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J. Taylor

Bronze Age Goldwork of the British Isles



Ian H. Longworth

Collared Urns of the Bronze Age in Great Britain and Ireland



Francis Pryor

English Heritage Book of Flag Fen : Prehistoric Fenland Centre



Kristian Kristiansen

Europe Before History : The European World in the 1st and 2nd Millennium (New Studies in Archaeology)



A.F. Harding

The Mycenaeans and Europe



Richard Bradley

The Significance of Monuments : On the Shaping of Human Experience in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe



Richard Bradley

The Significance of Monuments : On the Shaping of Human Experience in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe



D. Blair Gibson, Michael N. Geselowitz (Editor)

Tribe and Polity in Late Prehistoric Europe : Demography, Production, and Exchange in the Evolution of Complex Social Systems



Colin Burgess

Age of Stonehenge

Astronomy and society in Britain during the period 4000-1500 B.C

Peter Karl Schmidt

The axes of Scotland and northern England

Chris Musson

The Breiddin hillfort : a later prehistoric settlement in the Welsh Marches

John Waddell

The Bronze Age burials of Ireland

Trevor G. Cowie

Bronze Age food vessel urns in Northern Britain

Jacques Briard

Bronze Age in Barbarian Europe : From the Megaliths to the Celts

John M. Coles

The Bronze Age in Europe : An Introduction to the Prehistory of Europe C. 2000-700 Bc

J. M. Coles

The bronze age in Europe : an introduction to the prehistory of Europe, c. 2000-700 BC

J. M. Coles

The bronze age in Europe : an introduction to the prehistory of Europe, c. 2000-700 BC

Nancy G. Langmaid

Bronze Age metalwork in England and Wales

Colin Burgess

Bronze age metalwork in Northern England c. 1000 to 700 B.C.

Bronze Age metalwork in Salisbury Museum

Susan M. Pearce

The Bronze Age metalwork of south western Britain

Alex M. Gibson

Bronze Age pottery in the northeast of England

M. J. Yates

Bronze Age round cairns in Dumfries and Galloway : an inventory and discussion

Margaret R. Ehrenberg

Bronze age spearheads from Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire

The Bronze Age-Iron Age transition in Europe : aspects of continuity and change in European societies, c. 1200 to 500 B.C

A catalogue of British and Irish prehistoric bronzes in the Royal Ontario Museum

Ron Hardaker

A corpus of early Bronze Age dagger pommels from Great Britain and Ireland

Brendan O'Connor

Cross-channel relations in the later Bronze Age : relations between Britain, North-Eastern France, and the low countries during the later Bronze Age and the early Iron Age, with particular reference to the metalwork

William Crawford Williamson

Description of the tumulus opened at Gristhorpe, near Scarborough, with engravings of the coffin, weapons, & c

Colin Burgess

The dirks and rapiers of Great Britain and Ireland

Sabine Gerloff

The Early Bronze Age daggers in Great Britain and a reconsideration of the Wessex culture

Economy and settlement in Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain and Europe: papers delivered at a conference held in the University of Leicester, December 1969

Francis T. Pryor

English Heritage Book of Flag Fen : Prehistoric Fenland Centre

The European community in later prehistory: studies in honour of C. F. C. Hawkes

Stuart Needham

Excavation and salvage at Runnymede Bridge, 1978 : the late Bronze age waterfront site

Francis Pryor

Excavation at Fengate, Peterborough, England : the second report

Fredric F. Petersen

The excavation of a Bronze Age cemetery on Knighton Heath, Dorset

Breand‚an ‚O R‚iord‚ain

The funerary bowls and vases of the Irish Bronze Age

James Bailey

The god-kings & Titans; the New World ascendancy in ancient times

James R., Bailey

The God-Kings and the Titans; The New World Ascendancy in Ancient Times

C. F. C. Hawkes

Greeks, Celts, and Romans : studies in venture and resistance

C. F. C. Hawkes

Greeks, Celts, and Romans: studies in venture and resistance

Karlslovski, C.C. Lamburg

Hunters Farmers and Civilizations : Old World Archeology : Readings from Scientific American

