researching for a series of novels I will be writing about a Celtic Coven. Thank you for such an exciting, informative site that I will return to time and time again. If there is anyone who would have some good advice, or direction for my research, I would be sincerely appreciative.
Posted by: alex at 20:09:47 P.M. on 10/19/98

this is really good and interesting it must have taken a lot of time to do
Posted by: Nicole L. Miller at 15:12:49 P.M. on 10/24/98

Posted by: Carol Stephenson at 21:07:05 P.M. on 10/28/98

I am trying to find a simple craft for my "Sparks". They are 5-6yrs old. Any ideas on crafts or stories?
Posted by: Aoife at 13:53:45 P.M. on 11/2/98

Greetings! I found this to be one of the deepest sites I have seen and one of the most interesting as well. It is beautiful besides. I was not able to access some pages, but you warned about using Netscape on your home page, and that warning proved to be correct. However, I liked the pages I could access and I will journey here again. Blessings, Aoife
Posted by: Catriona at 10:57:23 A.M. on 2/23/99

I loved this site. It's very informative.
Posted by: Rhea Electra Callida at 9:30:08 A.M. on 3/11/99

I would like to say even though I'm not proud of what I've done, I will remember Bethany Megan, and I hope that my beautiful little angel will be taken care of in her afterlife by the Goddess who is the mother of all children. Rhea.
Posted by: tiffany clay at 11:13:35 A.M. on 3/27/99

this is a very nice website. One of the best
Posted by: Sam Ferguson at 16:09:57 P.M. on 4/9/99

At last, I have found something I believe in. Fantasy is a lot closer to reality than many people would like to believe. For me fantasy has always been my reality - I find it more believable!
Posted by: Gwilym at 11:25:10 A.M. on 5/23/99

Excellent site! Nice to see a pagan site which actually uses the latest historical evidence rather than stuff based on Murray et al. You have obviously put in lot of work. I only hope lots of people are coming here and absorbing what you have to say. I have spent a bit too much time arguing with people over this topic, it is sad (but predictable) when people prefer old simplistic theories to the complexity of the truth. But then I suppose I am not a great person to be lecturing on the importance of "reality" or absolute "truth". Keep it up.
Posted by: Shannan Froberg at June, 23 3 a.m.

Quite simply, WOW. I particularly liked the information on particular people and what happened to them during the witch hunts. I found it to be very educational and it made me think about what happened back then and how that blind fear is somewhat carried out today. As a whole I have found the site easy to use and exceptionally well done.
Posted by: Mary Hauge at July 4, 1999 1620hrs MDT

I am very impressed with your site. After looking around I found that a good many questions were answered. I will be waiting for your completion. I thought your site was the best I have come acrossed! Thank You for creating it.
Posted by: Mary Hauge at July 4, 1999 1620hrs MDT

I am very impressed with your site. After looking around I found that a good many questions were answered. I will be waiting for your completion. I thought your site was the best I have come acrossed! Thank You for creating it.
Posted by: falcon magma mandrake at 17:36:19 P.M. on 7/14/99

greetings! I am a 16-year-old boy from mid-michigan. I don't really have a religion, but I do have many philosophies (my real name number is a 7). Anyway, I very well approve of this site. I love all people, although I do not like the characters many if not most have taken upon themselves. I am reasonably angered by how ignorant, childish, and downright crazy some Christians think. Here is a poem that I might turn into a song that speaks for those who have suffered the torments of the Inquisition. |"INQUIRY" Your christian forefathers Falsely accused us of heresy and devilry And even if they were right Why would it have mattered? We were living human beings As flesh and blood and aware As any of you out there Puritanical perverts Sadistic and relentless Tortured us badly Until we confessed our craft Then they bound us And set us to burn (they f**king burned us to the bone!) Box-headed bastards! How could they? How dare they?| Is there anything you think I should add or subtract from this? My e-mail is 613365@excite.com. B L E S S E D B E T H E E
Posted by: M at 12:07:17 P.M. on 10/11/99

