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Don Brothwell

The Bog Man and the Archaeology of People



I.M. Stead, et al

Lindow Man : The Body in the Bog



The Bog Man and the Archaeology of People

P.V. Glob

The Bog People : Iron-Age Man Preserved

P. V. Glob

The bog people: iron-age man preserved

Peter Vilhelm, Glob

The Bog People; Iron Age Man Preserved

Ian Armit(Editor)

Beyond the Brochs : Changing Perspectives on the Later Iron Age in Atlantic Scotland



Kristian Kristiansen

Europe Before History : The European World in the 1st and 2nd Millennium (New Studies in Archaeology)



Peter S. Wells

Farms, Villages and Cities : Commerce and Urban Origins in Late Prehistoric Europe



Bob Burns, et al

Guernsey : An Island Community of the Atlantic Iron Age (Oxford University Committee for Archaeology, Monograph , No 43)



Iron Age Communities in Britain



Barry W. Cunliffe

Iron Age Communities in Britain : An Account of England, Scotland, and Wales from the Seventh Century Bc Until the Roman Conquest



Lotte Hedeager, John Hines (Translator)

Iron-Age Societies : From Tribe to State in Northern Europe, 500 Bc to Ad 700 (Social Archaeology)



D. Blair Gibson, Michael N. Geselowitz (Editor)

Tribe and Polity in Late Prehistoric Europe : Demography, Production, and Exchange in the Evolution of Complex Social Systems



J. V. S. Megaw

Art of the European Iron Age: a study of the elusive image

Chris Musson

The Breiddin hillfort : a later prehistoric settlement in the Welsh Marches

A. H. A. Hogg

British hill-forts : an index

The Bronze Age-Iron Age transition in Europe : aspects of continuity and change in European societies, c. 1200 to 500 B.C

Jennifer Foster

Bronze boar figurines in Iron Age and Roman Britain

John W. Hedges

Bu, Gurness, and the brochs of Orkney

John W. Hedges

Bu, Gurness, and the brochs of Orkney

Barry W. Cunliffe

Book of Iron Age Britain

Rowan Whimster

Burial practices in Iron Age Britain : a discussion and gazetteer of the evidence, c.700 B.C.-A.D. 43

Brendan O'Connor

Cross-channel relations in the later Bronze Age : relations between Britain, North-Eastern France, and the low countries during the later Bronze Age and the early Iron Age, with particular reference to the metalwork

Cross-Channel trade between Gaul and Britain in the Pre-Roman Iron Age

Peter S. Wells

Culture Contact and Culture Change : Early Iron Age Central Europe and the Mediterranean World (New Studies in Archaeology)

Barry Cunliffe


Barry Cunliffe

Danebury : Anatomy of an Iron Age Hillfort

Morna. MacGregor

Early Celtic Art in North Britain : A Study of Decorative Metalwork from the Third Century B.C. to the Third Century A.D.

J. D. Bateson

Enamel-working in Iron Age, Roman, and sub-Roman Britain : the products and techniques

Ann Woodward

English Heritage Book of Shrines & Sacrifice (English Heritage)



The European community in later prehistory: studies in honour of C. F. C. Hawkes

Michael Parrington

The excavation of an Iron Age settlement, Bronze Age ring-ditches and Roman features at Ashville Trading Estate, Abingdon (Oxfordshire) 1974-76

David S. Neal

Excavation of the Iron Age, Roman, and medieval settlement at Gorhambury, St Albans

Horace Fairhurst

Excavations at Crosskirk broch, Caithness

P. J. Drury

Excavations at Little Waltham, 1970-71

Peter Wells

Farms, Villages, and Cities : Commerce and Urban Origins : Late Prehistoric Europe

G. J. Wainwright

Gussage All Saints : an Iron Age settlement in Dorset

Ian Burrow

Hillfort and Hill-top settlement in Somerset in the first to eighth centuries A.D

Hillforts : later prehistoric earthworks in Britain and Ireland

James L. Forde-Johnston

Hillforts of the iron age in England and Wales : a survey of the surface evidence

James L. Forde-Johnston

Hillforts of the iron age in England and Wales : a survey of the surface evidence

