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The current version number is: 3.030625

This script was created to utilize's Web Services to provide a real-time listing of books or other items on your site that provide links for your visitors to purchase these items from using your affiliate code. This script parses's XML feed to provide search results and bestseller listings in HTML for your visitors.

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Click the following link to Get the Code.

Or you can get the script and all related files in a tar file.

Edit the script to put in your Amazon affiliate id
@associate_ids = ("freewarfrommrrat");

Check the first line in it and make sure it points to the proper location of Perl on your server

Upload this cgi to your cgi-bin directory as ASCII and mark it as executable
chmod 775

That's all you have to do.
The script will now allow your visitors to search and browse through millions of bestselling items from

But wait, there's lots more you can do with this script.

Thanks to MrPat of P&S Creations we now have full documentation.

Be sure and read the Beginner's Guide to get started.

Then when you have the script up and running on your site you'll want to look over the Advanced Guide, the FAQ, and possibly the Variables List.

For a smaller, simpler solution for displaying a single product, or even just the image or price, you may want to check out my APF Banner script.


this script uses Perl module LWP. It should be on your server, if not try:
perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::LWP'

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What's New:

06/25/03 - problem in <NOSCRIPT> part of oneclick_button fixed

06/14/03 - %%my_availability%% is now working for the UK! The script now uses ratlog.cgi if it is in the same location as the script.

06/12/03 - updated buy buttons to latest specifications and fixed a few broken nodes

history of changes

05/22/02 - script created.

p.s. I am not associated with in any way besides being an affiliate. I just wrote this script for ease of use.