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Cead Mile Failte!  My name is Toliem and I am your resident Bruighean and  Hospitaler here at the Pub.

Feel free to wander in here anytime for a drink and a break from all that study and discussion.  In the Crane Closet (kept free of cobwebs by Cybergecko) we have every conceivable drink (including all the exotic Scotches) and all is served in Waterford and Baleek that has been lovingly polished by our Brownies.  The other members of my staff are Ralph the Mouse, who takes care of the peanuts and crumbs that fall on the floor, and Killian the Spider, who keeps all the tables and the bar scrubbed.  Check out the links for games, music and other goodies, and take a look at the Message Board for silly humor or to post your request for a drink--the place may look empty, but I'm never very far away.

And if someone's ego starts taking up too much space (as you can see, we don't have all the room in the world here), I'll be putting the excess in the other coffee can so that nobody feels crowded.

So bring your sense of humor and join us soon for a little liquid imbas and excellent company!

Many Blessings and Welcomes,

Buy a Round for Your Mates


Below are the different things that available (and also on the drawing board) for you to enjoy while you're in The Pub.  We're currently under construction for the upper part of the page to make it more graphically interesting and pleasing. But for those of us who prefer the simple elegance of a text link, we have that too.  Enjoy!

Message Board The Message Board is our primary form of communication.  It's available 24/7and it's messages stay up there permanently (unless deleted by staff.  After two months, the older messages will scroll off the bottom onto the Archived Threads Page. (you can still view them there if you like).  We advise you to 'subscribe' to the board, as this will forward all posts made to the Pub Board directly into your inbox so you don't miss any of the fun.  You can unsubscribe yourself later if you choose to. It's easy to do.
Chat Room The Chat Room is a Java chat interface that actually connects you to our #summerlands irc chat room over at Starlink-IRC.  This is real time chatting rather than the more permanent form of the message board.  We're usually there for one group chat or another on weeknights between 9 -11eastern USA time.  However, on Thursday's it's PUB NIGHT and anything goes.  At any other time, please feel free to drop in and see if anybody else is hanging out, or arrange to meet your friends here for a pint and a peck during the day. The room is always open for our members use anytime it's not being used for a scheduled group. 
Member Directory This is the same directory that is located in the Tower Room.  It's our Summerlands' Member Directory and it has the profiles and pics of any Summerlander who cares to list themselves there.  We think it's a great way for everybody to get to know each other.   Please take the time to fill out a profile on yourself and we hope you enjoy getting to know everybody else through their profiles too.
Fun and Games This page is strictly for hoots.  We went in search of some fun little pub games that our people could enjoy while sitting around talking to each other.  We've found things like checkers, chess, netris etc.  And, we've found some fun little programs that don't strictly fall in the 'games' category.  We'll keep looking for goodies to add to this page.  Our greatest goal is to find a good online Darts game ;--)
Irish Times News This link takes you to the Irish Times Online Newspaper.  There's even a livecam from Dublin.   Have fun.
The jukebox We're currently working on dumping all the old midi files and redoing the box with the new MP3 technology.   Please stand by...
Microbrewery Library There are several areas of interest planned for the library; a section for pub jokes, drink recipes, pub pics etc. But the one area that is really exciting us is the inclusion of the Microbrewery.  We've been talking to our friend Riken who is a mean brewmaster extraordinaire and he has agreed to include not only some of his best and favorite recipes, but also his brewing instructions, techniques and years of sage advice.   This is going to be one of the best places to go for info if you're into making some of the old 'homebrew'.
Irish Radio In Process.   got to find the new irish radio connection.
Buy a Round In Process.   This page/link is to be added to the message board.
Stories In Process.   The idea for the name of the pub came from our having The Old Seannachi sitting in the corner telling tales by the fire.  As of now, you can only 'read' his stories and hear them in your mind.  If/when bandwidth and processor speed ever catch up to vision, we want to record them so that you can download and listen to them being told. For now, we hope you enjoy the printed version.
Bulletin Board In Process.   This is the place where Summerlanders can post their "for sale", "for trade", "free to a good home" type messages.  It's literally the local bulletin board for swaps and shops and such here at the Pub.


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