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Artist Artist CD Title Date
Caerphilly Choir, Morriston... Welsh Choirs: Hymns, Standards & Anthems 1999

Calverley Celtic Mysteries 1995
Calverley Celtic Mysteries II 1998

Mary Cameron The Pride Of Bonnie Scotland [Import] 1999

Capercaille Crosswinds
Capercaille Delirium
Capercaille Get Out
Capercaille Secret People
Capercaille Sidewaulk
Capercaille To The Moon

Benito Carcamo Magic of the Paraguayan Harp & [IMPORT] 1993

Michael Card Starkindler: A Celtic Conversation... 1998

Jean Carignan French Canadian, Irish & Scottish Fiddle Music 1995

Liz Carroll Celtic Dances: Jigs And Reels From Ireland 1998
Liz Carroll A Friend Indeed
Liz Carroll Kiss Me Kate
Liz Carroll Liz Carroll

Paddy Carty Traditional Music Of Ireland 1997

Cassidy Celtic Christmas III 1997

Cast Recording The Irish...& How They Got That Way 1998

Celebration of Scottish Music Celebration of Scottish Music 1992

Celtic Brittany Celtic Brittany [IMPORT] 1997

Celtic Celebration A Celtic Celebration 1995

Celtic Cheer Shamrock & Thistle 50 All Time Celtic Favorites 1997

Celtic Christmas Celtic Christmas [BOX SET] 1998
Celtic Christmas Celtic Christmas 2000

Celtic Fiddle Festival The Celtic Fiddle Festival
Celtic Fiddle Festival Celtic Fiddle Festival: Encore

Celtic Folk Festival Celtic Folk Festival 1996

Celtic Harp Celtic Harp 2000

Celtic Mouth Music Celtic Mouth Music 1997

Celtic Orchestra Celtic Inspiration 1996
Celtic Orchestra Celtic Moods 1995

Celtic Pride Irish Dance [Box Set] 2000

Celtic Soul-Magic of Ireland Celtic Soul: The Magic Of...Vols. 1 & 2 [BOX SET] 1999

Celtic Spirit Celtic Spirit
Celtic Spirit Celtic Dreams [Import] 1998
Celtic Spirit The Panpipe Sounds of Scotland 1999
Celtic Spirit Scottish Moods II 1999
Celtic Spirit Scottish Moods 1999

Celtic Tapestry A Celtic Tapestry, Volume 2 1997

Celtic Thunder Celtic Thunder 1992

Innisfree Ceoil Celtic Air Vol.2 [Import] 1996

Ceoltoiri Celtic Lace 1992
Ceoltoiri Women Of Ireland 1998

Levi Chen Celtic Zen 1997

Cherish The Ladies Irish Women Musicians In America 1995
Cherish The Ladies New Day Dawning
Cherish The Ladies One and All: The Best of Cherish the Ladies
Cherish The Ladies Out and About
Cherish The Ladies The Back Door
Cherish The Ladies Threads of Time

Chieftains A Chieftains Celebration
Chieftains An Irish Evening: Live at the Grand Opera House 1992
Chieftains Another Country
Chieftains Boil the Breakfast Early
Chieftains Celtic Wedding 1998
Chieftains Chieftains 7
Chieftains Chieftains 8
Chieftains Film Cuts
Chieftains Fire in the Kitchen
Chieftains Irish Heartbeat
Chieftains Santiago
Chieftains The Bells of Dublin
Chieftains The Best of The Chieftains
Chieftains The Celtic Harp 1993
Chieftains The Long Black Veil

City Of Glascow Flower Of Scotland [Import] 1995

Clan Sutherland Pipe Band Pipes & Drums of Scotland [Import] 1995
Clan Sutherland Pipe Band Best Of Scottish Pipe Bands & Drums [Import] 1995