Colin Haselgrove

Iron Age coinage in South-East England : the archaeological context

James Patrick Toomey

An Iron Age enclosure at Oldfield Hill, Meltham

The Iron Age forts of Norfolk

Geoffrey Williams

The iron age hillforts of England : a visitor's guide

The Iron Age in Britain : a review

Derek William Harding

The Iron Age in lowland Britain

Derek William Harding

The Iron Age in the Upper Thames basin

The Iron Age in Wessex: recent work

R. G. Lamb

Iron Age promontory forts in the northern isles

Barry W. Cunliffe

Iron age sites in central southern England

Jennifer Foster

The Lexden Tumulus : a re-appraisal of an Iron Age burial from Colchester, Essex

Anne Ross

The life and death of a Druid prince : the story of an archaeological sensation

Anne Ross, Don Robins

The Life and Death of a Druid Prince : The Story of Lindow Man an Archaeological Sensation

S. C. Stanford

The Malvern hill-forts : Midsummer Hill and British Camp

Oppida, the beginnings of urbanisation in barbarian Europe : papers presented to a conference at Oxford, October 1975

Paul Pettit

Prehistoric Dartmoor

T. G. Allen

The prehistoric landscape and Iron Age enclosed settlement at Mingies Ditch, Hardwick-with-Yelford, Oxon

G. A. Wait

Ritual and religion in Iron Age Britain

T.C. Champion, J.V.S. Megaw (Editor)

Settlement and Society : Aspects of West European Prehistory in the First Millennium B.C.

Heinrich G. H. Hèarke

Settlement types and settlement patterns in the West Hallstatt province : an evaluation of evidence from excavated sites

Edward A. Martin

Settlements on hill-tops : seven prehistoric sites in Suffolk

Ann Woodward

Shrines & Sacrifice (English Heritage)

Clive Partridge

Skeleton Green : a late Iron Age and Romano-British site

Peter Harbison

Some Iron Age Mediterranean imports in England

Robert M. Ehrenreich

Trade, technology, and the ironworking community in the Iron Age of southern Britain

Paul Ashbee

Wilsford shaft : excavation 1960-2


Margrethe Hald

Ancient Danish textiles from bogs and burials : a comparative study of costume and Iron Age textiles

Archaeological and palaeoecological studies in Medelpad, n. Sweden

Per H. Ramqvist

Gene : on the origin, function, and development of sedentary Iron Age settlement in northern Sweden

Iron and man in prehistoric Sweden

Settlement and economy in later Scandinavian prehistory


Roland Anthony Oliver, Brian M. Fagan

Africa in the Iron Age, C500 B.C. to A.D. 1400



Peter R. Schmidt(Editor)

The Culture and Technology of African Iron Production



Randi Haland

African Iron Working : Ancient and Traditional



Joseph O. Vogel

Great Zimbabwe : The Iron Age in South Central Africa (Research Guides to Ancient Civilizations, Vol 2)



D.W. Phillipson

The Later Prehistory of Eastern and Southern Africa



Robin M. Derricourt

Man on the Kafue : The Archaeology and History of the Itezhitezhi Area of Zambia



P. L. Shinnie

The African Iron Age

African Iron Working


Benedicte Gilman(Editor)

Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum : Antiquities



J. Paul Getty Museum, Elana Towne-Markus

Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum : Antiquities




Carla M. Antonaccio

An Archaeology of Ancestors : Tomb Cult and Hero Cult in Early Greece (Greek Studies : Interdisciplinary Approaches)



Carla M. Antonaccio

An Archaeology of Ancestors : Tomb Cult and Hero Cult in Early Greece (Greek Studies : Interdisciplinary Approaches)



Curtis Runnels(Editor), et al

Artifact and Assemblage : The Finds from a Regional Survey of the Southern Argolid, Greece : The Prehistoric and Early Iron Age Pottery and the Lithi Vol 1




P.L. Shinnie, F.J. Kense

Archaeology of Gonja, Ghana : Excavations at Daboya




The Highlands of Canaan



David C. Hopkins

The Highlands of Canaan : Agricultural Life in the Early Iron Age (The Social World of Biblical Antiquity Series, No 3)



Oded Borowski

Agriculture in Iron Age Israel/the Evidence from Archaeology and the Bible


Donald B. Wagner

Iron and Steel in Ancient China : Second Impression, With Corrections (Handbuch Der Orientalistik/4. Abteilung, China, Bd 9)