I'm here looking for answers. So far no luck. I need to know the history of my family for personal reasons. I must find where I am trully from and what gifts lay inside of me. I am from Poland and my last name is Lech if anyone can ever find the history of my name please write to mya_xox@gurlmail.com I can not find a thing.
Posted by: Lady Pandora, HPS atTime between Time

Merry Meet, the information on your site is interesting. I will refer my students here to look as well. Stop by and see me at http://dmc.silvermoonrising.com Blessed Be 'n' Love & Light ~*~Lady Pandora~*~
Posted by: Heather Leona Wade & Darren Lee Kafer at 10:55:52 A.M. on 11/26/99

Merry Morning to ye, We are a small coven without a name in central California. We are searching for information on a genuine Druid Grove in which we may enter our High Priest for apprenticeship. If you can send us information on how to accomplish this, would ye please be sending it to us: Unknown Coven (coven without a name) 1125 Loughborough Drive, Suite Five Merced, CA 95348 Attention: Darren Kafer Blessed be, Heather & Darren
Posted by: Lucrecia Pérsico at 23:05:16 P.M. on 11/27/99

Congratulations. This is a very good web; really complete and objective.
Posted by: Alex Clark atJan 7/2000

I am glad to see they have not forgoten what happend. I wish to see all predujice be taken away from pagans, but that is all but a dream to this world whose inhabitents are mostly christan. guy_0300@hotmail.com
Posted by: I.S. at 3:26:53 A.M. on 1/10/2000

Had trouble with (intering areas).
Posted by: Jessica and Shelly at January 12th 2000 8:28pm

Jessica: When I read about this or see the documentary in school O can't help but cry and think that some of those poor witches could of been my ancestors! All I really want to say is I can feel the pain and I hear you! Blessed be, Jessica Shelly: All I can really say is that this was a new experience to actualy learn a bit about the burning times, instead of hearing biased answers from all those who opposed it. If one can accuse another of such a thing, why can't we accuse them of believing in GOD and toture them for it b/c we think it's wrong?! I know that most people say that GOD is not evil, but maybe he is, and he is using us as pawns and eventually he wants all of his followers to kill each other off?!!? Well, I'm done putting in my words... Luv to all, **ShellY**
Posted by: Anna Schiley at 12:15:14 P.M. on 3/22/100

This page is great! It has alot of information on the burning times.
Posted by: Sedna at Friday April 7th 200 00;16

Beautiful site..Never aain the burning times..
Posted by: María Sesma Sooy at 21:55:18 P.M. on 4/15/100

Facinating, I will be visiting again
Posted by: Stephanie at 10:31:54 A.M. on 4/20/2000

I will never forget.
Posted by: Amos Robinson atFriday, 21July2000, 12:38hrs.

I loved your site so much I added a link to it to my site at http://www.geocities.com/blackhawk_65/gothgayboy.html . I hope this is okay. If not, I will remove it with no ill will. Please let me know.
Posted by: GUIDO HATZIS at 10:09:45 A.M. on 7/25/100

Posted by: George Mckey at 2:14:49 A.M. on 8/31/2000

i think that all women are witches since Eve times, they just havent developed their physic abilities like others because they still live in men's world. for me women are the moon, the high priestesses, the wtch,mother,wife,and friend
Posted by: Laaran Ariel at Sunday, September 10, 2000 / 12:10pm MST

I thought I was prepared for what I would read, but I must admit my heart almost stopped as I read the stories of the victims. This is important information that must be shared. Thank you for making it available. Laaran Ariel
Posted by: Daniel De Mazerolle at 12:44:12 P.M. on 9/11/100

You have done a magnificent job here,lest we forget,we might be doomed to repeat what happened, modern day pop culture paganism and witchcraft does much to harm serious adepts and practicioners, but pages like this help shed light on what really transpired and went on in those dark days,My wife and I are both descendants of Basque Witches, and we appreciate greatly the effort and work put into trying to teach a new generation through such magnificent work. keep it up. "Walk facing the Light,and the shadows will always fall behind you",
Posted by: Tracy Jane Keizer at 22.09.2000. 20.59 p.m.