Scientific American

Hunters, Farmers, and Civilizations, Old World Archaeology : Readings from Scientific American

Ireland in the Bronze Age : proceedings of the Dublin conference, April 1995

Rosemary Annable

The later prehistory of northern England : Cumbria, Northumberland, and Durham from the Neolithic to the late Bronze Age

Christopher Gingell

The Marlborough Downs : a later Bronze Age landscape and its origins

Ivor Michael Allen

Metallurgical reports on British and Irish Bronze Age implements and weapons in the Pitt Rivers Museum

William O'Brien

Mount Gabriel : Bronze Age mining in Ireland

William O'Brien

Mount Gabriel : Bronze Age mining in Ireland

Paul Pettit

Prehistoric Dartmoor

M. J. Rowlands

The production and distribution of metalwork in the Middle Bronze Age in Southern Britain

Settlement and society in the British later Bronze Age

Stephen Pierpoint

Social patterns in Yorkshire prehistory 3500-750 B.C

Stone axe studies

John Waterhouse

The stone circles of Cumbria

Kevin Crossley-Holland, Andrew Rafferty

Stones Remain : Megalithic Sites of Britain

Ian Colquhoun

The swords of Britain

D. V. Clarke

Symbols of power at the time of Stonehenge

Thomas Bateman

Ten years' diggings in Celtic and Saxon grave hills, in the counties of Derby, Stafford, and York, from 1848-1858; with notices of some former discoveries, hitherto un , and remarks on the crania and pottery from the ounds

Ruth A. Morgan

Tree-ring studies of wood used in Neolithic and Bronze age trackways from the Somerset levels

Upland settlement in Britain : the second millennium B.C. and after

Paul Ashbee

Wilsford shaft : excavation 1960-2


Pat Getz-Gentle

Stone Vessels of the Cyclades in the Early Bronze Age



Vere Gordon Childe

The Bronze Age/With Map



Robert Drews

The End of the Bronze Age : Changes in Warfare and the Catastrophe Ca. 1200 B.C.



John C. Barrett, et al

Landscape Monuments and Society : The Prehistory of Cranborne Chase



Tom Chetwynd

The Age of Myth : The Bronze Age As the Cradle of the Unconscious

The Archaeology of context in the Neolithic and Bronze Age : recent trends

Bronze Age hoards : some finds old and new

Tibor Kov‚acs

The Bronze Age in Hungary

Thomas, B. Larsson

The Bronze Age metalwork in southern Sweden : aspects of social and spatial organization 1800-500 B.C

Bronze Age tell settlements of the great Hungarian plain

A. G. Sagona

The Caucasian region in the early Bronze Age

Celebrations of death and divinity in the Bronze Age Argolid : proceedings of the sixth international symposium at the Swedish Institute at Athens, 11-13 June 1988

L. T. Runia

The chemical analysis of prehistoric bones : a paleodietary and ecoarcheological study of Bronze Age West-Friesland

Oscar Montelius

Dating in the Bronze Age, with special reference to Scandinavia

Jacquetta Hawkes

Dawn of the gods

Early Helladic architecture and urbanization : proceedings of a seminar held at the Swedish Institute in Athens, June 8, 1985

Klavs Randsborg

From period III to period IV Chronological studies of the Bronze Age in Southern Scandinavia and Northern Germany

David Knight

Late Bronze Age and Iron Age settlement in the Nene and Great Ouse basins

Peter Vilhelm Glob

The Mound People : Danish Bronze-Age Man Preserved

P. V. Glob

The mound people; Danish bronze-age man preserved

Settlement and economy in later Scandinavian prehistory

Elisabeth Herner

Spiral decoration in early Bronze Age Scandinavia : a technical and qualitative analysis and study of production