Liam Clancy Irish Troubadour 1999
Willie Clancy The Minstrel From Clare

Clancy Brothers [Box Set]
Clancy Brothers 28 Irish Pub Songs 1996
Clancy Brothers Ain't It Grand Boys: Unissued Gems
Clancy Brothers Best of Clancy Brothers
Clancy Brothers Best Of The Celtic Tradition [Box Set]
Clancy Brothers Come Fill Your Glass With Us
Clancy Brothers Great Clancy Brothers With Dav
Clancy Brothers Greatest Hits
Clancy Brothers Greatest Irish Hits 1995
Clancy Brothers Home To Ireland: 28 Irish Favorites 1996
Clancy Brothers In Concert
Clancy Brothers In Person At Carnegie Hall
Clancy Brothers In Person At Carnegie Hall/In Concert/Luck of the Irish [Box Set] 1997
Clancy Brothers Irish Drinking Songs 1993
Clancy Brothers Irish Folk Song Favorites 1996
Clancy Brothers Irish Folk Songs And Airs 1992
Clancy Brothers Irish Revolutionary Songs 1999
Clancy Brothers Irish Songs Of Drinking & Rebellion 1994
Clancy Brothers Irish Songs Of Rebellion
Clancy Brothers Irish Traditional Folk Songs 1993
Clancy Brothers Live!
Clancy Brothers Luck Of The Irish 1992
Clancy Brothers Older But No Wiser
Clancy Brothers Reunion
Clancy Brothers Rising of the Moon-Irish Songs
Clancy Brothers Songs Of Ireland And Beyond 1997
Clancy Brothers The Best Of The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
Clancy Brothers The Clandy Brothers & Tommy Makem
Clancy Brothers The Rising of the Moon: Irish Songs of Rebellion 1998
Clancy Brothers Tunes And Tales Of Ireland 1996
Clancy Brothers Wrap The Green Flag

Clancy Children So Early In The Morning: Irish... 1997

Clannad A Treasury of Irish Songs
Clannad An Diolaim
Clannad Anam
Clannad Angel and the Soldier Boy
Clannad Atlantic Realm
Clannad Banba
Clannad Blasta! The Irish Traditional Music Special
Clannad Celtic Collections 1997
Clannad Celtic Moods
Clannad Clannad 2
Clannad Clannad In Concert
Clannad Collection
Clannad Crann Ull
Clannad Dulaman
Clannad Fuaim
Clannad Heart of Ireland: A Collection of Trad. & Modern Celtic Songs
Clannad Landmarks
Clannad Legend
Clannad Lore
Clannad Macalla
Clannad Magical Ring
Clannad Past and Present
Clannad Rogha: The Best of Clannad
Clannad Sirius
Clannad Themes

Bill Clement Virtuoso Piper Of Scotland 1992

Mychael Clement A Celtic Tale Narrated By Fiona Ritchie 1997

Jack Coen The Branch Line
Jack Coen Warming Up

Coinneach Life in a Scottish Green 1997
Michael Coleman 1891-45
Coleman Irish Dance Music [Import] 1995

Kathleen Collins Traditional Music Of Ireland 1995

Come Back to Erin & Other Iris Come Back To Erin & Other Irish Love Songs 1994

Na Connerys Celtic Sessions 1997

Connolly Celtic Woman [Import] 1996

Paul Consort New Celtic Moon 1998

Andy Cooney Collection Of Irish Hits 1993
Andy Cooney Irish Influence 1997

Simon Cooper Celtic Heart-Story of Tristan 1997

Florencio Coronado Andean Harp [IMPORT] 1996

Corrib Folk 20 Famous Irish Ballads [Import] 1998

Corries In Concert//Scottish Love Songs [Import] 1997

Cotton Blues Harp Greats 1998
Cotton Blues Harp Power 1998
James Cotton 3 Harp Boogie 1994
James Cotton Harp Attack! 1990

Coulter Celtic Voyage 1999
Phil Coulter Celtic Collections: Phil Coulter 1997
Phil Coulter Celtic Horizons 1996
Phil Coulter Scottish Tranquility: Piano And Orchestral Classics 1991
Phil Coulter Scottish Tranquility [Import] 1994

William Coulter Celtic Crossing 1995
William Coulter Celtic Sessions 1997

Countdown Orchestra Celtic Love Collection: Songs Inspired By Titanic 1998

Cranberries Rock O' The Irish 1998

Crickard Brothers Traditional Music of Ireland [Import] 1997

Bing Crosby A Little Bit Of Irish 1998
Bing Crosby Best of Ireland 1996
Bing Crosby My Favorite Irish Songs 1998

Crossing The Court of a King: A Celtic Christmas Celebration 1998

John Cunningham Celtic Fiddle Festival
John Cunningham Celtic Fiddle Festival - Encore
John Cunningham Fair Warning
John Cunningham Fire in the Glen

Phil Cunningham Airs and Graces
Phil Cunningham The Palomino Waltz
Phil Cunningham The Pearl