What a lovely site. Thankyou for letting me share it with you all.
Posted by: luna at 14:32:02 P.M. on 11/2/100

it made me incredibly depressed to hear of all these horrible thing that happened to our ancestors and people. I hope it doesnt happen again.
Posted by: Virginia Ruth Scarf at19th November, 2000

How naive these people were/are to persecute in fear and not understand or were/are willing to understand before acting. It appalls me but forgiveness for there crimes is the strongest force mankind has over hatred. I am descended from Israeli blood. My mother is descended from Polish/Jewish blood line and I can understand only too well the atrocities committed in the name of fear, if people took some little time out of their "tunnel" vision and right-winged ideas the world would be a more peaceful place for our children and ourselves. Thank you for such overwhelming information and as the cliche' goes, "but for the grace of the gods there go I" thank you and blessings, Virginia Scarf
Posted by: sany_black at 30\11\2000 14:57

hi i'm sany_black the wizard of silver rock on
Posted by: Rev. Dragon Moon Wolfe at 20:48:24 P.M. on 12/10/2000

Glad someone has remembered what other people have been through for our freedom. Keep up the good work. I am linking you to my page. Blessed Be, Rev. Dragon Moon Wolfe
Posted by: lady morganalola at 18:42:01 P.M. on 12/21/2000

some of my family were burned .. none of them were to blame. it was a very needless act.
Posted by: shadowwolf (babywiccawolf@aol.com) at 7:19:03 A.M. on 12/31/2000

eveything that I have seen here has been well thought out and displayed beautifully. I myself, have been an out of the broom closet solitary ecletic wiccan for well over 15 years. (I still refer to myself as a beginner, as I feel you can never know anywhere near enough) But the pages here are just remarkable. Thank you for sharing them. ShadowWolf
Posted by: Joshua Douglas B. at 17:48:23 P.M. on 1/17/2001

I am sorry so many of you had to die for so little of us to live.
Posted by: Gretchen at 17:35:22 P.M. on 2/9/101

Your site makes a wonderful poinient statement against the insane violence perpetuated by the "church". We cannot let this happen again!
Posted by: Silvergarnet at2/11/00

I like this site immensely and will be sure to visit and use it as a source of information in the future. Thank you!
Posted by: Ryan Richards at 11:41:36 A.M. on 2/21/2001

I myself am a pagan/Wiccain. I enjoyed your site. My personal belief as to why the witch trials happened is because people fear what they don't understand or any thing different from themselves. Some fear different religions. Some fear physical deformaties. Some fear homosexuals. Some fear those of a defferent color. Look at all of the hate crimes going on today. Its all because people don't understand them and refuse to take the time to learn about them. Please send your thoughts on what I wrote to LewLawGyffes@webtv.net
Posted by: Morrigan at 12:43:55 P.M. on 3/16/2001

It is so sad that these poor unfortunate souls that had to suffer and die, for we now have the freedom of religon...the freedom of choice. May the Goddess over them, may they find peace in the summerland.
Posted by: bluekat_rose at 8:17:37 A.M. on 3/23/101

Thankyou, I learned some things that I didn't know before and now I have a new site to check out every once in awhile. Blessed be.
Posted by: Jordan Taylor at 1:45 pm 5-11-01

This is an important time for people of European heritage to remember. You can't study the high points in a peoples' history without also recognizing their lowest. And this point is definitely among the darkest. Blessed Be.
Posted by: Chris at june 2,2001

in loving memory of Tempest Smith may she find peace in the loving arms of the Godess may the God's love shine upon her.
Posted by: viviana rolon at june 2,2001 Time 1:37 pm.