Jeannine Davis-Kimball, et al

Kurgans on the Left Bank of the Ilek Excavations at Pokrovka 1990-1992 : Excavations at Pokrovka, 1990-1992




Berta Stjernquist(Editor), Historie Och Antikvitets Kungl. itterhets

Prehistoric Graves As a Source of Information : Symposium at Kastlosa, Oland, May 21-23, 1992 (Konferenser (Kungl. Vitterhets, Historie Och antikvitet



Robert Leighton

The Protohistoric Settlement on the Cittadella (Morgantina Studies, Vol 4)




J. F. Jemkur

Aspects of the Nok culture


Else Johansen Kleppe

Bucket-shaped pots, a West-Norwegian ceramic form : experiments with production methods


Lars J²rgensen

Bµkkegêard and Glasergêard : two cemeteries from the late Iron Age on Bornholm

Rastko Vasiâc

The chronology of the Early Iron Age in the Socialist Republic of Serbia


The Coming of the Age of Iron

J. B. Whitwell

The Coritani : some aspects of the Iron Age tribe and the Roman civitas


Andreas Dåemåetriou

Cypro-Aegean relations in the early Iron Age


Richard N. Wilen

Excavations at Non Pa Kluay, Northeast Thailand

Peter John, Reynolds

Farming in the Iron Age


Fisherwick, the reconstruction of an Iron Age landscape

Jane C. Waldbaum

From Bronze to Iron : The Transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age in Eastern Mediterranean (Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology, Vol 54)


Kêare Fagerstrèom

Greek Iron Age architecture : developments through changing times

C. F. C. Hawkes

Greeks, Celts, and Romans : studies in venture and resistance

C. F. C. Hawkes

Greeks, Celts, and Romans: studies in venture and resistance

Guide catalogue to the Early Iron Age collections


Gêardlèosa : an iron age community in its natural and social setting

Barry W. Cunliffe

Hengistbury Head

Barry W. Cunliffe

Hengistbury Head


Per H. Ramqvist

Hèogom : the excavations, 1949-1984


T. M. O'C. Maggs

Iron age communities of the southern Highveld


David Randall-MacIver

The iron age in Italy : a study of those aspects of the early civilization which are neither Villanovan nor Etruscan


Jennifer Foster

The Iron Age moulds from Gussage All Saints

J. D. Hill

The Iron Age project


Thorleif Sj²vold

The Iron Age settlement of Arctic Norway : a study in the expansion of European Iron Age culture within the Arctic Circle


David Ridgway

Italy Before the Romans : The Iron Age

Joseph O. Vogel

Kamangoza: an introduction to the Iron Age cultures of the Victoria Falls region

David Knight

Late Bronze Age and Iron Age settlement in the Nene and Great Ouse basins

Lefkandi II : the protogeometric building at Toumba


Peter John Reynolds

Life in the Iron Age


Elizabeth A. Voigt

Mapungubwe : an archaeozoological interpretation of an Iron Age community

Mecklenburg Collection, Part II: The Iron Age Cemetery of Magdalenska gora in Slovenia

K. V. Soundara Rajan

Megalithic architecture in southern India

Eusebio Z. Dizon

The metal age in the Philippines : an archaeometallurgical investigation

Midian, Moab, and Edom : the history and archaeology of late Bronze and Iron Age Jordan and north-west Arabia


Jonathan N. Tubb

Palestine in the Bronze and Iron Ages : Papers in Honour of Olga Tufnell

R. J. Williams

Pennyland and Hartigans : two Iron Age and Saxon sites in Milton Keynes

Kenneth A. R. Kennedy

The physical anthropology of the megalith-builders of South India and Sri Lanka


Stig Welinder

Prehistoric demography

Susan Keech McIntosh

Prehistoric investigations in the region of Jenne, Mali : a study in the development of urbanism in the Sahel


Kolawole David Aiyedun

Prehistoric settlement and subsistence in the Kaduna Valley, Nigeria


J. D. Hill

Ritual and rubbish in the Iron Age of Wessex : a study on the formation of a specific archaeological record


Mats Widgren

Settlement and Farming Systems in the Early Iron Age


Dâenes Gabler

Studies in the Iron Age of Hungary


F. J. Kense

Traditional African iron working