I am reading about you. I like it. As a reincarnation believer, at this time in my life, I think I was an ancient witch of yours. Now I am finding what I was and knowing my path to lift my spirit. It is beautiful, it fullfills my life. Thank you for your site. I am going searching... the path is long... thank you because you exits. Viviana
Posted by: viviana rolon at june 2,2001 Time 1:37 pm.

I am reading about you. I like it. As a reincarnation believer, at this time in my life, I think I was an ancient witch of yours. Now I am finding what I was and knowing my path to lift my spirit. It is beautiful, it fullfills my life. Thank you for your site. I am going searching... the path is long... thank you because you exits. Viviana
Posted by: Gwineth Paltrow at

Posted by: Maga Mene at 8:00 A.M. MST 2 July 2001

It's good to see a memorial about the victims of the Burning Times - there should be a public one such as they have for the Holocaust. Perhaps if there had been, modern 'witch hunts' would not be as likely to occur. Even in this day and age of so-called enlightenment, Hereditary Witches are accused of all sorts of things gone wrong by the ignorant - curiously enough often times by those who self proclaim themselves to be Witches following Her path. I have been accused of burning a person with Drano - even though I was nowhere close to the 'victim', causing water pipes to burst, gas lines to leak, thunder and lighting to appear... Well, you get my point. Most of the victims of the Burning Times were not Witches at all, although more than a few were. But quite a lot of Witches and their families escaped persecution by going underground and embracing - at least publicly - the Christian Faith. Eventually, this way of being, of following two paths became intwined with the very fabric of these families psyche, causing much confusion and angst but nonetheless keeping the old ways alive as far as possible. I am the first person in my family to call myself by the name 'Witch' - the very word causes my mother to shudder and not because she thinks a Witch is such an evil thing as perpetuated by Christianity but because the Burning Times are never far behind us... My mother prays for me daily to be saved - not in the common accepted sense but that I will not be 'burned'- be spared - by those who still hate us. The knowledge passed down to me by my mother and grandmother, changing and growing as I grow and become more my own person and less my mother's and in so doing becoming better, stronger and more like her than ever before , I now pass to my daughter and my son who will continue to carry our traditions and beliefs into the next generation. Although I have rejected Christianity - my mother has not and so I pray for her to find the peace of mind she so deserves and I honor her bravery and her mother's and all of the mother's and daughter who came before me in this family of mine, who found a way to me. Not through the written word but by sharing deepest and innermost blessings with each other around the kitchen table, before laying down to sleep, upon arising in the morning and before breaking of the fast, in the garden while tending the bounty. So I say, Yes, let us remember the victims and honor them so that we may be able to one day put the Burning Times behind us for once and all but also let us remember the survivors and not belittle there dual path for so many centuries. Most of us did not take part in elaborate rituals or dance skyclad under the moon but we were and are still Witches in every sense of the claimed word. The Burning Times are still here - let prejudice die and true freedom reign. So Mote It Be.
Posted by: Tiger Moon at 2 August 2001

Your site is very interesting and helpful for my studies. I have only just turned to paganism and have been studying for about 8 months. I am excited to be a part of this and feel that I have become a better person in myself even after a short amount of time. If you have any other information that you may think will help me on my journey could you please email me at alyshia06@hotmail.com. Thank you.
Posted by: Alexa at 14:52:25 P.M. on 8/26/101

Thank you
Posted by: ainslanah at9-28-01

may the light of the goddess bless all who pray. may the god bring strength and love to you. blessed be!!!
Posted by: Kelle Bafana at11/22/01

On this day of giving thanks I give thanks for all those who stood fast even in the face of persecution and I remember them. Blessed be!
Posted by: Padraic MacUidhir at23:12 - 28.01.2002

What happened to this site? Did they just abandon it? A great shame, 'tis.
Posted by: Sophz at8:32 30/01/02

i think this is a really good site. the victims bit is really interesting and gruesome!!
Posted by: joe at 3:45 4-17-02

Posted by: Virginia at 05-03-2002

Thankyou. It has been somewhat difficult to find information about the burning times on the web. I really appreciated the fact that all stories were backed up with references.
Posted by: carol at 3:22 5-13-02

wonts it like being awitch
Posted by: Corie Mathison at 3:49-7-11-02

Very interesting.It's nice to finally see the issue of the Burning Times put into more than one angle.
Posted by: Gwint yr Yasbryd at September 9, 2002

Its nice to see a site this informative. "Nid yw Mordaith newydd yn gorwedd ar edrych am dirlun newydd, ond ar eiddo lyged newydd." Blessed Be
Posted by: Angel at Sep.26,2002

That was really interesting and it had alot of the things that i was looking for in this page
Posted by: Martha Cole at10/17/02 9:20am

My family was burned in Scottland.Most of the family now says that we are not witches,but some of us say yes we are.Don't forget the people that went before us.
Posted by: Sarah L. Bloom at 10/25/02

This is an excellent site for people to come and look at more people should be interested in witches and witch craft.
Posted by: Shelagh McKenna at November 4th, 2002

Shame on you for your holocaust denial. All this careful research is a waste of time, because it is research into documents that were written by the perpetrators. And of course no one can trust the word of the perpetrators. You have no idea how many records they covered up, and how many records they chose not to write. How many people died unofficially during interrogation? How many people simply disappeared? How many murders were lumped together as one execution? All we know is that after 1720 a dominant European ethnic group just wasn't there any more and became 'folklore', and that the holocaust escalated just at the time when Europeans started colonizing the east coast of North America, whose inhabitants looked remarkably like that ethnic group. The whole thing was a genocide. It had nothing to do with women and nothing to do with religion, it occurred simultaneously on two continents, and it was sparked by the sudden discovery that 'trolls' were far more numerous than had been previously supposed. No one can prove how many people died because there was no one left to tell the truth. But this game you're playing will get you nowhere, because many people of mixed blood were able to hide. The genes of the victims eventually resurfaced, and so did their knowledge. And the people who carry those genes and that knowledge are not impressed by your pseudo science. They can tell what really happened, because they have common sense.

There is no shame in providing the truth. It can truly hurt to speak the truth. It can hurt emotionally. It can also hurt to be made aware where perhaps there was only belief before. It can hurt to have to change one's ideas. Even with all these hurts, the truth is to be preferred. If what has been presented here is not true, then we of the Summerlands welcome proof that it is not true. What we've presented is bad enough. If it's worse, we *WANT* to know. However, we don't agree with those who dispute what has happened based on the hurt alone (yours or ours). The pain that the persecuted have experienced is a real pain and their deaths were real deaths. Let's not dillute what is real with what is imagined or even what is one's opinion. That would be missing the point and it would also be a disservice to those who actually suffered.

Searles O'Dubhain for The Summerlands

Posted by: rusty shackleford at 10:31:52 A.M. on 11/5/102

it was a sad time. must have been very bad.
Posted by: Syren at December 30 2002

Thank you
Posted by: Celtic Warrior at 5/1/03

In a world dominated by "jesus" and the cries of many races claiming attemped Genocide apon them, we are the only people that go unheard, and that are continued to be demonised and oppressed in one way or another. I think if more people create such beautiful tributes to our fallen sisters and brothers, as you have done, then one day the pain will cease. Thankyou, Blessed Be.
Posted by: Flo at

Posted by: Florian Fusco at Donnerstag d. 16.01.03 Januar

Posted by: AmethystWytch at Friday 7th March 10.53am UK time

With gratitude and love to those who suffered before us, so that we might practice freely and come out of the shadows. We owe you a great debt. * Brightest Blessings *
Posted by: High prist: Kevin Puckett at12:00pm 03/03/2003
1st of all they did not burn us. We were eather hanged or crushed to death but there was no burnings of witchies the reason i know is because i had been alive at that time of 1692 was the year.

It's true that many were crushed with stones or hanged during the timeframe that you mention (particularly at Salem). It's also true that others were burned for their beliefs, especially during earlier times. Read what has been researched to learn more... Searles